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How to Make Money Driving Cars

Nicholas Conner enjoys driving, writing, and making a living.

If you enjoy driving, you might as well make money while you're at it.

If you enjoy driving, you might as well make money while you're at it.

Here I have compiled a list of jobs in which to make money driving cars. If you are like me, you value work that you can enjoy or are passionate about, and maybe for you like it is for me you enjoy driving, so why not make money while you're at it.

Food Delivery

This first item in my list is going to seem a bit obvious. Naturally one of the most common ways to make money driving is through some form of food delivery service. Pizza delivery likely being the most common of them. However, food delivery is nothing to sneeze at. Many people including myself have done fairly well with jobs like delivering pizza. In the right environment, delivering pizza and many types of food, it is not unheard of to make $100 per day in tips alone.

Of course there is also app platforms such as Grubhub where you can create your own schedule, make decent pay, and essentially create a side hustle driving.



This one is also going to seem a bit obvious. I'm sure you have probably heard of ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Well to be honest it's really not a bad gig as a driving side hustle, as long as you own a vehicle that meets their requirements and have a good driving record without any kind of DUI. It is important to note however that if you want to make decent money driving for either Uber or Lyft, that your services be available in an area that will net you a decent amount of money and tips. Areas such as Detroit have been reported to offer little benefit to such drivers.

There is also the option of becoming a taxi driver if you would rather use a company vehicle and don't mind the idea of driving people around. According to the average hourly wage for a taxi driver in the United States is between $14 and $20.

Auto Auction Driver

Here is honestly one of my personal favorites. Driving for an auto auction such as Manheim is a great opportunity to sit in the seat of a large variety of different vehicles and get paid to do relatively little work. If you work full time you'll find yourself outside of auction hours simply moving cars from one place on the auction hosts property to another. This is also a great opportunity for someone who wants to work part time or if you are retired and are looking for part time work.

As a word of caution, this job, like many others on my list, can be a bit uncomfortable in northern winter months, but business also tends to, surprisingly, be on the upswing during these times.

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Vehicle Transport/Dealer Shuttle Driver

This is another one of my favorites over driving at an auto auction. Granted neither one of these jobs really pays a whole lot, they can still be decent easy-going jobs. Furthermore, if you couple doing this with other part time driving jobs you can make some easy money for yourself.

Vehicle transport usually involves working for a third party company that delivers vehicles for dealerships or to and from dealerships to auction properties. I personally have really enjoyed delivering the wide variety of vehicles I have driven (typically newer lease return models). As a bonus the job is typically very easy and fun, and it's kind of nice driving some of the long distances just listening to the radio and seeing the sights.

As a dealer shuttle driver you'll spend most of your day just driving the dealer's cars to different places on their lot or to other lots the dealer owns, and you may also be asked to run errands or help with some detailing in your down time. All in all it's a pretty easy-going job even if it doesn't pay much.

Shuttle Van Driver

Here is a job that I imagine not many have thought of as an opportunity. What this job entails varies from place to place. As you might imagine the essential function of this job is simply to drive pedestrians or business employees from one location to another depending on who you work for. You could shuttle pedestrians at an airport, or employees from one end of a large campus to another, or workers on a large rail yard. Really anything that would require busing people to and from distances that would be a hassle to walk but short enough that wouldn't require a taxi. The jobs I have seen involving this type of work near where I live range anywhere from $9.25/hr to $16.00/hr depending on employer and activity.

Keep in mind, some of these employers unfortunately may require you to have a chauffeurs license.

Vehicle Test Driver

This job doesn't always come with a permanent position; however, it could be a blast while it is available. There are different variants of this job but what they all have in common is that you drive and rate the vehicle on its performance and whether it will sell. There tends to be a decent amount of writing in this line of work as you will most likely have to fill out a report on the vehicle you test drove. One of the coolest variants of this job is driving cars from the manufacturer that are not available to the public. To me it is like getting a sneak preview into the future of the automotive industry. Plus, the pay isn't too bad either while it lasts.

Limo Driver

Unfortunately here is a job that in most places will require you to have a chauffeur's license. However, if you have one, or don't mind getting one, this can be a great driving job and well paying in the right areas. One of my in-laws has made a very decent living for himself and his family doing this as a career. One of the great perks, if you're up for it, is the opportunity to potentially meet many celebrities or even the president, which my in-law has done several times.


Write Vehicle Reviews

Last but not least, writing vehicle reviews can be a decent way to make a passive income with your experience driving. You could write about the cars you've driven on one of the other jobs I have listed, or even go to a couple of dealerships and ask if they will let you test drive one of their vehicles to do a review on. Really the sky is the limit here. If you have a passion for driving and have decent writing skills you could write about anything related to your experience.

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