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Insurance - A Beginner’s Guide

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Table of the Contents

  1. Insurance tips
  2. Kinds of Insurance You Might Need
  3. Why People Need To Be Insured
  4. The Things to Be Considered When Getting Insurance
  5. Importance of Research in Looking for Insurance Company
  6. Evaluating Your Insurance Company
  7. Searching the Insurance Market
  8. Shopping for Insurance
  9. Making the Most Out of Insurance

Insurance Tips

Insurance can be really confusing and difficult to understand. We tend to get insurance plans without actually fully understanding how the said insurance plan covers our needs. But if we want to find the best deal and save money, then the following insurance tips are worth noting.

  • There are several types of insurance. Some of the most popular ones are for health, life, car, and home. With these options, the first thing that you should do is research. Research which insurance plan will work for you and which one can you afford to pay.
  • A lot of people say that it is better to be insured while you are still young. No problem with that, as long as you can regularly pay for your insurance premium. When you go to different insurance companies, get a price quote so that you will know what they can offer you and at what price. You can also search online, if ever insurance companies have websites which you can visit.
  • Once you have reviewed the price quotation, ask your insurance agent for discounts. There are insurance companies which might offer you discounts or low rated insurance plans if you get all your insurance needs from a single company instead of from different companies.
  • Insurance agents sometimes either choose not to tell you this or simply forget about the discounts you can avail. So it would be better to bring this out during your meeting.
  • Another insurance tip is to read the documents, read the insurance policy. If there is something that is not clear or something that you don’t understand, ask your agent.
  • Make a background check on the insurance companies where you intend to be insured. Check that they are licensed and that they are financially sound and stable. There are some online resources that provide you with ratings for different insurance companies.
  • You can also get insurance tips from other customers, in particular, people you know. This is somewhat similar to getting a customer review about a product, only this time, it’s for insurance. Ask about how they are at customer service, payments, handling complaints, and the like.
  • When you are have already selected your insurance plan and the insurance company and when you start paying, make sure that you have a written policy. This is for record purposes so that if there are some things that need to be clarified then you can review your own copy.
  • Again, there are a lot of insurance plans and insurance companies out there. The best thing for you to do is to be informed before you go out and start meeting agents.

The insurance tips we’ve mentioned are some of the things you might want to consider in order to get the best deals, the right insurance plan, and an understanding of how you will be insured.

Kinds of Insurance You Might Need

There are a lot of insurance that you can take. Some are the most common ones which are life insurance, homeowners insurance, and auto insurance. But there are other types of insurances that you might need as well.

Since insurances are there to protect you from things that you are uncertain of, and then you should grab every type of insurance that you might need. Aside from the common insurance that is available, other types of insurance include disability insurance, health insurance, and long-term care insurance.

Disability Insurance

You might not be familiar with it but this is one of the things every able person must provide for himself, and this is disability insurance. You generate income from working, and you are able to work because you are still capable of working. Once you suddenly stop being capable of working and you have not yet saved up enough to finance yourself for your entire lifetime, living will be a very hard everyday problem that you must solve. This is why it is very important to get disability insurance especially now that you are still able to. You would not want to regret anything later on. Regretting will be useless once you can’t literally do anything about it anymore.

Health Insurance


Everybody is afraid they might die anytime which is why most people get life insurance. but only a few seems to be concerned that they might get sick which is one of the reasons why most people die.

Health insurance is very necessary, especially that besides anything else, besides any property you own, it should be the body that you treasure the most. The body might be in perfect condition now, but until when? We are living in times where in there are a lot of diseases, who will be able to assure us that we will be exempted from getting those? The only way to prepare for this is through a health insurance.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Even if you have confidence that your spouse and children will never leave you, it shouldn’t be an excuse to become a burden to them. If you are already old and you need care, you can’t keep asking for it from your family.

It will be better if you don’t become a burden to them even if they won’t leave you for it. You will be able to prepare for this time by getting long-term care insurance. it might not be much, but it feels better to know that you don’t have to beg for things like these even if you are already old.

Why People Need to Be Insured

Some of us think that insurance is only for the rich, this is a wring notion that we should eliminate. Insurance is for everyone that fears uncertainty, and by this, it will more likely equate to everyone.

The very reason why insurance institutions were made in the first place is because of the fact that we are facing the world every day with a lot of uncertainties in our minds. These uncertainties create fear and being insured, however, lessen that fear. So insurance is not only for the rich, but for everyone.

Being Sure

The only reason why rich people usually get insured is that they face a lot more uncertainties with all the things that they have, from cars down to land properties. But just because you don’t have two or three cars it does not mean that you should not consider greatly to be insured.

In fact, the lesser you have, the more reason for you to get insured. You would not want to lose these properties that you have. So, if you want to protect the properties you have, be smart enough to get insured.

The protection that insurance companies offer is not the assurance that nothing bad will happen to that thing that you have signed up for insurance. An insurance company, like any other being, is also unsure. They too are not knowledgeable of what tomorrow will bring.

However, insurance companies are there to protect you from being affected by whatever might happen to the thing you have insured or with yourself if you had yourself insured. You won’t have to worry if your car gets into an accident if you have auto insurance that covers collision.

Although the insurance cannot prevent that accident from happening, it lessens the damage done to you by covering up for what just happened.

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Nature of Insurance

Insurance is financial in nature. As you know, insurance cannot cover your emotional breakdowns or any other loss that is non-financial in nature. Whatever happens to you or your property, provided that it is insured and that it was stated in the terms you have agreed on that in the event this certain accident happens the company will cover all or certain portions financially, you do not have to worry about money.

Insurance may not be necessary since you will be able to live normally even without it, but it will surely make you live better. Better because you have lesser things to worry about and another additional thing to be thankful for, which are insurance companies.

The Things to Be Considered When Getting Insurance

Contrary to the common understanding that what you will only need when you want insurance is money, you actually need something intangible if you want your insurance to be worth the pay. Of course, money is needed but knowledge on how or why you will be spending the money on insurance is also very important. Once you understand why you need insurance and you know how the insurance policy works, then you will be able to see and use your insurance wisely.

Understanding the Need

If you are only getting insurance because everyone is telling you o, or because everyone else has it, then you should not get one. You will probably end up blaming others if your money will go to waste or you will just neglect your responsibilities to your insurance company because you do not see its importance very clearly.

You must understand why you need it for you to fully grasp the essence of having insurance. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money on something you do not understand. The monthly payments might not seem big especially when you are getting only the minimum coverage, but understanding what this little amount is for will be very vital in your decision-making.

Once you have seen the importance of having insurance, even if the amount you have to pay gets bigger, you will always pay on time without a heavy heart and you will never consider neglecting to pay it.

Knowing Your Insurance

After you have decided that you need insurance, the first thing you should do is know everything about the insurance you will be getting. The problem with people nowadays is that they are too lazy to read things. They prefer summaries.

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to read, but when it comes to insurance that is a big no.

If you have car insurance and you feel confident that you can just get into an accident and coincidentally the accident you got into isn’t covered by your insurance then you might be in trouble. At least if you know the limitations, you will avoid getting into those types of dangers.

Or you can eliminate the limitation by getting a different coverage. The role of your insurance in your life will depend on how much you know about it.

Importance of Research in Looking for Insurance Company

If you think that once you have decided that you will be getting insurance the rest will just be as quick as a snap of a finger, then you are wrong.

Insurance is a gamble that you would have to take especially when you are going to pay a large amount of money for it. You should have the best possible conditions that will favor you. Besides, it is your money which is why every cent that you spend must be worth it. This is why research is very important when looking for an insurance company.

And there is no one who will be able to do the research better than yourself, especially that you are the one who knows your standards better than anyone else.

Probing the Company

You might think that the known insurance companies are the best ones, but you might be surprised to know that most of the big insurance companies are oftentimes the ones who make the most trouble.

Just always remember to not consider their name when choosing their company. Big companies will be able to fake their good image. It will be more helpful if you do your research deeper. Interview those who have insurance under certain companies that you are eying for.

In this way, you will know if they are doing what they promise. And do not limit your questioning to one person only. It will be better if you have a lot of references so that you will be able to support your data.

Digging in the Coverage

After you have dissected the company’s reputation and you have already chosen among those on your list, you should not stop researching there.

After you have chosen the coverage that you find enticing or suitable for you, then start dissecting the coverage. It will be better if you treat the contract as a paper wherein you have to read carefully and find out whether there are problems.

If you have some take note of them and ask the company for clarifications. Do this before entering into an agreement. This is to avoid any misunderstanding.

It is always better when you know very well the contract so that you will not end up blaming anyone whenever there is something wrong that happened. If you have fully understood what is written and you don’t have any objections, then that is the time that you can truly say that you are confident with your insurance and that is also the perfect time to sign in an insurance contract.

Evaluating Your Insurance Company

When we feel safe about something, it only usually lasts for a short period of time. This is because of the many uncertainties that we must face every day. We might feel safe now but there will always be that factor that will ruin it after a short period of time, the “what ifs” and the “buts”.

The same is true when we are dealing with insurance policies, we will feel jubilant after we have signed the papers that will prove that we are insured, but frankly, until when will we feel this safe?

Why We Need To Guide the Insurance Company

Once you have had yourself or something valuable to you insured, there is only one worry that will be left, and that is hope that your insurance company will be able to fulfill its duties to you. Once you have gotten insurance, you are already giving part of the risk to that insurance company, but what you don’t know is that you are not actually giving up that risk without receiving any risk in return. By trusting the insurance company, you are now faced with the risk of your insurance company not granting their promises.

But you will be able to reduce the worry you feel if you keep annual evaluations of your insurance company. With the help of continuously evaluating your insurance company, you will be able to make sure that you still know what is happening to your money.

What You Need to Look Out For

There are only a few things you will actually need to look out for. These three things are the financial strength of the insurance company, how well they have dealt with previous costumers and lastly how much difference there is in prices.

First, you have to know that your company has a good financial backup or has good finances to cover for its promises to a million customers. As much as possible be updated with their finances so that you will have an idea where your money is going.

Besides, your money is in that company, you wouldn’t want them to splurge it on something useless. Good customer feedback is also a very crucial component. They can let all they want about company satisfaction but if the customers are not satisfied, these people will speak up, the lesser complaints the better. Lastly is the price range. You cannot base your judgement on an insurance company based on their price, but it will be a good way to evaluate whether your company is doing well or not.

Searching the Insurance Market

If you are new to the insurance world and you have got to own something really valuable that urged you to get insurance, it would be best to clear your mind first. The insurance market can be overwhelming; nowadays there are a lot of insurance companies existing. You might be confused as to which of these you will be choosing.

So it will be best if you make a priority list in your head about the factors that will matter most to you when you are going to choose your insurance company. But if you are having a hard time, you can try this recommended number one and number two factors listed below.

Number One Factor: Reputation of the Company


You might be wondering why reputation is so important that it is in the number one spot. This is because you wouldn’t want to invest in a company that does not give you what you expect. You might find the cheaper insurance companies a lot more enticing than the more expensive ones but you should remember that it will all boil down to one thing in the end, will they give you what they promised? Once you are choosing your insurance company, you should think of the capability of the company to do what it promises to do.

And though there might be a huge price difference the important thing is that every cent of that money you have invested is worth it. Even though the other insurance companies with a bad reputation have not yet made a name for them are cheaper, all those you have paid them will go to waste. Paying much with every cent worth it will be better than paying less and ending up empty-handed.

Number 2 Factor: Price

Although the reputation of the company will always come first, it should always be followed by price even if you found the best insurance company that will really make you feel secure, if you cannot afford it should be crushed of the list.

You can make the primary list on the reputation, make sure to only get the ones that have proofs of their claims, then from then on make a bracket of the amount you will be able to spare for insurance. In this way, you will be able to filter those on your list. With this way of choosing, you will be guaranteed that you are with an insurance company with a good reputation which you can afford.

Shopping for Insurance

There isn’t really much difference between when you shop for clothes and when you shop for insurances. When you shop for clothes, you might need a person who knows better for you to know which clothes will be perfect for you.

In shopping for clothes, you will also be able to do it online which you can also do with insurance. These two main things are also the two things we will be discussing in this article. The two tips you should keep in mind when shopping for insurance.

Asking for Help in Shopping

Sometimes we think we know everything, but it might surprise you to know that you don’t. Accepting the fact that there are other people who are better than us in certain things is most of the time helpful for us. Once we have faced this truth, we will be able to have room to learn and improve. The same applied in shopping for insurance, you might think you know what the best insurance is for you, but you really don’t.

Preferences are a very big factor when getting insurance but it is not the only one. You need to consider other things as well. This is why it will be best if you consult an agent who would know these kinds of stuff.

This is often recommended to those people who have restrictions like health problems, etc. Agents would know which companies are lenient when it comes to health condition restrictions. So whenever you have doubts or even if you don’t it will always be better to seek advice from those who know more.

Shopping Online

Before, it was hard to look for a good insurance company because your choices were limited to those companies that are available where you reside.

Now, it has become more convenient for insurance shoppers to have varieties in their choices because of the internet. With a wider scope, you will be able to have more choices.

The process will also be easier because of the internet. The transactions can be done online and the accessibility will be better. But you also have to be more careful.

This is because the greater chance you will find a good company, the greater will also be the chance that you will fall for one who isn’t. You would have to filter the sites if you do not want to become one of the victims of bogus accounts who just wants to extort money from you.

Making the Most Out of Insurance

Whatever we do, there is a large portion of risk that is involved. Every time we wake up, we are facing a lot of uncertainties that may visit us during the day and some of these could be very scary. This is the reason why there are many insurance institutions in the world today.

These insurance institutions take part of the burden that we carry which gives us a feeling of relief somehow.

Lower Deductible Vs. Higher Deductible

The problem is that there has been an argument as to how you will be able to really utilize your insurance better. Some prefer a lower deductible while others would go for the higher deductible.

For the information of those who do not know what a deductible is, it is the amount that you have to pay on a constant time interval, usually monthly, in relation to the insurance.

It is only after you have paid a certain sum wherein you will be able to really utilize your insurance if you cannot afford to pay it in a lump sum.

The Judgement

The debate on whether a person should go for a lower deductible or a higher one has existed ever since. But if you look at it more closely, each would actually have their benefit of their own.

But if the question refers to which method of payment will enable you to utilize your insurance more, then the obvious answer will be to go for the higher deductible.

Just think of this, the moment you have completed the payment that is the only time you can say that you are already really insured. If there is any way wherein you will be able to hasten up this period of payment, then you should grab that opportunity. In the first place, you wanted insurance because of the fear of uncertainty. Any more delay would only cause you to linger on this fear longer.

Besides, if you can afford a higher deductible, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. it would make you moneyless for a period of time, but a shorter period as compared to going for the lower deductible.

Another situation with a similar analogy to this scenario is having the choice on how to be killed. It will always be preferable to be killed faster way even though it is more painful than dying a slow death with lesser pain.

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