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How to Start Using Coupons to Save Money

Couponing saves a ton of money. I grew up watching my family use coupons on a regular basis, and they built a great life for us.

Using Coupons Can Help You Save Money

Consider using coupons whenever you can when you shop to help you save money.

Consider using coupons whenever you can when you shop to help you save money.

Using Coupons Helps You Save Money

Growing up, I watched my mother clip coupons and use them to extremes. It seemed to me that she was unwilling to buy something unless there was a coupon. I was wrong, of course, but I didn't understand that until I became an adult.

At first, I was reluctant to use coupons. After all, it looked like it took a lot of time to manage. So, when I first became an adult and moved out on my own, I ignored coupons, unless the coupon sort of found its way to me by itself.

These days, it is easier than ever to use coupons, and I have finally realized that it really is worth using them. I just had to find a way to use them that I could fit into my lifestyle.

These tips will help you find ways to use coupons without spending a lot of time tracking them down.

1. Join Store Rewards Programs

These days, it seems like most stores have rewards programs. Your first step to "couponing" is to join these programs whenever you get the chance. This is the first strategy I started with because I found it to be the easiest.

In fact, I started small and only did stores that I visit a lot, such as my local supermarket and the drug store I seem to prefer. Over time, as I got used to managing the rewards programs at a small amount of stores and restaurants, I started signing up for more programs.

The benefits of starting with store rewards programs is that they usually offer perks, coupons, and rewards for those who use them. Also be sure to check your email and any apps that may be associated with these programs because you can often find additional coupons.

Store Rewards Programs Offer Their Own Coupons

Store rewards programs usually offer their own, unique coupons for extra savings.

Store rewards programs usually offer their own, unique coupons for extra savings.

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2. Know How to Find Coupons to Use

Back when my mother was an avid couponer, I remember anticipating the Sunday paper because that is when you could find all the good coupons. In fact, as I was growing up, the paper usually included a small publication that contained nothing but coupons. I loved looking through the coupons to see what we could use.

These days, we don't have paper delivery anymore, and I am truthfully not even sure if they still include that coupon publication. However, I do know that there are still plenty of places to find coupons. Here are some ideas:

  • Sunday newspaper - although we no longer subscribe, the coupons are still there.
  • Ads for stores - sometimes there are coupons alongside the sale items.
  • In the stores themselves - check the aisles, sometimes there are coupons.
  • Be sure to look through your junk mail before you toss it because you can often find coupons in the mailings.
  • Look online for coupons and coupon codes. Sometimes, they honor these coupons while in the store.

These are some of the ways that I use to find great coupons. It may seem like a lot of work, but it really only takes me an hour or so a week to manage this.

Yes, Even Hollywood Acresses Clip Coupons

I clip coupons all the time. Why should you pay more for something that someone else is paying less for?

— Sarah Michelle Gellar

Assess Your Couponing Style

3. Be Careful Not to Overspend While Using Coupons

One of the major pitfalls with coupons is the you could be spending more money and not even realize it. After all, these are actually designed to be sales tools and manufacturers are offering them because they want you to spend money.

For example, if you typically buy a different brand of deodorant, but you have a coupon for another brand that might be more expensive, you might be tempted to use the coupon. Even after you do, the new deodorant is still more expensive than your typical brand. Now, what happens if you like this deodorant better? Well, over the long term, you are actually spending more money, not less.

One way that I prevent this to happen is that I stick to using coupons for products I will be buying alway. That way, I don't fall into the trap of getting hooked on a product that I otherwise wouldn't have purchases but only did so because I had a coupon.

How to Coupon for Beginners (2022) Extreme Couponing 101

Just Get Starting Using Coupons

When it comes to using coupons, you may feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of ways that you can find coupons and save money. Choose one method and really get used to it before adding more. Otherwise, you could get overwhelmed and spend a lot of time trying to find savings. Your goal should be to save money without driving yourself crazy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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