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Investors' Circus Named: Ventus Investor Group

Prepping with neglect, preparing with low budget repairs then turn around and say its run down and underutilized making way for big moves.

Why form a tenants association for your block?

In Los Angeles Ca near USC (University of Southern California) and The LA Memorial Coliseum the Flower Drive Tenants Association was formed to combat the regentrification of our block and to have our voices heard and respected, and to have our rights recognized as they should be.

Thank You to the L.A.T.U. for getting us organized to make our voices heard to mainline our grievances, by giving us hope, that our rights must be respected and protected.

I wrote a distress email. Stating my mom died and the owners refuse to acknowledge us, (my family) as tenants. and stated that they will not rent out the apartment again forcing us, my family, to make a decision.

Move or battle with the new owners to stay, because its within logic that we deserve to stay. Those are my feelings I know, but then I got a reply from a seemingly sincere voice saying stay don't move. You have a right to stay a right to stay was something to buy into.

I received a cash for keys flyer, where I found the email. Since then the worry of not knowing what to do disappeared, and the course of actions were explained and made simple, a series of letters were sent and Covid letters signed doing all I can to prepare to battle the big Ventus Investor Group,

They want to redevelop. They want to become the new community, and act as the community that is here, the people here are treated as if we are beneath the people that wish to serve illegal evictions, portraying the façade of being fair by offering 'CASH FOR KEYS' renamed "Crumbs for Keys" by the tenants that are currently occupying the units under fire.

Flower Drive Tenants Association monthly block clean up @3800 block of Flower Dr. 90037

Flower Drive Tenants Association monthly block clean up @3800 block of Flower Dr. 90037

Introducing the president of Ventus Investor Group Scott Gale.

What scale are they using?

EXPO 38 is the project Ventus is the investor group. TCRE corporation is the property management. What a team!

Mr. Scott Gale is the president and David Booty the VP, is USC alumni they are finishing the last touches on a 450 million dollar student housing project,

with some affordable housing sprinkled in, but we ask what scale are they using and what bracket of income are they thinking of, cause its not affordable to the people living here now.

The convenience and the benefits of just being here, in the area of the USC football the LAFC soccer, LA Rams' stint is over, but it was great being at every home game without stepping foot into the stadium.

We were part of the entire scene, but we are not worthy on this day. because money and power has finally got its' fangs into what used to be protected by historical significance, today we battle Ventus Investor Group, USC and the Olympics,

The perfect storm for investors, but we the people of this area are not owners so we are treated like insects awaiting the slaughter, the poison is pricing, because pricing will run most of the tenants away from Los Angeles as a whole and "power" could careless.

Scott could careless. the community liaison David Booty living up to his name could careless. TCRE could careless, demanding to be allowed in the units on my block to let the investor group take pics to make a new ad.

We are looked over and stepped on but we have rights so thank you to the L.A.T.U. (LA Tenants Union) for stepping in the middle to help us "the tenants" fight back to make sure we let our presence be known,

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cause we were left out of the planning phase, the investors are very aggressive, so we as tenants must be fearless and determined to say no we don't want your development. We don't want to move.

Nolympics stands for stop regentrification. Stop the inhumane treatment of the human beings that are living their lives in fear of the next time they will be forced to relocate with no piece of the pie.

Stop overlooking the people that are being displaced. Get your foot of power and greed off of our necks.

Stop offering down payments for cars and start offering down payments for homes.

The mobile community traveling with the Olympics, The Ventus Investor Group and TCRE Corp.

Partnership for profit promising the world at the peoples expense. Why make an offer at all? When the offer is for hotels not homes,

down payments for cars instead of homes. How do the tenants deal with the bullies on the block.

The people behind this are opportunistic but lack the ability to see the cold and harsh treatment of the road to being displaced.

Laws are being formed to disarm the people because the agenda is clear and cold. Bold and filled with the ideas of the wealthy and the privileged.

This group of investors have attached themselves to the route of the Olympic games for profit only.

They prepare and profit as an entire community. by disregarding the existing community and all the people that make up that community. are in wait to be displaced.

Is the Olympics in the know, are they part of this monopoly?

It feels like our rights are being trampled, but are they?

It is definitely a crime against humanity, because there is no humanity displayed.

Is it a pattern of power, gobbling up, everything in sight to promote regentrification on a major scale.

The Olympics bring benefits for the entire state and Ventus upsets a community by shortstopping the benefits from the real community, that is in need the most. Caused by the neglect, purposely executed to takeover any given area.

Tenants out number the owners many to one. If there is power in numbers it's time to show it.

The games are set and evictions are about to begin where I live.

Time is ticking and we will have a chance to show what coming together can accomplish in battling this corporate monopoly bull running through Los Angeles with the Olympics being the tip of the spear.

Thank You For finding a worthy cause to research #nolympicsla.

Thank you to Eric ( nolympicsla member) and the whole team of researchers that worked to bring light to the bullies on the block.

I know it was obvious only if you're looking at it. I'm being effected directly.

I don't know the reason, its on Eric and the entire crew of humanitarian minds, but the fact that they care enough to put it on blast, lets me know its bigger then just my block.

I'm thanking you for bringing a study that I'm sure the Ventus Investors Group is trying to wish away. Just a thorn in their side while they dictate the ride.

They create the condition. The pre-cursor is the accumulation of the land,

prime it with neglect and make it deserted, then redevelop in time for the big boom of the international scene of the Olympics.

Brilliant planning very opportunistic.

I was invited to share my story..

Abdul shares his dilemma @ #nolympics #echopark2021

Abdul shares his dilemma @ #nolympics #echopark2021

Abdul shares his dilemma @ #nolympics #echopark2021

Abdul shares his dilemma @ #nolympics #echopark2021

  • NOlympics LA
    #NOlympics Check the website here. Do you want to join our coalition in fighting the Olympics in Los Angeles and around the world? Email us at
Stop! We can stick to "NO" on regentrification anywhere

Stop! We can stick to "NO" on regentrification anywhere

Basic questions never asked by the owners or investors:

  • What about the people?
  • Unless secretly recorded we may never hear the truth. It seems like it's fuck the people.
  • Do you have families and how many?
  • The true answers we may never hear unless secretly recorded.
  • It seems like the answer is FUCK the families if any.
  • Basic questions never asked.
  • Do you have children?
  • True answers may never be heard, Unless secretly recorded.
  • We can prep 'em, right on out.
  • They ain't my children! My children are fine, right after we close this deal. My Great great great grandchildren will be fine. Said by the wealthy investors.
  • Generation of wealthy passing it right on down, regentrifying my block, your block, and as many blocks, as they can for their next generation. While Billions are being made around us and through us.
  • Oh! Do you have rights?
  • Answer to the question maybe yes, and even though they are publicly known, they are being ignored and pushed out of the equation.
  • If we don't express them verbally, then they will assume we are ignorant and treat us accordingly.
  • If our rights are known by the investors, there is no desire or push, to preserve or protect those rights.
  • For the majority of investors or all the investors hope we don't know them, Instead there is a hope we don't know them or invoke them.
  • We grouped up to poke them, wake them up, to let them know. We exist
  • Basic on the norm. We must stand up and ask, cause a closed mouth don't get fed.
  • Backfire we may win, they know it's documented.
  • Our phones are our weapons, when our constitutional rights are threatened. Organization to avoid manipulation and monopolization by the corporations.
Appreciate the Invite to share my story

Appreciate the Invite to share my story

  • South Central showing luv
    The Flower Drive Tenants Association thank you South Central Local Tenants Union for showing support.

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