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How to Earn in Crypto: 6 Ways to Earn Free Crypto

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If you are curious to know how to earn in crypto, you will surely be. In this article, I'll be discussing how to earn in crypto and 6 ways to earn in crypto. So, follow the article to the end to find out more about the topic. Without any delay, let's start today's topic.

Astute consumers know that they can get free money. Credit cards come with sign-up bonuses, banks earn interest, and online shoppers have the option of getting cash back.

You can now get many of the same perks in cryptocurrency, instead of U.S. dollars or credit card points.

These options can be added to your existing investment portfolio. However, you need to understand how the system works before you dive in. You should also be prepared for the added responsibilities free crypto may require, especially when tax season approaches.

Some forms of crypto-freedom, such as crypto credit card rewards, can only be taxed on capital gains that you make when you cash in (just like any other crypto you purchase with your own money). However, some others could be considered taxable income and you should report them to the IRS. Make sure you do your homework to understand your tax obligations.

If you are already in the field of crypto and can do some extra tracking on your coins, there are some free ways to increase your holdings.


1. Shopping Rewards

Lolli is a browser plugin for Firefox or Google Chrome that gives you "Bitcoin Back" when you purchase with its retail partners. It operates similarly to browser extensions such as Rakuten or Honey, which provide discounts and rewards when you purchase online through the portal or extension. Lolli, like previous schemes, pays you for spending ordinary money while shopping online, rather than for making cryptocurrency transactions.

Sephora, Malaysia Airlines, and Nike are among the Lolli merchants. The amount you get back depends on the merchant and the goods. From 1% to 30% of your Bitcoin is returned as a reward. The incentives can then be transferred to your Lolli or exchange account.


2.Sign-up and referral bonuses

Many cryptocurrency exchanges offer referral or sign-up bonuses to help users get started. Coinbase previously offered $5 as a sign-up bonus for new users who wanted to invest in crypto. The exchange also offers $10 bonuses to you and your referee when you open an account and trade $100 or more.

Pay attention to the terms and conditions of any bonus. To claim these rewards, you may need to give more information or take other steps. These rewards are not very lucrative and you may have to provide additional information or take other actions to claim them. However, if you do not already have an account, you should keep an eye out for new exchanges to see if there is a signup bonus or referral program for friends.


3.Credit Cards

The cryptocurrency credit card is similar to other rewards credit cards. However, instead of earning points or cash back with every swipe, you will get cryptocurrency. These cards will allow you to more easily build your crypto portfolio, while we love the simplicity of cashback rewards.

Gemini and other cryptocurrency exchanges announced plans to offer cryptocurrency rewards credit cards. These cards offer rewards similar to traditional cash-back credit cards. The BlockFi Credit Card earns 1.5% in Bitcoin for every purchase, and 3.5% for the first 90-days.

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Each card offers different redemption options and rewards rates. BlockFi earns Bitcoin rewards. The Gemini card allows you to choose which cryptocurrency to redeem your rewards in. Others limit your options to certain altcoins.

These cards offer rewards, but they are not worth the high interest rates. You should only charge what you can afford to repay each month if you want to earn crypto rewards.


4. Coin Base Earn

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase offers incentives for using the platform's Learn hub. To get the free cryptocurrency, you will need to watch Coinbase videos and take quizzes. Then, Coinbase will deposit some crypto into your wallet. These lessons are usually focused on one altcoin, such as GRT or BOND.

Because altcoins aren't advised for long-term investments, you may exchange them for Bitcoin or Ethereum after you've earned them. Keep track of all transactions as crypto-to-crypto trades are taxable. You should also keep track of the price value of all the earnings you make through Coinbase Earn and report them as income on your federal tax returns. Coinbase will send you a Form 1099-MISC if you earn more than $600 through the program, which you may use to report your earnings.

To start earning with Coinbase earn, you will need a Coinbase account that is funded, live in an eligible nation, and verify your personal information.


5. Earn interest for your Bitcoin

A few cryptocurrency exchanges offer the opportunity to earn interest in your cryptocurrency holdings. For example, Gemini Earn is a lending scheme where you can earn up to 7.4 percent APY by lending your cryptocurrency to institutional borrowers.BlockFi offers a similar product, the BlockFi Interest Account. This account accrues interest of up to 7.5%. These institutions may be able to lend your cryptocurrency to you, but they can also increase the risk.

Staking on crypto exchanges like Binance.US can help you earn interest. To earn interest or rewards, you can stake cryptocurrency by leaving it in your wallet. This helps maintain the blockchain network. You can only stake certain coins on an exchange. This may mean that you will have to buy more risky altcoins to reap the rewards.

Both the interest earned on your crypto and the earnings from staking are taxable. You must report them as income. Participation means that you will need to keep track of the cost basis of your earnings over the year to include them on your tax return.



Airdrops are the riskiest method of earning free cryptocurrency. We don't believe it is worth the benefits for most investors. Developers use airdrops to get traction for their cryptocurrency. They give away coins in order to encourage adoption.

It's possible to search online for airdrop projects; these are often promoted by the company's website and users on some crypto news websites. If you are eligible, developers will often send the required number of coins directly to your digital wallet address.

Be cautious when investing in cryptocurrency. Hackers use fake airdrops and ICOs (initial coin offerings) to con people. Many coins distributed in airdrops, even if they are genuine, are not great investments. Experts recommend that beginners stick with Ethereum and Bitcoin, the most popular cryptos. Follow that advice and you can skip airdrops.

All crypto earned through airdrops is taxable income. According to the IRS, you'll have to report it as such based on its fair market value on the day it was recorded on the distributed ledger (in most cases, when you get the airdrop into your digital wallet).


I have shared all the related information about how to earn in crypto. I hope you all loved this article. Forget not to mention your favorite cryptocurrency in the comment section. This is all for today. I will be back with another interesting topic. Until then, stay tuned.


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