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How to Land Writing Gigs Through Your Blog

PS has worked as a freelance writer since 2012. When she's not traveling and writing, she helps people with web design and development.

If you are a professional blogger and have a fully running site, then there are surely high chances of you, looking to land some more writing gigs through your blog.

Well, you are not the only one.

Many freelancers decide to build a professional blog in lieu of receiving high-paid writing jobs, but they give up after trying for a while.

The major problem is greed of immediate gratification, each one of us is so habitual to this practice that if one of the ways does not work immediately, we tend to let it go and look for something else. This is human nature – turning our backs from something if it does not seem fruitful to us anymore and does not suit our unrealistic desires.

That’s not so smart. It deprives us of things that we could have done better if we would have tried a little bit more.

Additionally, it is the worst and most foolish method to run any business.
Instead of pulling yourself back, why not push yourself towards the goal by looking for changes and the possible improvements. By this, you will end your day with something more valuable and stronger in your hand, which will also be highly relevant to the marketing perspective. Consequently, you will have better chances of receiving highly paid writing gigs.


Be practical about what you can accomplish with your blog

Consider an example, if you write a handful of posts and expect to receive dozens of job prospects right at your doorstep, immediately, then you are not going in the right direction.

Blogging is a great marketing tool, but it does not bring results overnight, it is a collaborative effort. Though each post adds up to increase the chances of promotional opportunity, it is important to stick with it for a very long time to build up a better collective blog. It is suggested doing it post-to-post by optimizing the content you write.

Here are some five extremely simple steps to help your blog attract more job opportunities:

1. Each post must be goal-oriented


While writing, make sure each part of your blog must be relevant to prospects and clients. Though it is completely fine to occasionally post about news and promotions, a blog, which is designed to attract writing clients, must be highly focused on those clients, delivering the content to them that they want to read about.

The best way to do so is to include these two points:

  • Problem
  • Opportunity

These are the two opposite sides of the same coin.
While the problem discusses the issues your clients are confronting and how they should deal with them, the opportunity is an idea worthy enough for your clients to make their business stronger. Hence, this will encourage clients to trust you more.

2. Communicate with your targeted clients


Writing about problems and discussing opportunities through your blog is a great way to get started with your prospects. But, what about explaining to them in a manner that will make them feel that they are communicating with you rather than just reading your blog? What I mean to say is if you put a bit of yourself into the content you write, clients will find it easier to understand your perspective and a lot about your nature. In short,

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  • Write as if you are talking to them (to some extent)
  • Write the way you would speak to them if they were present in front of you.

This will help you build your trust in them by giving them an idea of how you will interact with them if they decide to hire you.
For instance, instead of writing a blog, consider you are replying to an email based on a prospect’s question about a problem or opportunity. This will change your tone into more the way you would speak to them.

3. Do mention the Call-to-action

Example of Call-to-action

Example of Call-to-action

Until now, let us say that you have finished writing with your blog post and it is amazing until it discusses the problems and opportunities relevant to your clients and you have written it in a manner you would speak to them.

So, what now?

Do you think they will be curious to hire you, after reading your post? Well, not really.

Generally, most of the readers tend to close the page after finding out what they were looking for. If you want your prospects to contact you, after going through your post, then tell them what they must do next, give them a call to action.
You can ask them to leave a comment about what they think about your post, or rather ask them to contact you. In fact, tell them that you can offer your solutions to their problems or can help them out to bring better results with their businesses.

4. Optimize the post before finalizing it


Now, you are done with your post and have included each required statement in it. It is super relevant to the clients and you have good chances of getting hired. But, there is still something missing.

Now, what, Ugh..?


Just think about, how valuable is the post if it is not receiving many visitors, it is supposed to?

That’s the time for SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization. No matter how high-quality post you write, if it does not end up being an SEO optimized, then it stands nowhere.
Like I said before, a professional blog is a great marketing tool. Use this tool to target your posts to various keywords. Keywords are the most important factor in making the content SEO optimized. Use those keywords that a client may use while searching for a writer. In this manner, when there will be a search for writer/blogger/ or anything relevant to it, you will appear in the search results.

After optimizing your posts and getting them a good rank in various search engines, there will not be an immediate outcome of huge traffic. These rankings take the time of a few days to appear in search results.

However, once it is done, you can see the results of how many visitors you are receiving.

5. Promote your Blog


After optimizing the posts and getting them ranked in the search engines, it sometimes takes indefinite time to bring visitors to the posts, especially when there are similar topics present on other sites as well. This is the time when most of the bloggers tend to give up and lose their hope, but these are those crucial moments when they should look for available networks and use them in the best manner possible. By available networks, I mean the trustworthy resources that can help you get the required traffic to your blog. For example, if you have good followers on your social media accounts at different platforms, then promote your blog there or you can send an email to your connections and ask them to visit your blog.

Besides building a professional blog, it is equally important to build a professional network, which can help you promote your work.

Initially, it sounds like a huge deal to get done with all these steps – writing posts relevant to clients and prospects, including a call-to-action, optimizing them according to SEO requirements and promoting the work actively in every direction possible. But, the moment you have covered these all, it will not be that difficult to maintain your blog afterward. Take control of the first few steps with full passion and the next will, itself, become easier.

Good Luck!

Have any additional ideas to enhance the blog in a much better way? Then, do write your thoughts in the comment box below.

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