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Is AQRU Currently the Best Crypto Bank Alternative?


Why do we need a company like AQRU?

It’s 2022 and after the economic instability that crept upon the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has treated money with more care than ever before. According to the European Central Bank “the household saving rate, as derived from the euro area sectoral accounts (see Chart A), increased sharply in the first half of 2020. Since then it has fluctuated around a much higher level than before the pandemic, largely mirroring the pandemic-induced decline in consumption.”

We want to be prepared for the unexpected and have learned our lesson: saving is not a long distance reality, but an umbrella that may be needed for an upcoming rainy day.

When someone decides to save money, investing or simply accruing interest always comes to mind rather than leaving it to rot under the mattress. But investing in a business opportunity means you will expect to get the best return on investment possible.

From bitcoin to stable coins, so many options are out there to buy and sell or simply let sit and work for you, obtaining high yield interest from the buzz of so many new companies out there. In the following article, I will try to shine the light on another emerging company called AQRU.

Even though it launched only recently in late 2021, its intention of revolutionising the cryptocurrency and stable coin market has already been widely noticed. So what is AQRU and how does it work and how will you benefit from this?

What is AQRU?

AQRU was created as one of the easiest investing apps for stable coins and crypto. This website’s team, composed of financial and technology experts, states their goal is to provide investors like you and I with an easy way to store your holdings and profit from them. With this app, they have kept unnecessary financial jargon out of the way, allowing you to simple view your investments and profits… by the second!

Assets currently available to invest are USD stable coins, bitcoins and ethereum. By simply storing these assets, you can expect to earn interest rates of 7% (bitcoin and ethereum) and 12% (stable coins).

The platform came to public at the end of 2021, so when compared to many other apps that provide crypto staking, it’s still considered very new with a lot to prove. Yet, with the experience and knowledge of the team that created AQRU, it presents the best user experience possible while ensuring the best return on exchanges based on decentralized finance markets (DeFi).


How does it work?

The setup and functionality is very simple and it all starts with the download of an app or website setup. You can click here to get started with this step.

As you can see in the image above you can stake (gain interest on) bitcoins, ethereum and stable coins with rates from 7% to 12% respectively, shown to you by the second.

Now that you’ve signed up, you’ll see that you have 10 USD at your disposal for test driving the app. But to get started, AQRU requires documents that verify your identity. This includes a form of identification (ID card or passport photo) and a proof of residence - they accepted one of my utility bills, as long as your name and address are on the header. In case you’re wondering, the US is currently not yet supported.

Once your account has been approved (this usually occurs in less than 24 hours), you can start investing. As you can see in the image below, investing is quite fast and simple. You can either transfer via your bank account (EUR or GBP) or credit card. Depending on your bank, this can be instantaneous or can take a little longer. I use Revolut and the money arrives in AQRU in less than 5 seconds.


Once the money or crypto asset arrives in your AQRU account, you may now select the investment type. You can select to accrue your fiat currency in USD or one the two crypto assets that AQRU currently supports: Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Obviously while USD works mainly for the 12% interest, cryptocurrency usually works both ways: 7% staking and market valuation while it’s sitting there accruing.

And that’s it: now you just sit and let it work for you. For the fun of it, try clicking on your investment and watch the value grow by the second. In this sense I believe, AQRU has done an amazing job regarding ease of use and visual effect.

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When it comes to withdrawing, I attempted a withdrawal of my funds before I went crazy on investing in this new company. The process is exactly the opposite with no “but” or “if”. You withdraw the money you need from your active investment at any time of the day. After that it sits their in your “uninvested account”. You may now withdraw this value back to your bank account. Again, I did this with my Revolut account and the money took less than 5 seconds to show up in my account. Other bank accounts may take longer.

What are the fees?

For investing there are absolutely no fees involved in the entire process.

According to AQRU’s FAQ “when you withdraw funds from the platform there is no fee for fiat withdrawals. There is a $20 for crypto withdrawals, charged in the asset you are withdrawing.”

This basically means that when it comes to crypto assets, ensure your investment will be worth these 20 dollars, whether in amount or length of deposit or both.

When it comes to fiat currency, I must disagree with the no fee claim that the website advertises. Since the website doesn’t operate yet in the US market, deposits are made in EUR or GBP and then converted to USD within the app. No problem here. However, when it comes to withdrawals from USD to EUR, this conversion applies a 0.5% fee. It technically isn’t a withdrawal fee but a conversion fee that comes out of my pocket nevertheless.

I spoke to Customer Support and this isn’t an oversight or a newcomer fee: it’s there to stay. When compared to the remaining crypto bank / staking market, 0.5% is a joke. But it’s still different to 0% withdrawal fees claimed by the website.

Most of my calculations have indicated that when it comes to stable coins, any value intended to accrue for 20 days or more, will outplay this conversion fee and it will become insignificant the longer you keep the money invested. But if you’re planning on investing an amount for less than 20 days in stable coins at a 12% interest, you will end up losing money due to this 0.5% conversion fee.

Still, will never compare to the shock I got when I withdrew funds from for the first time.


Is AQRU safe?

When it comes to taking your hard earned cash out of your pocket to place it somewhere worthwhile, you want to trust it. As a newborn to the world of, Binance or eToro, I was dubious of whether I could trust large amounts of money and risk losing it all. So I performed many tests of deposit and withdrawal to ensure that at least the main functionalities were working perfectly. Therefore, all information provided above was based on my personal experiments.

After much research, I discovered the AQRU platform’s wallet infrastructure has been backed by Fireblocks, a technology that’s the same as that used by over 70 banks worldwide, ensuring an additional layer of protection for investors’ money. This basically means that in case anything goes bad, assets are further secured with a $30 million insurance policy.

Accru Finance Ltd. (Bulgaria) claims to be a company registered in Bulgaria with registration number 206651201 whose registered address is 9 Tsarigradsko Shose, 1124, Sofia, Bulgaria. Accru Finance Ltd. (Bulgaria) is a subsidiary of Accru Finance Ltd. (UK), a private limited company registered in England and Wales with registration number 13133682.

Nevertheless, any investment is always a risk no matter where you put it and when it comes to new boomers, the risk increases as they have a lot to prove when it comes to enduring longevity throughout the ups and downs of the financial world.

CEOs Phil Blows and Digby Try and CTO Louis Quaintance have documented records of expertise in the financial market for the past 15 years and many videos and interviews can be found with them explaining what motivated this creation and how it works.

I gave it a try and highly recommend it

The concept isn’t new: BlockFi has been paying 9% interest on stable coins pegged to the USD for years now and has a top tier program that can earn you 14% if that top is reached. Fees, mandatory holding periods, high minimum investments, however have already earned AQRU the trophy for Overall Best Yield Farming Crypto Platform for 2022 in multiple financial blogs throughout the web.

The 24/7 customer support is truly a 24/7 support. No robots or multiple automatic tiers before finally talking to a human: you get a human being conversation from the beginning with a waiting period of availability less than 5 minutes (I’ve used it a bit to ask all these questions). And they honestly strive to answer your questions following up via e-mail to see if you succeeded in following the steps provided.

For me, it’s the long term capability of earning a 12% fiat interest on your savings when compared to the banks who have been hoarding my money and compensating me below 2% inflation. The update of your funds by the second also makes this app a neat visual and the ease of depositing funds and withdrawing funds in less than 2 minutes with 3 clicks is such a hassle free plus for me.

Now if only I could get Revolut to let me transfer my bitcoins and ethereum to AQRU to start staking them instead of sitting there. But that’s a whole other story…

This article and the information contained herein is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information and/or documents contained in this website do not constitute investment advice.

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