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Leaving a Legacy for Your Kids


This is a topic that most American families struggle with. Being part of the middle class is something that makes you entirely focused on getting by, yet if we stop to think why we do the things we do for money, is it worth it?

As a kid, and now adult, I remember the stories my aunts, uncles, and grand parents would tell us of how we came to be here. Their story is one that I never forget. Growing up in Central America and going from one place to the next, just to make ends meet. My grandmother would make cheese and sell it while my grandfather would travel with a family member to try to bring home the bread. This is what life was like and how most workers in the US is like. Instead of cheese, it's cell phones, tablets, appliances, furniture, and anything else another person will buy. This all came to an end when my mother began to see tanks in the streets and soldiers in suits ready to take their property.

When the war started it was all of a sudden and a surprise to most of the people from Nicaragua. "I knew we were in a war because of the teachers in school and the people in the town would announce it," my mother said.

As the war went from day to day, my family began to start to get together and pray for their safety and loved ones. A missionary would speak and encourage the people to not fear and trust God. This was something that no one denied. Everyone needed that hope; a helping hand that could share the word of God with them.

Ben, the missionary, was just that for a lot of the refuges. One of the times they got together to pray for the war they prayed to God to stop it; the next three days it rained and this was just enough time to pack up their necessities and flee. Run to the next city. During the walk so many of my mothers siblings and cousins were hungry and wanted something to eat. Suddenly, a man selling tomatoes gave them some and this was just enough to carry them through to get to the next city.

Money was no longer something they had to offer and thanks to God, that man feed them just in time. Even though the tomatoes were filling and brought to much joy to the children, they didn't have anything else till making it to the next country. There they found a tree and ate the leaves of the tree since, it wasn't in season to bloom it's fruit.

When they made it to Honduras, they stay with some relatives that were there and could offer them a couple of days. As the days went on the struggle to feed so many kids was more than the family could bare, so they had to travel to the next city.

All this movement, chaos, and strife for some paper that now we call money.



The saying, "Money makes the world go around," not only promotes spending currency that you may not have, but isn't correct. So many people are so self-centered and can't see that God is the creator of all things. He is the molder. All we are are his vases for him to fill up and use for his glory.

When you truly know God, you experience his blessings, his love, his peace, and his joy. Money will never do that. Being a blessing in someones life is giving that encouragement. Meeting the needs of others is a blessing in itself. When you worry so much of what you have, there is no room for you to think about the greater plan, the big picture.

Providing for your family is something that was never instilled into me as a kid, it was always about others and I have had to learn when to say, "No." My mother would always think of others and often not remember her own bills, problems, and dilemmas. Still she struggles but God is merciful and can shape and form anyone who is willing.


Changing your mind

Often when working on a house or cleaning a car, you never leave the job without some sweat, stains, or bruises. Just like a constructor who is making a house, one room at a time, God works on his people this way. Removing and remodeling each room of our mind to grow closer to him.

There is so much power, grace, strength in how quickly this can happen yet all it takes is dedication and motivation to keep on working. To have a life full of God's wonders and miracles is something that no one can ever take away. Seeing miracle and unexplainable accidents that happen is a way of God nodding his head saying, "Good Job."

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Day by day I live amazed by his work.



I remember as a teenager growing up, seeing my mother reject so many offers. It seemed as though the favors God wanted to give her, she couldn't receive. She would not notice them. People would offer her to mow her lawn, cook or clean, or give her money. She was never focused on receiving that she rejected many opportunities that might have open better and greater doors for her.

Seeing this growing up put a burden on me that I would just think, "when I grow up she has to receive my help." I'm her daughter. I am entitled and should help her, since she raised me. Sure enough as the years went by she would accept my help with gratitude. Imagine how much more of an impact you would be, if you saw your self as a son or daughter of the most high King.

God is an amazing creator, that delights in his children; all we have to do is open our hands and say, "Yes." Like a musician using an instrument, we need to be his. This will never happen until we submit and surrender our own wants and needs to him.

The next time you think about your legacy and what will happen when your gone, remember how you want to be remembered; a woman or man of God or a random stranger. Kids see and know more than they are given credit. Make memories that will forever console them when you are gone.


Artist of the creation


Aysleth Zeledon (author) from Russellville, Arkansas on September 24, 2015:

Thanks for reading Suhimizs. I'm glad it was eye-opening.

Suhaimi Zainal Shah from Singapore on September 24, 2015:

Here in Sg, leaving a legacy for one's children is quite a big deal too. I agree that the legacy should not be just about money. I enjoyed your article and will think deeper about the legacy I would like to leave behind for my future generations.

Aysleth Zeledon (author) from Russellville, Arkansas on September 21, 2015:

Yes its true. So many people don't realize how imporant family can be and affect their future.

Denise W Anderson from Bismarck, North Dakota on September 21, 2015:

We don't often appreciate what we have until we remember where we have been. The story of your mother is typical of many who have gone through horrific experiences. They do not know their own worth. You have been given a gift in that you recognized this early on in your life.

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