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How to Make Money on Instagram Blogging About Food in 10 Steps

Learn how to make money from your cooking recipes on Instagram.

Learn how to make money from your cooking recipes on Instagram.

Tips for Blogging About Food on Instagram

Are you looking for some extra income?

Running your food blog with social media networks like Instagram can be very lucrative if done the right way. In this article, you will learn how to make money food blogging and posting your photo/video content on Instagram.

How can you make money using Instagram?

First, you must research popular Instagram bloggers and determine your food niche. Then, you will learn how to build Instagram connections and increase your followers.

While you are growing your network, you can set up your kitchen studio and prepare your recipe content. After editing your cooking videos, you will need to post them on Instagram with engaging stories.

Planning, productivity, and persistence generates income.

With proper due diligence, you will be able to grow your viewership and attract sponsors for your Instagram content. Remember that this will not happen overnight.

It will take time and effort to establish a strong Instagram following. However, after generating enough quality food content and recipes, you can make money from your sponsors and earn passive income.

As a result, all of your hard work will pay off in the end.

Instagram Food Blogging Poll

Create an Instagram account that focuses on your food niche.

Create an Instagram account that focuses on your food niche.

How to Start Instagram Blogging in 10 Steps

Now, let’s outline the process in more detail by following 10 simple steps.

Before you start, you need to research food bloggers that are already successful on Instagram. Search for food recipes on Instagram and see how many followers the most popular Instagrammers have. These people should be your inspiration for achieving the ultimate goal.

Your aim should be to accumulate as many followers as the competition has — or more. Once you have established the required number of followers to make a profit, you will know specifically what to set the bar at.

2. Find Your Own Niche

After researching food bloggers on Instagram, you will get a better idea for your niche. For example, if someone has a large following doing dessert recipes, maybe you could focus specifically on baking cakes. On the other hand, if someone is popular for cooking breakfasts, you could concentrate on only egg recipes.

The key is to create a niche that is both popular yet unique at the same time. Most importantly, do something that you already love to make.

3. Follow, Like, and Comment

While you are developing your food niche, remember to follow, like, and comment on other people’s Instagram accounts. Target people in the food genre specifically. This will help you make connections and build your “foodie” network. It is important to do this daily.

Comment and interact with as many people as you can to build Instagram followers. You could even ask people about what they would like you to blog about. Brainstorm food ideas with your friends and followers to develop the perfect food niche.

4. Set Up Your Kitchen Studio

As you are networking and fine-tuning your niche, prepare your kitchen studio. Gather all of the necessary kitchenware, cooking utensils, and recording equipment.

For recording, a smartphone with a mount is all that you need. Sound is optional. However, if you choose to record sound then consider using an external microphone for better quality.

For the visual element, you must have proper lighting to capture viewers' attention. Professional video content requires a professional lighting setup. Without natural lighting, people will not appreciate your content enough to maximize engagement.

Look at what popular Instagrammers are posting and try to replicate their lighting.

Use a tripod or a mounting device with your smartphone to record your videos.

Use a tripod or a mounting device with your smartphone to record your videos.

5. Prepare 10 of Your Favorite Recipes

It is finally time to cook after you have determined your niche, gathered an Instagram following, and organized the kitchen studio.

Think of 10 unique recipes in your niche. Get a notepad and write down the ingredients and cooking steps. If you prefer, type the recipes on your computer or tablet so that you can easily modify them. Create a Word or Google Doc with all of your recipes outlined in detail.

6. Record Your Cooking Steps

Pick the easiest recipe from your list and do that one first. Set up your smartphone to record the process. Make sure that your smartphone is directly above the food (on the mount) so that everything is in the frame and in focus.

When ready, start recording the food preparation and cooking process. You may want to do individual recordings for the food prep and different cooking stages if you have several steps to record. Though, you may find it easier to record everything at once and edit it in one big file later.

Try both methods and see which one you prefer.

7. Edit Your Recorded Content

Once you have your first recipe recorded, upload it onto your computer and import it into your preferred video editing program.

There are many free open source video editors available for both PC and Mac. For instance, check out popular editors like DaVinci Resolve or OpenShot. If you are a Mac user, you may be more comfortable simply using iMovie instead.

In the video editor, edit your content so that it fits into a quick yet detailed 1-minute video. To do this, speed up the recorded video to form a fast timelapse of each step. Then, you can add text and music as you see fit.

Again, look at the popular Instagram content that you researched, then try to match their presentation and quality. By the end of the editing process, you should have adapted your cooking videos to match your own unique style.

Finally, export your edited video to upload onto Instagram.

8. Post Your Content on Instagram

Transfer your edited video from your computer and onto your phone. From your phone, you can upload the video to your Instagram account.

If you prefer to upload the video directly from your computer, this can be achieved using a social sharing program like Buffer.

On your phone, select your video and upload it onto Instagram with an appropriate title and hashtags. Remember to choose a title and specific hashtags that people search for when looking for certain food recipes.

Also, you should post during peak Instagram hours to maximize engagement. Typically, the best time to post is around 10 AM to 11 AM — or earlier in the afternoon before 3 PM.

Understand how to get Instagram followers with more likes and comments.

Understand how to get Instagram followers with more likes and comments.

9. Generate Followers, Likes, and Comments

Throughout this whole process, it is important to continuously gain followers by liking and commenting on other people’s posts. By engaging with other users regularly, your Instagram account will gain more and more popularity.

This is a repetitive yet essential habit if you want to get sponsored for your Instagram content.

10. Get Sponsored and Keep Posting Content

To get sponsored on Instagram, you need to have at least 1000 followers. Generally speaking, research suggests that you can get sponsored much easier once you have over 10,000 Instagram followers.

To achieve this number, keep posting quality recipe content and continue interacting with people on Instagram who are interested in your niche.

Keep repeating the process and follow these guidelines to reach your sponsorship goal. Soon you will be able to make money food blogging and earn passive income on Instagram!

Extra Tips on How to Make Money Blogging About Food on Other Social Media Networks

Did you know that you can use your recorded food content on other platforms to make extra money?

Consider re-posting some of your videos on your YouTube channel. In addition, you can post sections of video and photo stills on other social media networks. For instance, upload your content to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to attract more of an audience.

For more tips on food blogging and how to make money on Instagram, watch
Natalie Ellis's video below.

VIDEO: How to Make Money on Instagram

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