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I've Been Selling My Art, Paintings and Collages, on eBay, and How I've Done So Far

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I am an artist and writer looking to improve my life financially and emotionally


Above is the first painting I sold on eBay.

It is ACEO size, or the size of a baseball card. They are popular on eBay and a couple of other sites like Etsy.

I made less than two dollars, but I think that just selling it at all was a bonus, as I had zero feedback on my account.

I hope to make more money on my paintings, collages, and sketches in the future.

I have three collages up for bid right now. They all have at least one bid. I started them at a penny with free shipping, to see how they would do.

These are also ACEO's.

I like selling them because I don't have to bother with packaging and the post office. I can just put them in a thank you card in a regular envelope, and mail them off.

I can also mail them the same day that I get paid, so they get to the buyer super fast. That creates good customer relations in my opinion. I just email the buyer when it is sent off.

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My Future With eBay

I will continue to sell ACEO's.

I already have many of them. I often create them before a full-sized painting. I can create one in less than an hour (more for more complicated collages etc, but it evens out).

I enjoy creating them, and I enjoy the auction process.

It is stimulating and exciting.

I can only make one more sale this month, because when you first start out on eBay, you have a five sale limit for the first month. Or $500 in total profit, whichever comes first.

Hopefully I will have a higher limit next month.

I would like to start making my starting bids higher, and increase to the maximum I think they will sell for. That will have to be decided on an individual basis.

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