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MindSumo: Share Ideas for Money

What is MindSumo?

MindSumo is an online crowdsourcing platform where companies asked you to solve their problems for the possibility of getting paid. Different companies asked you questions about a variety of topics from food, businesses, and technology. They need your creativity and insight to help them make important decisions. These solutions can really benefit current and future consumers and you can be rewarded with your time and ideas if the companies really like them.

A white thinking cloud on pink background

A white thinking cloud on pink background

Similar to entering a contest to win, you get to answer the questions that they post online and hopefully your answers are good enough to get a cash prize. After submitting your answers, you will have to wait a while until you get to see the company's selections. Although this website is recommended to college and university students or recent graduates, anyone can sign up and try MindSumo.

It is free to sign up and you can start solving challenges right away before their deadline. You can get paid By Paypal if you win. This gig may not be enough to earn a full-time living, but it is a fun way to see if you can earn some extra cash and a good way to exercise your problem-solving and creativity skills. If you want another way to earn money online, why not try taking an online survey?

These are a few survey sites you can try to earn extra cash as well. They are free to sign up and just by recording your opinions you can get some cash.

- PrizeRebel

- Swagbucks

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- Toluna

- Branded Surveys

- InboxDollars

- DailyRewards

- Outpost Opinions

- Survey Junkie

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