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How to Live Like a King in India With $200,000

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Living Like a Raja

Everybody dreams of living like a king (or queen, off course!), a life full of luxury and gaiety. But you need a huge amount of money for that purpose. Here is a guideline to live like a king with a minimum budget. I think you are smart enough to understand by living like a king this article do not guide you to capture a throne and a scepter. Here your humble author is going to discuss about the way of leading a great life by spending $200000 or Rs. 1 crore. Yes $2,000,00 or Rs 1 core is not a small amount to gather but we are talking about being a king! You should not hope to lead a royal like with just $1000! Living like a king does not mean that you shall have the power of a king. Here I am discussing about a grand and princely life which can be afforded with $2 lakhs. If you have not so much money (which is most probably true for 999 readers out of 1000) it does not matter. Just read my plan and enjoy.


The Kingdom of the King

A king needs his kingdom to rule. Where will be your kingdom? Well, you should leave city. It is because $200 thousand is not money enough to go royal in cities. I shall recommend a area close to a small city. As for example my choice is a place near the West Bengal city of Durgapur. The place must be within 10 km from the city. It would be better if the area has a nearby local market. Things should be pretty cheap there. The price of land and manpower will be quiet low. This is impossible in larger towns and megacities.

The Source of Revenue for Our would be King

Unfortunately, if you do not have a good source of income then your luxurious life style will not last. So, you have to build a business first. Yes this cost will be included among those $2 lakhs. You know already, that you shall have to live in rural areas to lead a royal life within budget. So, you need have to set up a profitable rural business. You must not spend much money here. Stay within your budget.

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I shall suggest you some businesses suitable for rural areas. You can build a mini rice mill costing $50,000. If properly run this mini can supply you $20,000 per year. Plus, a pond may have been dug for fish farming. A 70,000 square ft pond will cost about $15,000. A fishing pond of that size is capable of giving you a profit of$ 4,000 to $6,000 annually. So, by spending just about $65,000 you can earn an annual income up to $26,000 per annum. But, you need to acquire some knowledge about these businesses to get much profit. Experienced people will be of much help to you. You may try some different form of businesses to gain money.

Property of our King: the land

The king must have some property to boast of. Well, you have already a mill and a big pond. I also recommend you to buy some land. It would be better if that land is beside your pond. You need have to buy cheap non arable land. You can buy 1 acre of such land with only $3000. This land will be used to produce fruits like mango or cashew nuts. This garden will have the potential to add $2000 to your annual income. You can build a farmhouse here to spend a day or night sometimes for a change. You need one guard to look after the fruit gardens. Otherwise, all your fruits will be looted by the army of the local children.


The Royal Palace: Buckingham on Diet

Now comes the most important thing, the royal palace. Get ready to spend most of your budget here. You should first buy half bigha (roughly 650 sq. mtr) land beside the main road or close to road. Go outside city to buy it at cheap rate. You can acquire it at $10,000. Fence your big land with wire nets. Plan yourself to use the land effectively. It is a lot of land for house building.

Diagram of our Royal Palace and its area.

Diagram of our Royal Palace and its area.

Build a big house in your land. See the image above to get an idea. You may build a two storied house with 4 large bedrooms in each floor. This house will cost you about $50,000. Some of you from India may raise a protest here because you know such a building requires more money. But if you seek the service of the local contractor you shall have a nice and big house at that amount of money. Do not go with the big house building companies agents. You need additional money for decoration, furniture, and TV, Fridge and AC. For all these spend 10,000 more. A very small swimming pool for personal use will cost you only $4,000. The outhouse will be manufactured with bricks, cement and asbestos. I will cost just above $3,000. A beautiful garden with flowers and other trees, a basketball or badminton court and other such things will need additional $5,000.

And the Rest is for...

So, you have spent $1,50,000 from your budget. With the rest of your money buy a good car at $20,000. You should have also need a motor bike for $2000. A good generator and electrification and lights in your park may cost $2000 more. A good generator is a must because especially in summer evenings electricity may fail in rural areas. A motor bike is handy for going inside the villages and your farm areas, where there will be no roads for your car.

The Royal Servants and Attendants

Now, a King needs some attendants. Your annual income will be $29,000 and you need to spend some from it to your staffs. A driver’s salary will not be more than $700 per year. A cook and a Nepalese bahadur (guard) will draw same amounts annually. Two local women for cleaning and washing job will cost $800 a year. You may employ an all-time servant cum gardener for $700 per annum. Moreover, do not forget that you will be employer to minimum 25 to 30 people for your Mill and Farms. After that you shall still have much annual income to spend as you please. You can have your own bar or spend the evening sitting in your garden with a glass of gin. You can often go to a travel. You can invite your friends to play a game of badminton.

Relationship with the Local Populace: Some Tips.

Do not offend the local people. Spend generously in local festivals and events. During pujas give a handsome amount of donations. Do not worry $20 to $30 donation will be enough. You shall have a majestic image to the local populace if you can arrange a puja or fare by yourself. By spending $1000 you can organize a very good Kali puja or Sarswati puja or a local fare or such things. Do not take this matters religiously, these pujas are just for enjoyment, religion has very little role in it. For god’s sake never offend the local political parties. They can be troublesome, especially for your business matters. Build good relationships with local influential leaders. Make friendship with local influential people. Local school teachers and government employees must be in your friends list. Local authorities and police should be in good terms with you. You shall cut a good figure among local populace if you help the local schools. It is because in rural India schools and greatly revered.

Some Words of Caution

It is not all about luxury and extravagance. You need to have a close eye on your businesses otherwise your source of income may become dry. Be aware of the labor troubles in your mill. If you have a good relationship with your staffs then this type of problem will never be serious. Try to behave with your personal staff as friendly as possible. Indian low level people are sensitive to mechanical and rude conducts. It will not be advisable to go for any local girl. You can have trouble for that. Do not meddle with local quarrels.

Now what are you thinking about? Start gathering 1/5th million of US dollars and be ready for being a raja. I am eagerly waiting for your comments.


Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on May 30, 2020:

Interesting and thank u for sharing :)

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Seraph from Canada on February 03, 2015:

It is amazing to read about how others live or choose to live! Cool article!

sachin gurav on February 22, 2013:

I, have $ 3,ooooo property in mumbai india but still iam working for 400$ per month. Ican't be a king in mumbai city, i have to sell my property & migrate to village 0r small city in india.

pinappu (author) from India on November 15, 2012:

You can consider this as a fantasy @livingpah2004.

Kate P from The North Woods, USA on July 05, 2012:

I love India, and I love this idea--it was a fun fantasy to mentally create my own kingdom! But really I would probably focus more on employing local people as best I could, and paying them adequately. I have no need for a ton of land, unless it's for my business. Just living in India would be awesome enough--I don't need a kingdom (but it was fun to imagine!)

Voted up, useful, funny, awesome, and interesting.

Milli from USA on May 29, 2012:

It is a lot of money. If I have that much money I would not care anything. Nice article.

pinappu (author) from India on May 12, 2012:

Yes, living cost may differ much even inside the same city@ John Sarkis.

@estellaeffects thank you for stopping by and commenting.

@Roland L Daye ..India has billions of people and that means millions must be under the per capita not it? Thank you for your insightful commenting.

Roland L Daye from United States on May 12, 2012:

First, I was unaware kings went in outhouses. Second, since the GDP per capita in India is US$1,388, I think you'd look like a total douche bag by paying the people who wait on you hand and foot only half of that, and I somehow doubt a foreigner who doesn't compensate his or her employees adequately would be respected by the local populace. Third, great article! Nice job!

John Sarkis from Winter Haven, FL on February 06, 2012:

Great article. Actually, that's not much in the West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area where I'm from. It's good to know that you can live well in other countries with that money, but not here. Of course, goes without saying, places in middle America don't have as high a cost of living like Los Angeles does.

Interesting article - voted as such


pinappu (author) from India on February 06, 2012:

Yes the amount is too high but I hope you shall gather so much soon@alocsin

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on February 05, 2012:

That's a lot of money, but certainly far less than I would expect for a kingdom. Voting this Up and Interesting.

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