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How to manage your life with the minimum income?


I want to write my experience here to report how I live with a bit of money I get monthly and tell you if I can manage anyone can manage the funds to cover up all your expenses. We make the main mistake is buying unnecessary things and throwing them away because we do not need them for anything in our home. Another mistake people make is wrong in purchases. For example, when we need some vegetables for food, we decide on something but forget and buy another one. Then we end up buying the right one in addition to the one we purchased wrongly. Remember, when we live on tight money, these things matter a lot as we have to be careful with every dollar, we spend on ourselves.

The best way to keep us under control is listing, do not forget to take the list of the things you need to buy for your use. Also, before making the payments for the goods, do not forget to check the list you brought with you. You might think these are all simple matters, never mind changing your lifestyle like this you will realize the change for a better way of controlling the money. In addition, the most important thing is to have a small spreadsheet to manage your finances.

Start your spreadsheet from the first day of a month, write down the items like I do as I keep in complete control of the money that I receive monthly.


Therefore, what you can see from this simple worksheet is that your cash in hand on the 10th of December, 2021 is $680.00. Then what you have to do is count the money in hand to see whether you have done it correctly. When you do like this, you have to take a couple of points into account.

  • Do not ever use credit cards. Make your entries daily.
  • Ensure that you do not forget to enter any of your purchases or receipts.

If you do not want to use cash, open a simple bank account and maintain your account the same way using a bank debit card. That does not mean that you do not have to keep a spreadsheet like this; it helps you to check in daily; besides, that will give you a way of controlling the money that you receive monthly. You close the spreadsheet at the end of each month, which helps you check your expenses other than your regular expenses such as rent, utilities, and others. When you maintain your cash in this way, you will never be out of money at any point as it is a matter of controlling your money.

How to manage your life with minimum income

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When you maintain your finances like this, you will never go into debt; you might think, if I have to spend on something extra in a month, what can I do? Now you know that your spreadsheet is one hundred percent accurate, how much are your expenses and income for a month. So, according to the spreadsheet that I prepared, there be leftovers each month.

Do not ever touch that and go for emergencies; then, you will realize how your portions accumulate and give happiness and fear-free life to meet your emergencies. Besides, I want to insist if you're going to have fear-free life, you need to follow this plan consistently until your income improves. But that does not mean that you can neglect your project when you get more money because it might take you back to where you were before you started getting a better income. Therefore, consistency is vital to have a better and peaceful life.


Do not go to others for help

One of the vital points in life, when you live with your minimum income, do not ever seek help from others for your spending purposes. You might get into that habit, and later people will start to look down on you, damaging your confidence and staying forever in that way of living your life. So, if you want to keep your pride, try your best to live within your means, which will make you happy later.

What is the best way to live debt free life with a small income?

  • Do not use credit cards
  • Maintain a spreadsheet for your income & expenses.
  • Ensure that you save a little bit of money every month
  • Get loans to cover up your expenses

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