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How to get 1$+ hi Dollar every day absolutely for free

Hi is providing daily cryptocurrency rewards to individuals all around the world for free!

Hi is a blockchain-based, non-profit, international banking service.

With Hi, all you need is a smartphone to take advantage of fee-free transfers, more rewards, and higher returns on your savings.

The best part is that you can get free hi Dollars every day simply by responding to a question.

No knowledge, expertise, or investment is needed.

I'll outline three simple strategies for you to make money with Hi Dollars in this review.

  • Earn free hi Dollars by just signing up
  • Earn daily rewards by answering a simple question
  • Earn by inviting friends

What is Hi?

Hi is the quick and secure way to use your phone to earn, save, spend, send, and receive money in real-time!

This not-for-profit banking is situated in Singapore and is driven by the community and the Ethereum blockchain.

Hi will enable you to:

  • Invest in more than 100 supported currencies (including cryptocurrencies)
  • Earn interest on deposited funds at rates that are substantially higher than those found elsewhere.
  • Send cash to your friends, even if they don't yet have Hi accounts.
  • Receive benefits for utilising hi.
  • Exchange currencies at interbank rates without any additional markup.
  • Use the virtual debit card to make purchases with the funds in your hi account.
  • Enjoin Lifestyle Advantages

Most notably, Hi features a rewards system that uses its hi Dollars to motivate users.

What are hi Dollars?

Token name: hi Dollars

Token ticker: HI

Token type: ERC-20 with potential future migration

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hi Dollars (HI) was developed in conjunction with the network to reward its users is an Ethereum-based coin.

Depending on their membership tier, users can either earn or purchase hi Dollars and take advantage of privileges.

Your membership tier and advantages will be higher and better the more hi Dollars you possess.

To cancel your membership, just sell your hi Dollars.

Advantages of using hi

  • Instantly and for free, send money: Send money (traditional fiat and cryptocurrencies) to businesses and friends easily using the Hi app or straight on your preferred chat messaging service. No lag time.
  • Spend less: Maintain several currencies in a single account and receive high interest of up to 20% per year.
  • Currency conversion: Exchange currencies between fiat and fiat, crypto and crypto, and fiat and crypto without paying any fees.
  • Making money Receive bonuses for joining and referring friends.
  • Gain access to lifestyle advantages and subscriptions to digital services.
  • Anyone can use it for nothing at all.

What are hi Dollars worth?

1 hi Dollar is currently equal to 0.42 USD.

How to Get Started with hi Earnings

Utilizing your preferred social messenger, such as Whatsapp or Telegram, OR using their web app, are the two simplest ways to get started using hi.

Create an account here to start making money in under a minute!

You can also get their mobile app from this link:


Three ways to earn hi dollars

When you can have hi Dollars for nothing, why would you pay?

Let's look at a few simple ways to get free hi Dollars without paying any money.

Earn dollars simply by joining

Everyone is welcome to join! Claim your free hi Dollars when you join hi.

The registration process is fairly simple. No money, no credit card, and no personal information are necessary.

Hi isn't going to make you rich, but it's better than nothing. Every day, you can easily obtain some hi Dollars in a matter of seconds!

How to Sign Up.

You can use a web app or a chat app to join hi. The registration procedures are very identical for both.

Check out Hi webpage.

  • Choose to register using the online app, their mobile apps, or your default messaging service (such as Telegram or WhatsApp).
  • Choose a nickname while registering and provide your phone number.
  • You’re done now. You can begin receiving a daily reward of $1.

Earn money by responding to daily questions.

Members can earn 1 hi Dollar daily to entice new people to join hi. This is fantastic!

You only need to respond to the bot's straightforward questions. It finishes in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can immediately receive $1 in your account.

Make money by referring friends.

A special referral link will also be provided to you once you join up for hi.

Simply send your friends the link. You will receive 50% of everything your friends receive when they sign up using your link, including all benefits for downstream invites!

This implies that in addition to the direct referral incentive, you will also receive a little payment each time a referral invites a new member.

This is a fantastic chance for passive income! You don't need to put in more work to increase your income!

Your blog, social media accounts, podcast, YouTube videos, and any other platforms you deem appropriate can all be used to advertise your link.

How to withdraw hi Dollars

You can take Hi Dollars out of the system and put them in your own wallet once you achieve a minimum of $30.

You must pass KYC, take a selfie, and prove your identity before you can start the withdrawal request.

The hi Dollars rewards, nevertheless, will be frozen for a year. Let's say you receive 10 Hi Dollars now; in a year, they will be deposited into your Flexible account.

If you decide to buy hi Dollars, you can choose to receive them immediately or to pay less and have them released at a later time ( 1 year or 4 years daily release period)

How to withdraw from hi Dollars is as follows:

  • Access hi Web App from a PC or a mobile device.
  • When you click on hi Dollars, the "withdraw" symbol appears.
  • Give your wallet address and the amount you want to receive in hi Dollars.
  • Click "withdraw" to get your dollars.
  • That is how easy it is. Your hi Dollars should arrive in 1–2 business days on average.

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