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Can You Make $1,000 a Week With Uber Eats?

Joshua Hurtado has been driving for Uber Eats since August 2018 and has an Associates in Paralegal Studies.

Is It Possible to Make $1,000.00 In A Week With Uber Eats?

This is a question that I have run across online when searching how much money can be made driving for Uber Eats. I have seen posts answering the question in regards to Uber, but I have not seen one, or do not recall seeing one in regards to Uber Eats specifically. I thought that this would be a good topic to cover, but before I covered it I wanted to put my hand to the task of attempting to earn $1,000.00 in a week with Uber Eats. I presumed that it was theoretically possible, but I wanted to know if it was realistic on a practical level.

The Options

The first option I had was to make $200.00 a day and work five days a week. I looked back at my previous earnings and figured that I make approx. $20/hr which meant that I would need to work an average of 10 hours a day.

The second option was to make $166.67 a day and work six days a week. If I averaged my earnings at $20/hr I would have to work approx. 8.33 hours a day to obtain this goal (hours rounded up).

The third option was for me to make $142.86 per day and work seven days a week. after averaging my earnings at $20/hr I would need to work approx. 7.15 hours per week (hours rounded up).

I decided to go with the five days on and the two days off since I like having two days off a week to do other things. So, something that I needed to keep in mind was that it would be virtually impossible to make this much money in a day without doing any driving during the dinner rush.

Keep An Eye On The Time

Something that helped a lot was knowing my area and the restaurants within that area. Not too far from my house there are a lot of restaurants that are more geared towards serving lunch and dinner, so it wont do much good hanging around those restaurants in the morning. Likewise, if I was driving early in the morning, it was beneficial to stay around the coffee shops. Maximizing this has definitely been an asset.

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Timing and Area

Something that was beneficial to keep in mind is where people like to eat and when. It turns out that when driving in the morning (before 10am) I can tend to get a lot of orders from the Starbucks shops nearby. These orders typically range between $4-$7 per trip and are usually pretty quick trips. So looking at the estimated trip time and the total estimated amount for the trip is better than just accepting a trip based on the estimated payments. Because of this, I know that if I spend 15minuets on a trip for Starbucks where the estimated payment is $5 or more, then I will be hitting or exceeding the $20/hr I estimated for the trip.

If you operate in an area similar to mine you should also keep in mind where the dropoff location is before taking the order. I live in a small city, but Uber serves some of the more rural areas around me. The good part about this is that I generally get a lager base fare amount for the orders that take me to the more rural areas. However, one should also keep in mind that there are almost no restaurants in these areas. So, you may get an order taking you out of the city or town, and because of the larger estimated payout think that it is a pretty good offer. This is not always the case since it is ideal to get another order just before you finish the dropoff of your current order if that is possible. If you have an order taking you too far away from the other restaurants, it may not be worth the extra base fare if you have to spend another 10-15 minutes getting either back to the service area or near some restaurants that may have orders.

Lunch Rush

During the lunch rush, I had a little more flexibility in my choice of area. Usually, during the lunch rush people have been ordering from restaurants like Panda Express, McDonald's, Wendy's, Dairy Queen, etc. I do get some orders from places like Red Lobster and Red Robin but they do not come in very often. The infrequency of orders from restaurants like these combined with the lower expected payment during lunch as opposed to dinner did not make these optimal choices during the lunch rush.

During the lunch rush, I would say that most of my orders ranged anywhere between $7-$10. There were of course some smaller ones that came through as well as some larger ones, but I would say that this was about the average.

Dinner Rush

Now the dinner rush is when it was the most beneficial to be around the higher-end restaurants such as Red Lobster and Red Robin. People are just willing to spend more money on a nice dinner than they are for lunch. The amount I was receiving definitely reflected this, as I would say that my average order would get me anywhere between $10-$13 if it was just a single order, or $14-$26 if Uber went ahead and bundled two orders into one. The best part about this is that these trips can very often be completed within one hour.

My earnings report through Uber.

My earnings report through Uber.

Summing It Up

The above image is my earnings report for the week in question. This was definitely not just a one time deal as I have earned over $1,000.00 in a week since. If you guys would like me to go into more detail about this topic let me know in the comments, and I hope you found this article helpful and informative.

© 2020 Joshua Hurtado

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