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Making Money by Creating Video on YouTube and Facebook

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Making Money with YouTube

Vlogging has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. Many people have taken to YouTube in pursuit of fortune and fame.

Let's go over some of the details about how you can make money on YouTube.

One way you can make money on YouTube is through Google AdSense. These are the ads that are placed in your YouTube videos. This takes some time as there are benchmarks that need to be met before you quality for the Google AdSense program. You need to have at least 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and reach some other requirements. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity then you need to be prepared to be in it for the long haul.

Another way to make money on YouTube is by using your videos to sell products. You can use these to sell your products, to make affiliate commissions or any other method you see fit. Unlike the AdSense program, this is something you can jump into right away.

No matter how you decide to monetize your YouTube videos, the main issue will be getting those videos in front of eyeballs. You can do this by building a following on YouTube and optimizing it for the search engines. How do you do this? For one, you continuously put out great video after great video.

The YouTube algorithm allows the best content to rise to the top. Even if you don't have the most subscribers or haven't created many videos, if you get people to your videos and they watch them all the way through, like your video and subscribe, you will find success sooner than later on this platform.

When it comes to making money on YouTube there aren't any shortcuts. If you create great video on a regular basis, you will eventually have success. Don't go in expecting to get rich in a couple weeks. It's going to take months or even years in most cases to start making substantial revenue on YouTube. That said, the more videos you create the more chance you have to create that one viral video that can change your life.

Facebook Video


Monetizing Facebook Video

Facebook has joined the party when it comes to allowing its users to monetize video. Facebook video creators are now able to put ad breaks in their videos and earn revenue just like the Google AdSense program allows.

They have also put in some stiff monetization requirements at Facebook. In order to become eligible for video monetization at Facebook, you need to have a Facebook page that has over 10,000 followers along with other requirements as far as total minutes viewed.

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The advantage Facebook has is that there is the incredible potential for videos to go viral. If you create a great video and share it among your friends and even spend a few bucks on ads you are able to get a video in front of thousands of eyeballs in almost no time. This gives Facebook a big advantage.

You also have the opportunity to sell affiliate products on Facebook and promoting them with video. While you could be seen as being too spammy, if you are able to create a value that has great value and is entertaining while also promoting a product, there is an opportunity to make some quick cash on Facebook.

There are different ways to promote videos on Facebook. For one, you can create an ad and get a lot more exposure to your video right away. You get to pick out the exact type of person you want to see your video, making it very likely it could go viral.

Another way to promote your Facebook video is by sharing it in Facebook groups. You can share the video to a group that is built around exactly what the topic of your video is. For instance, if you have a keto food receipe video, you can join a bunch of keto groups to get your video out there. While you'd like to just go around and post your video everywhere that can result in getting banned from groups. Make sure to contribute and drop your videos in a timely manner.

Videos are extremely popular on Facebook. Many times I find myself scrolling through video after video and just watching one after another. Sometimes 15 minutes or more fly by and I don't even realize I've watched several videos in a row. If you create quality video you could be put into that rotation and get in front of the eyeballs of millions of Facebook users.

How to Monetize Videos on Facebook Fast!

Get Started Making Money With Video

With all of the competition out there, it's tougher than ever to become a successful vlogger. With just the overall increased popularity of becoming a vlogger, the worldwide shutdown has given people more and more time to use for ventures such as creating video.

The only way to be a successful videographer is to create quality content. It sounds simple enough, but if you don't create content that stands out from the rest in one way or another, it will be extremely difficult to have success. As stated earlier there are a lot of people out there creating video. You need to do something to stand out from the rest.

Something else to consider is that if you can solve a problem for someone that makes you extremely valuable to those who are solving the problem. Whether you are creating video, a website or an Instagram account, if you can give someone a solution to a problem that will make them purchase whatever your product is.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to get out there and start creating video. You're already behind so there's no time to waste!

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