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Make Money Online: 5 of the Best Apps for a Receipt-Scanning Side Hustle to Earn Extra Income in 2021

I believe that a rose by any other name actually may not smell as sweet.

Earn money by running your regular errands

Earn money by running your regular errands

Did you know there are companies that will pay you to take a picture of your receipts? Any receipt will work: grocery store, gas station, online orders, restaurants, the list goes on. While each app may pay only a few cents per photo, using the same receipt on 5 different apps adds up quickly, and most companies offer bonus opportunities like surveys or slot spins to accrue even more. I save up my receipts during the week and then I snap pictures and upload them (on Sunday evenings while I'm watching TV, or on Monday morning while I'm listening to office briefings at work!) and wait for the points to add up. Then it's easy to cash out points for real money (PayPal!), Amazon gift cards (just as good as money), or a variety of other vouchers. Keep reading to find out which apps can earn you megabucks.

Receipt Hog will pay top dollar for your receipts

Receipt Hog will pay top dollar for your receipts

Receipt Hog: Make money by shopping

Receipt Hog is the first app in my arsenal. There are 3 different prizes that a scanned receipt can bring you in this app.

1. Coins: You can earn coins by scanning receipts from supermarkets, convenience stores, supercenters, club stores, liquor stores, dollar stores, pet supply stores, toy stores, drug stores, beauty stores, health stores, and mom-and-pop stores/bodegas. Your coin total is kept on your dashboard, and you can redeem for Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, or a deposit into your PayPal account. You can also connect your Amazon account, your Kroger card, and your email for added coins and bonuses every month.

2. You can earn spins on the Hog Slots slot machine for uploading receipts from these types of stores: clothing, electronics, office supplies, books, sporting goods, arts and crafts, home improvement, home furnishings, automotive stores, and specialty stores. Hog Slots spins earn coins that get added to your coin bank.

3. Sweepstakes entries: each qualifying receipt photo that you upload earns you a ticket into the sweepstakes which is a monthly drawing of 5000 coins awarded to 5 different users (500 users win 200 coins, and 5,000 users win 20 coins).

Periodically there are opportunities to take surveys for even more coins.

Make sure your receipt includes the store name, purchased items, purchase date, and transaction total.

Receipt Hog: Use promo code nusp8394 when you sign up to get 5 free spins right away!

Fetch Rewards is a grocery money-maker

Fetch Rewards is a grocery money-maker

Fetch Rewards: Get paid for getting the groceries

Fetch Rewards will pay for all kinds of receipts, but you get the most bang for your buck by uploading receipts from Walmart, Target, and grocery stores. The app frequently runs bonus specials for name brand items that show up on your receipts. You can earn points through Fetch Rewards in a few different ways:

1. Snapping pictures of your receipts: simply take a picture of your receipt and submit it and the app will reward you with points. It will also scan through your list of purchased goods to see if you qualify for any bonus points through their name brand promotions. Scroll through their special offers before you shop to see if there's something you may want to grab while you're at the store.

2. e-receipts: connect your email address and allow Fetch Rewards to scan through your email for e-receipts. This is a way to get added points when you don't have a paper receipt and to get credit for items you buy on Amazon and other online retailers.

3. SingleCare: Fetch Rewards offers you a digital pharmacy savings card to use to save 80% off on your prescriptions and earn points for every transaction.

The points you earn through Fetch Rewards can be used to purchase gift cards to a huge selection of retailers, or for Amazon credit or a Visa gift card. This is one of my most profitable receipt-scanning apps because of the generous points given for every receipt and all the bonus opportunities.

Fetch Rewards: Use promo code F2W7B to get 4,000 extra points when you sign up!

coinout earns you cash for uploads

coinout earns you cash for uploads

coinout: Rewards for receipts

Of all the apps I use, coinout is the one that earns money the slowest, and to be honest, I wouldn't use the app on its own. It's very easy to use, so if I'm already uploading a receipt photo to 4 other apps, it's no added inconvenience to do it on coinout too, even though it takes a while to amass enough money to cash out.

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The two main pros of coinout are:

1. It keeps your total in USD, so the amount you see on your dashboard is the amount you have - no guessing about the conversion rate between points and dollars

2. It tells you exactly how much money you've earned from your receipt immediately after you upload the image

coinout also has plenty of special offers available to you. By completing one of the offers, you can save money on a purchase/service for yourself, and earn coinout money at the same time. The offers are the long, rabbit-hole offers you've likely encountered on other sites. I haven't completed any yet, but it could be beneficial for you if you are in the market for any of the promoted items.

coinout: Sign up with link #mce_temp_url# to get a cash bonus!

ReceiptPal racks up rewards fast

ReceiptPal racks up rewards fast

ReceiptPal: Rake in the real dough

ReceiptPal is the app that I've had the longest and is one of my most consistent cash flow sources. Like the other apps, you just upload an image of your receipt and let the money start rolling in. ReceptPal offers a few features:

1. Earn Points: Upload your receipt to one of the cards on your dashboard and wait for it to be approved. Each completed card is worth 100 points, and holds 4 uploaded receipts. The app presents you with new cards each week so you can keep on snapping. If you use up your cards for the week and still have leftover receipts to scan, you can upload them for additional entries into a weekly sweepstakes.

2. Sweepstakes: This app offers regular bonuses (so easy - you just click on a balloon or star of your choice) that give you extra opportunities to be entered into the weekly sweepstakes for points or cool prizes.

3. Link your Amazon account email and let ReceiptPal scan your Prime watching library once a week to earn an additional 100 points. Link your email account and let ReceptPal scan for e-receipts that count toward your card totals.

Use your points for rewards like Amazon or retail gift cards. The points accumulate fast and cashing out for rewards is an easy process.

trunow: bank that bread at the gas station

trunow: bank that bread at the gas station

trunow: green and goodies at the gas station

This app is for convenience stores and gas stations only, but it's a great find for frequent travelers and basically anyone with a car. All you have to do is upload a shot of your gas station receipt and you earn points that you can either cash out through PayPal, or turn into savings at the pump. The app has a few different benefits:

1. It's a map of gas stations, very handy when you're driving and need to find the best price for a fill up on your route.

2. Deals at convenience stores: trunow offers cashback on chips, candy, coffee, and more. Just upload your itemized receipt from your purchase at a local convenience store.

3. It offer stores reviews. After you upload a receipt, you can rank your experience at that gas station. These reviews are combined with others, so that you can look at gas station ratings by the app's users along your route when you're deciding where to stop.

trunow: Sign up with code HBN6EB to start cashing in on gas you already buy!

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