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Investing in Metaverse

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Investing in Metaverse

Why Investing is METAVERSE is not Halal

Time to debate, argue and understand, the World of Metaverse

What I am able to understand till date about Investing in Metaverse

It is a Virtual Asset ( Not Real Asset) or "Cyberspace", where Virtual Space or Cyber Space, which can be accessed by others on cyberspace. It can be Video Game where you can be part as Virtual Person.
You can own Space, You can buy Garments, you can just put Jewellery you bought virtually on your virtual self.

This World is Virtual, in Cyberspace, where you can have everything.
Real question is "What is the Fruitfulness of having it."

The First Principle of Islamic Economic System is Welfare. It must bring welfare, good to the people.

Another Principle is Assets Must Real, Ownership must be transferable, Assets must be existing or should be existing in Reality soon.

Looking at Principle of Islamic Finance, I feel Metaverse does not qualify to be Shariah Compliant Investment.
We need more debate, more clarity on subject matter.

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Who Are Key Player of METAVERSE

When we look at Present Market Situation, the major player are

  • Google (Alphabet)
  • Facebook (Meta)
  • Apple
  • Video Game Companies
  • Play Station - and Gaming Companies
  • Virtual Reality Companies

The big Players, Trillion Dollar Companies are ready to sell you everything, you can imagine virtually. Everything which is available in Real, can be bought Virtual.

Even though it is Early Stage but, Promotion, Video's and other info is available. Companies have already started selling Virtual Assets.

Google is building its own Version of Metaverse, Facebook with its huge follower and gaming consol and Instagram users, have big plans for the METAVERSE.

Apple is ready to move. Real players of the game will be Gaming Companies and Virtual Reality Companies.

Everyone is ready with own version. But real future is connecting all together. The Migration from One Platform to another Platform and seamless use of everything, is what everyone is looking for.

Even though Opportunity is already Valued at 800 Billion Dollars, but real Question is how it is going to evolve, how smooth and seamless experience, will decide future of METAVERSE.

Even though things are slowly building. It is long way before it is clear for the investors.

It is all about Building Virtual Ideas, Feeling it, using it. How far it can go, will it give real happiness, only future can define.




What is Available for Investors

This is Real Question?

Everything, literally everything will be available.

You can buy Apartment, Garden, Shops, Vehicles, Garments. Almost everything is available to buy.

You are paying your hard earned money to buy something which is not reality.

You can attend Real Event anywhere in the world with your Friend who is there. You can also attend virtual event together.

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Whole Family or Team can attend a event together.

Whatever you can do, is available virtually.

This is New World, where everything is Virtual, not real, and People are investing real money to have fun, have enjoyment.

Slowly and slowly, everything will be on virtual world.

Gaming will be biggest part of Metaverse, you can play games, you can part of it, you can buy Teams and play Tournament.

The challenge is managing and putting laws to protect the individuals.

Because Cyber Laws will not be enough to Protect you.

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What METAVERSE is mean for Investment Future

Sectors and Companies which will grow and their Profitability because of METAVERSE

  • The first sector which has very positive impact is Telecom Companies, they will be the First Line of profit makers. 5G is must for this and companies developing these companies will be big beneficiary, their Profitability will increase many fold.
  • Chip Makers - This is second most important sector which will be benefited, They are key part of development. As they build big systems, super systems, they need Chips. Chip Makers are key growth sectors.
  • AI Teams
  • Social Media Networks
  • Gaming Companies

These are sectors which need huge investment, they need talent, and there will be huge growth. These sectors will be benefited hugely. These are future of growth and development.




The Challenges Facing METAVERSE

The single Biggest Challenge is protecting Personal Rights.

The system must protect the personal privacy. Investment Protection laws, the virtual real estate, everything is virtual.

Presently it is difficult to protect investors. In reality, everyone can go and make complaint, it is very difficult to protect virtual investment.

We can see direct Investors, Exchange Traded Funds, and Share Investors. But biggest investors will be Virtual Investors, who will be investing in virtual items which will be virtual, but there is no protection for Investors.

The sectors will evolve slowly.

5G will be challenging development. There is lot of opposition to it.

Scarcity of Chips and metals. These are challenges.

Development of Technology

Virtual Reality needs Gadgets, development of these gadgets will take time. Users can not use continuously for long time. These gadgets needs to be better and developed, unless new technology is developed, which is better and users can use more and more.

Systems which are powerful to give feeling of reality will be another challenge. Speed of system, 5G and 6G, needs.

This all will take time to build.

Short Selling

Investing in Virtual Reality

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