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Maximum Withdrawal Limit from Andhra Bank ATM Per Day


Andhra Bank is one of the largest public sector banks in India. The bank serves millions of customers throughout the country. It provides recommendable financial services. If you are a customer of Andhra Bank, make sure that you are aware of its ATM usages. When you have appropriate information about the withdrawal money, it would be easier for you to solve your financial problems. Using your ATM-Cum-Debit Card in a proper way can give you financial freedom. During emergency times, you can easily withdraw the necessary money. Remember that you never know about the future and financial needs may appear anytime. Though it is not possible to make predication about the future, one can secure it with some financial resources. You can instantly get sufficient amount of hard cash from Andhra Bank ATM to meet the necessities.

There are hundreds of Andhra Bank ATMs all across India. You can easily find Andhra Bank ATM within a few kilometers. Whether you have Maestro, Visa and MasterCard, it is possible to get from ATMs or buy products services online. Transaction does not rely on the type of debit card, but there can be a variation in the withdrawal amount as per the norms of different banks.

Types of Debit Cards Accepted in Andhra Bank ATMs:

  • Andhra Bank Debit and Credit Cards
  • All Debit/ Credit Cards displaying VISA and MasterCard
  • Prepaid cards (allowed for cash withdrawal)

Daily Andhra Bank Debit Card Withdrawal Limit from ATM:

Different types of Andhra Bank Debit Cards have different cash withdrawal limit from ATM per day. Moreover, the withdrawal limit is mentioned at the Andhra Bank ATMs as well. However, for withdrawal at other bank ATMs, there is a limit of Rs.10000 per transaction.

The maximum withdrawal limit from Andhra Bank Debit Card is Rs. 1,00,000 per day and daily shopping limit is Rs.1,50,000.

Where Andhra Bank Debits Cards can be used?

  • Andhra Bank ATMs
  • Points of Sale terminals
  • ATMs of NFS (National Financial Switch) associates
  • VISA affiliated ATMs all across the globe

Andhra Bank often launches reward, discount and other benefits on its debit cards. If you are an account holder of Andhra Bank, you can use these advantages to save your money and buy new stuff without worrying about your financial condition. When you have information about the new deals offered by Andhra Bank, you can use them in a better way and enjoy banking activities. So, keep a close eye to the latest updates by Andhra Bank and get financial freedom.


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How Much We Can Withdraw Per Month In AndhraBank..??

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BABU SAMIGARI on May 31, 2015:

Very good helping......

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