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LIC Gyan: Documents Required for Medical Examination for an LIC Policy

When is a Medical Examination Needed?

If your sum assured (Life Insurance Value) goes beyond 10 lakhs (1 million) INR, LIC of India would need you to undergo a medical test (called an FMR - Full Medical Report) before underwriting your policy. You will be asked to visit a clinic approved by a TPA (Third Party Administrator) to undergo certain tests. Depending on the age and the amount of insurance taken, the tests will vary.

If you are below 30 years, the test could be a simple health check by a practitioner. If you are above 30, based on the health and initial FMR, LIC may prescribe additional tests or ask for additional documents.

What Documents are Required

You agent would have the information needed on what to carry to the Test Centre. However, the checklist below might be of help.
List of documents needed by LIC during a Medical Examination:

  1. Policy Proposal form with all details filled.
  2. Letter from LIC requesting the TPA to perform the medical checks - 2 Copies
  3. ID proof of the person (original) on whose name the policy is being taken or policy holder
  4. Two photo-copies of the above ID Proof
  5. Discharge certificate from hospitals in case there was a previous surgery of any sort. The examining doctor might decide to add them to the policy documents or decide if they are not needed. Having them handy would reduce another trip to the clinic.
  6. Pass-Port size photograph of the person on whose name the policy is being taken. There is a good chance your LIC Agent would have already attached it to the form. Having one handy helps.

Some TIPS :)

  1. Do not feel tensed. This is one of those examinations where it is very tough to fail.
  2. Be honest with the medical examiner.
  3. If you had a pre-existing disease, disclose it. Your insurance premium might go up by a few hundred rupees. However, you will not have any problem at the time of claims.
  4. If you smoke or use alcohol, tell the doctor / medical examiner about it. If possible, reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol or tobacco now so that you have a cheaper policy and a longer and healthier life (Conditions apply!)
  5. Since the Examiner would take your Blood Pressure, do not go for strenuous exercise immediately before the examination.


Pankaj Wargantiwar on August 23, 2018:

For example 24 year old person 40 laks policy sa table no 836 25 16 plz tell datail with fmr report and other information

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