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Making money is not so easy!

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We are surrounded by the storys of overnight successes

Everybody want to earn more money. And we are surrounded by the storys of overnight successes. If you search the Key words "make money", you will find many pages telling you "50 ways to make money" or "how to earn $1000 everyday". All of this pages give you the feeling that after you click the following links, dollars will come to you constantly. However, the real world is so cruel, these pages would give you hope, but couldn't lead you to what you want. If there is a easy way to earn money, there will be no poorman again. Making money need hardworking, imagination and the most import thing, patience. Here's my own story.


Who am I?

I come from China, and I am working for a company owned by the country for over 7 years. My salary is not low in my city, and we enjoyed our lives for a few years. But when I wanted to have a baby. I found that I need more money to give the baby a better enducation and a better life. So three years ago, I began to search the key words "make money" to find myself a way to earn more money. Yes, it's true. When I saw "50 ways to make money" or "$1000 everyday", I felt like someone dying of thirst in a desert found an oasis. But I was so young.


My first step

Though I wanted to make money, but I didn't want to make myself tired out. I guess everybody would agree with me, I am not so crazy. I wanted to find an easier way to earn money, and didn't want to spend too much time on it. So I came to some Survey websites with hopes, but I was disappointed soon. There were so many such websites. Some of them were just bilker(When I wanted to own a website, I began to understand why they do so. There is no easy way to earn money. But I can't agree to do so), they just didn't pay you at all. Yes, you can be paid by the others, but there were not so many jobs for you, and each job could only give you only a little. I coun't be satisfied with this.


How about to be a freelancer?

Though I felt disappointed, I kept trying other ways. And one day, when I was browsing webpages. The word "freelancer" came to my mind. How about to be a freelancer? I asked myself. Then, I came to some freelancer websites, filled up my profiles, chose some projects and bid on them. In order to make the project owners accept my bids, I prepared the bid description carefully, gave the lowest prices, and sent messages to every project owner to make them know me. After I had done these, the only thing I could do was to wait. I was waiting with hopes. However, one day past, one week past, one month past, the only messages I got were to tell me the project was awarded to other freelancers. It's hard for me to accept this fact. You know, when you do something with all your heart, but other people think this is worthless. What will you feel? I felt frustrated. And I began to know earning money is not so easy.


Sell something on Ebay?

In fact, I was so disappointed, that I just wanted to give up. But the newborn girl gave me courage to Cheer up. Thanks to her. To give my family a better future, I need to keep on trying. And this time, I chose Ebay. Yes, I had seen many stories about a boss own a web store, hired some people working for him, and earned much. So I was dreaming about owning a store on Ebay, and receiving dollars even when I was sleeping. But then I found this was not so easy.

To sell an item on Ebay, you need to post it. But if you want to post something, you should pay for it. That means, before I earn, I need to pay. So If I want to earn money, I should post something that could be sold. And If I can't sell anything, that means loss.

So, I had to consider carefully about what to sell. There were so many ebayers, if I sell something common, I should compete with so many people, and if I sell something unusual, the buyers would be less. If I want to compete with other ebayers, I should give lower price, better service and better feedbacks. But this was impossible, because I was in China, the shipment was my biggest problem. If I sent something with UPS, the price would be high, and no one wanted to buy my goods, and if I sent something with China Post, it would cost much more time for the goods to reach the buyer. This would make my customers unhappy, if they left bad feedbacks, Ebay would freeze my account.

I tried hard to make money with Ebay for a long time, but just sold two items, earned only one or two dollars. I don't think I was running a store on Ebay and earning money for myself, I think I had been hired by Ebay and China Post to make money for them.


Can I make money through exchange?

OK, I have chosen wrong ways to make money. Maybe I should do something more risk. Chinese stock had been bad for many years, and I can't enter American stock market. So I guess the only market I could entry is exchange market. Unfortunately, one year later, I had lost several hundreds of dollars.

Making money need more patience

Yes, several years' effort had not brought me any income. In fact, I had lost several hundreds of dollars. This made me mad, I felt disappointed, and even asked myself if I was useless. You can image how badly I was.

Until then, I got a email that someone invited me to bid on his project on a freelancer website. I have to say, I am a luck man. If it wasn't for him, I would never seek a better life again. I bid quickly, won this job and received my first earning online. Yes, for him, he just wanted a low price, so he chose new freelancers on that website. But for me, because I had finished the job, and won a feedback, I got the idea that I could earn money here. So I continued to make efforts on this website. Half a year later, I got the second job. Then several months later, I got the third. Now I could earn $500 dollars per month. Maybe, this is not so much. But do you know, $500 equals 3000RMB. And my salary is 3000RMB per month.

How to make money?

I tell this story to you, not to tell you that to be a freelancer could make money, and be ebayer couldn't earn anything. In fact, everything could make money. And the most important thing is not what to do, but how to do. So how?

1. Have relative skills.

If not, you can see what I had done in the exchange market. If you don't have any skills, then learn it. And a skill, can lead you into a market where you don't have so many people to compete with. Do you know? When I am searching jobs on a freelancer website, I found so many good jobs. These jobs offer you a better price. But I can't bid on them, because I don't have relative skills.

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2. Hardworking and imagination

If you want to earn money, you always need to compete with other people. How can you make yourself out of them? You should find something that other people don't have, this need your imagination. And you shoud continue to do so, this will need you to be hardworking.

3. Patience

If you have done all the things you need to do, the only thing you could do is to wait. Man proposes,God disposes. Just like what I have suffered. If you have enough patience, you will be success.

I know there is no easy way to earn money. And I don't like google giving so many pages telling you how to earning $1000 everyday, but I can understand that google need this to earn their money. I am still making great effort to earn more money. Good luck to me, and good luck to everybody who is making great effort to earn money.


Naveed Serat on June 07, 2019:

Sometimes if you need money , its hard to make money online but i want to enrol at this course, I put the link here ....

FarrisFahad on August 17, 2018:

I disagree with you. Some methods are easy. Take PicturePunches as an example. Super easy and fun. Just upload memes and watch the money pile up. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Avnish Jayprakash Dubey on August 04, 2015:

I think "who is not trying to success will never success until Miracle happens"

luctoy (author) from China on May 30, 2013:

Thank you very much. Good luck to everyone.

Rajan Arora from Chandigarh on May 28, 2013:

I think i can agree with you. making money is not easy. Nice and interesting...

Shelley Watson on May 26, 2013:

Very interesting hub, I am glad you have had some success and which you much more!

Kevin on May 26, 2013:

Love your story very much.It encourages me to have a try as what you have done.

NitroD from London on May 26, 2013:

I really liked your post. Honest and realistic. Good luck with your goals!

Kris from California on May 26, 2013:

Nothing but the truth. An excellent post I really enjoyed reading..Thank you!

wwriter from India on May 26, 2013:

This is an honest and frank account. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you all the best.

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