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How to Save Money on Flowers for Wedding

Ever since I was a kid I was brought up to be frugal and to save and budget money. * Disclaimer: I am not a financial planner.


Use a florist who will do double duty

You can save money on flowers for your wedding by using a florist who will do double duty. That is, you can use one person to do the flowers and another person to do the decor. Alternately, you can use one person to do both—the florist will provide the flowers and also take care of decorating elements like tablecloths or chair covers.

This arrangement is especially useful if you're having an outdoor wedding because it means that only one vendor needs to be hired instead of two separate ones.

Look for flowers that are in season

  • Flowers in season are likely to be cheaper.
  • Flowers that are in season are likely to be plentiful.
  • The flowers you choose will look better, smell better and last longer.
  • You can use the same flowers for more than one event, like an engagement party or bridal shower and the actual wedding day.

Don't go overboard with greenery

Greenery is a great way to add color and texture to any wedding venue, but it can be expensive. So stick to a few key pieces, like the aisle runner, bouquets and decor on the tables.

If you do use greenery in your wedding, make sure it's fresh and looks good. If not, those lush green leaves won't look so lush anymore! And if you're going to use greenery at all (which we recommend), don't overdo it. We've seen too many brides with a large centerpieces filled with plastic ivy or fake flowers that look horrible after an hour of sitting in hot weather at their reception.

Break down the price per stem (and get creative)

The average cost of a stem in this case is $2.50. While it might be easy to see how you could use that number to your advantage and save some money, let's break down the price per stem and get creative.

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As mentioned above, flowers can be expensive but you can save money by buying in bulk. This will not only help cut costs, but also give you a variety of options for your bridal bouquet. The cost per flower will definitely vary depending on where you buy them from!

If possible, buy seasonal flowers if they're available near where your wedding is being held so that they last longer without wilting too quickly and adding unnecessary expenses during the planning phase

Buy bulk and DIY

  • Buy in bulk. If you're going to be making an assortment of bouquets and centerpieces, buying them all in bulk will save you money and hassle. You can also buy flowers for your bridesmaids, or for the wedding party's boutonnieres and corsages, at a discount if you get multiple bunches.
  • DIY. In addition to making your own bouquets from scratch (see next tip), there are plenty of ways to add flowers that don't require any special skills or tools: consider making flower crowns or boutonnieres with mismatched blooms instead of buying them premade; adding clusters of herbs such as rosemary sprigs or lavender buds as filler between flower arrangements; using ribbons made out of silk/cotton fabric instead of real ribbon; filling vases with dried mosses for a low-maintenance look

Having a wedding can be expensive but if you plan out your purchases, you can save money on flowers.

Flowers are a necessary part of any wedding, but they can be an expensive purchase. If you plan out your purchases, however, there are ways to save money on flowers for your big day.

While it's true that flowers are expensive, in-season blooms will often be cheaper than buying them at peak seasons—and if you're looking for unique and local options, they'll also be more sustainable than imported ones. It's also important to consider the cost per stem rather than just the cost of what each bouquet looks like; breaking down the prices by number of stems can help you figure out how much each piece really costs per person. When all is said and done though, don't forget about DIY projects! Building your own arrangements allows maximum creativity without breaking the bank (and who doesn't love making their own things?)


I hope that this article has helped you understand how to save money on flowers for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family, as well as the vendors who will be working with you. You don't have to do everything yourself! The most important thing is that everyone involved understands what kind of experience they can expect from working with each other so no one gets hurt feelings later on down the road when things get stressful.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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