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How to Make Money Writing on HubPages! Is it Worth the Time and Effort? (2018)

James is a current freelance writer. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Southern New Hampshire University in English & Creative Writing.


Is HubPages a scam?

Instead of replying with the same old cliché "you get out what you put into it," there is a lot more to making money with HubPages than just simply spamming content on your account every single day on the site. On HubPages, articles are known as hubs and each writer is referred to as a hubber. A dozen of articles (I still like calling them articles) alone will usually never be enough - assuming these aren't tutorial articles for using technological devices - and posting a hundred articles might lead you feeling unsatisfied with wanting to post even more hubs. It can take hours of your time to research, write and edit your own article for quality content. Sadly, this is not always enough after everything is said and done. Individuals will struggle to make a few bucks if they don't have enough followers, they are posting unhelpful content to the general public, they aren't using popular key words in their titles and if the writers are only posting hubs to stay in-touch with others over the latest trends. Living in the moment with popular news stories can be good when trying to build up a fanbase.

However, individuals are less likely to click on 2018 celebrity news and gossip in the future years. I highly recommend researching SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics and traditional marketing plans to help showcase your work all across the Internet. Writers, who use their SEO skills to the best of their ability, will make it possible to have their articles ranked on the first page of Google. When creating titles for your own hubs, try to think like an average joe. If you think you wouldn't be tempted to click on an article titled "A List of My Favorite Foods," change the title to "My Top 10 Favorite American Food Entrées" instead. Ultimately, focus on providing useful information to the general public, such as "Top 10 Home Remedies..." or "How to do this or that" articles. My own personal favorite niche is health, nutrition and fitness. No matter what year it is, Internet viewers will click on articles pertaining to their own health. So, is HubPages a scam overall? No, but this site is not for everyone. Making money is difficult. It is easily the best site for new writers though.


How much money can you earn with HubPages?

Unfortunately, there is no set amount each month. Some writers may earn about $100 with over 120 hubs and others may earn 12 cents with 17 articles. It may take hundreds or even a thousand of high-quality articles to reach the minimum payout of $50 every month. Only the top 1% of hubbers will earn enough money from the site alone to make a full-time living off of it. DO NOT quit your day job and expect to earn even part-time equivalent wages starting off. As said before over a thousand times by other hubbers, this is no "Get Rich Right Now!" opportunity. Notice that the most successful hubbers on the site have posted hundreds of articles and have had an account for at least two years. For earning money each month, it just all depends on how much traffic each of your individual articles are generating and how often Internet users are clicking on the ads. HubPages is an ad revenue sharing site, and is probably the fairest site out there as of now. The only way hubbers can earn money with the site is if people are clicking on their articles and the ads themselves. The current earning formula is 60/40 between HubPages and each individual hubber.

This means that each author will collect 60% of the total earnings for each of their articles whereas HubPages will collect the remaining 40%. This gets a bit complicated based on total Web traffic each month, though. HubPages has a habit of altering their policies each year. Yes, the earnings are very fair. Are they fantastic? No, not really. If writers created their own website and posted the same number of articles on said site, they would collect 100% of their total earnings each month. On the downside, there are monthly fees in order to maintain the website, and the owner has to spend money on a unique domain in order to be the most successful. It is quite difficult to make a lot of money off of a free-to-make website; keep this information as a reminder moving forward. Affiliate marketing with sites, such as Amazon and eBay, will still earn individuals more money in the end on WordPress. If a writer throws in the Google AdSense program for their site, they'll also be keeping all of their earnings. Nevertheless, creating your own website is a lot of work. Make no mistake, the common phrase that comes to mind on this topic is "you have to spend money to make money," which is completely true when running your own site. The articles typically featured on the first couple of pages below the Google search bar are from bought websites. Don't be afraid to spend money on creating your own site. If you work hard enough, it will pay off well in the end to generate a passive income.


Sign-up process and how much work is required to earn money?

The sign-up process is simple. Believe it or not, this is not like any content mill site. Writers do not have to upload their birth certificate on their account, pass multiple grammar tests, send their college degree to one of the co-founders or even fill out out a long, tedious application form. Writers are only required to enter their username, which is highly recommended for people to use their real name, and fill in their location with a phone number and valid email address for their account. It is also recommended for individuals to share their social media links in their account.

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Almost anyone can sign up for free! However, they personally want their Hubbers to be at least 18-years-old. This is completely understandable, though. It is also necessary to open a PayPal account as well. Writers are encouraged to upload a photo of themselves, which will display as a thumbnail image on all their articles, and to create an interesting bio. The thumbnail photo can be of anything. So, how much work is necessary in order to reach the minimum payout of $50? Well, here are a few helpful tips down below:

  • Use Social Media - It is highly recommend for hubbers to use social media sites to their own advantage to promote their own work. HubPages is not responsible for attracting new, unique users to your articles each day. If you strongly dislike Facebook, try other sites, such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Publishing articles for your followers on your HubPages account each month is important, but most of a writer's views will come from new and unique viewers.
  • Use Quantity and Quality - Writers might be wondering if featuring only a few high quality articles is enough to generate a sustainable passive income. Well, yes and no. 50 high quality hubs beats 10 high quality hubs any day of the week, especially if most of those 50 hubs are attracting a lot of Web traffic day after day. Try to write at least one hub a day aiming for at least 1,000 words. HubPages even recommends that longer articles are more likely to appear on the first few pages of Google. Some viewers may even prefer shorter articles but be warned, HubPages can reject articles if they do not meet their quality guidelines. This happens a lot.
  • Dedicate Hours of Your Time - Writers can spend hours, if not days focusing on writing and publishing one specific article. Images can be too small, they can be too large, they can be too distracting to the reader at times and the writer has to show concern over whether or not the article features enough useful information to the reader. It can sometimes take at least 25 hours each week to publish five to seven high-quality articles with 1,800+ words. Furthermore, one thing I absolutely love about HubPages is the ability to edit any information featured in your article after it has been published. This helps out a lot if you can think of new, ethical ways to attract more viewers to your already published articles.
  • Finding the Right Merchandise to Advertise - Once a hubber is approved in the Amazon ad program, the individual can begin placing Amazon ads of selected products throughout his or her articles. The merchandise must be related to the content the writer is discussing. If an individual fails to sell even one product over the course of a 90-day period, the hubber will be dropped from this ad program. The writer can simply reapply in the future, though. Needless to say, it is important to find the right, affordable product for consumers. DO NOT spam advertisements on each individual article as well. The moderators will de-feature any articles that do not adhere to the terms of use.

What do I recommend for writers?

I would recommend to new writers to open a HubPages account. Then, after the writers have published about a hundred hubs, they should think about creating their own website. If a writer decides to create his or her own website, I would strongly advise the writer to NOT delete his or her HubPages account. Why delete an already existing account with a chance to earn a passive income over the future months when you could just create a website to feature your new content? If an individual is usually earning $20 each month on HubPages, the writer can just create a website and type new articles on that site on the side. Then, the writer can earn money from both HubPages and from their own website. As said before, writers will earn 100% of their profits with their own site. That's not a bad deal, is it? However, writers cannot copy-and-paste their HubPages articles onto their website without first deleting the articles in their HubPages account. In general, this is not a good strategy anyways based on all the potential earnings possibilities.

This will violate HubPages' terms of use policy, which can lead to account termination. Instead, aim to create articles on your new site while monitoring your already existent content on HubPages each month. In my opinion, this is the way to go. Moreover, there's nothing wrong with creating accounts with other ad revenue sharing sites too. However, be sure not to copy-and-paste the exact same content again and again on different sites. Both Google and HubPages frown upon this, and you certainly don't want to get on Google's bad side. Like anything else, being the most successful on HubPages takes awhile. In specifics, it can take years of posting high-quality, marketable content! HubPages is a great site for writers to post their content. Whatever one chooses to do, I suggest to everyone to find a part-time or full-time job in the meantime. Passive income is great, but almost everything costs money nowadays. Most writers will not earn enough to pay their bills writing for HubPages alone. Good luck on your future endeavors.


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