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How to Make Money Writing on Hubpages

Farrah Young is a research analyst and carries out in-depth research on topics.

Make money writing on hubpages

Make money writing on hubpages

How to Make Money Writing on Hubpages

If you are reading this post, chances are high you write and want to make money off of this skill. If this is true, then you are on the right path towards achieving this desire.

It's quite easy to make money writing on HubPages and the best part is that the bulk of this money you'll make will be passive income.

For those who don't know what passive income is, this is income you make consistently from an effort done once. That is, you act (say write a book or an article) and continue to earn from it, so long as it sells without necessarily needing to maintain this income channel.

Passive income is one of the easiest and most recommended ways to make money online for the reason listed above.

Writing on HubPages is a good way to make this sort of income. The articles you write stay for life and if you sign up for the HubPages ad program, you will earn a certain amount of money for every visitor that reads your hub.

Make money writing on hubpages

Make money writing on hubpages

How Hubpages Really Works: How You Can Make Money Writing on Hubpages

1. Register An Account

First, you want to start by registering an account for yourself, without which you'll be unable to publish your articles.

Articles written on HubPages are called hubs and once you have your account opened, every hub you create will be arranged under your account, that way you can easily access, edit or promote them.

2. Decide on What to Write On

Several people will advise you to pick a niche and stick to it. They argue sticking to one idea or theme makes it easier for you to get known as an expert in that field and build your following. Now while they have a point, deciding to multi-niche is also not a bad idea and won't work against you.

However, if going into several niches you want to stick to just a couple, ones you are an expert in, that way coming up with suitable topics and writing authoritatively won't be much of a problem for you.

3. Create Your Hubs

When I first started writing online, I found it hard coming up with posts that were detailed and covered the whole gist of a story. My articles were usually capped at 300 words and I found most people didn't want to read them (which is to be expected as they likely reasoned an article that short in length couldn't possibly cover all they needed to know).

As I continued writing, I discovered a few secrets to getting people to stick to your article, which is making it as detailed as you possibly can; making it the best there is on that topic on the internet.

Now, I try to include every aspect there is to my topic to make people stick to the end.

4. Apply for the Hubpages Ad Programme

You can't make money writing on HubPages if you don't sign up for the Ads programme. This is actually the only way to earn money on here (it used to be we could also earn from Google Adsense, but that programme was scrapped a few months back).

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Once you have your first hub published navigate to Earnings from the drop-down menu at the left side of your page and sign up for the Ad programme.

The HubPages ads programme is a simple programme where you earn from the traffic to your articles.
Hubpages has partnered with a few premium ad sources and when you sign up for it, ads get placed in your hubs and you earn from the views to these hubs/ads.

There are hubber who earn a few hundred to a few thousands of dollars every month on here and all from hubs already published and monetized.

Some top earners here who consistently make money each month include:

- Eddie Carrara who makes $950 per month and has a lifetime earning of $71,000

- Kitty Fields makes $600 per month and has a lifetime earning of $51,000.

- Candace Bacon makes $350 per month and has a lifetime waning of $32,600.

- Linda Crapton who makes $200 per month and has a lifetime waning of $21,000.

Make money writing on hubpages

Make money writing on hubpages

More Tips...

5. Create More Hubs

You will make money from your first hub, so long as it gets a steady supply of traffic. However, to really make money writing on HubPages, you want to ensure you have many hubs published.

The more hubs you publish, the more the chances of them being read and this will increase your earnings.

Stick to the niche you have chosen and come up with quality, well-detailed blog pieces on it.

6. Write Often

I write every day, but only because I have a lot of time on my hands. As earlier said, when I first started writing I could do more than a 300-word count now I write as much as 4,000 words on some days but never less than a thousand.

I try to keep my HubPages account updated by publishing a hub every two days or at worse, once a week

7. Make Use of SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the lifeblood of any blog or hub.

Search engine optimization entails optimizing your posts or hubs so they can rank better in search engines, thereby bring free, organic traffic to them.

You want to target the first page of search engine results and the top five sites at that.

Organic traffic is one of the best types of traffic as it is the traffic you don't fight to get. In a way, it is like passive income in the sense you optimize the post just once, but keep getting traffic to it once it starts to rank.

Here are some good SEO tips you should employ for your hubs:

- Make use of keywords in your posts. You should search out keywords that aren't too competitive and also have a high monthly search volume.

- Include these keywords at strategic points throughout your hub; places like in your title, in the first paragraph, within the body of the text, and in your subtitles.

- Rename your alt tags to your chosen keywords.

- Ensure your keyword density is at least 0.50% of your total article word count and never more than 2.5%.

- Make use of at least three high-quality resolution images and rename these images with your keywords. You can get high-resolution images on Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, and Free Images websites.

- Ensure your post is of a good length. You don't want to go lower than 600 words, by should gun for 1000- 2000 words.

- Interlink your posts. This is also great as it will drive more traffic to your other posts.

- Link out to other related sources.

8. Engage with Other Hubbers

Getting traffic from a search engine isn't the only way to get views to your hubs. You can also get free traffic by engaging with the posts of other hubbers.

The first place to get started on this is on the homepage. Here, you will see new hubs published to topics you follow. What I usually do is read any hub that catches my interest and drops a comment. Sometimes, I check the author out to see if he has any such similar topics and follow him if he does.

Of course, the author will click through to your profile to also check you out and this might earn you a follow-back if he also likes your niche or topics.

Another benefit of leaving comments on hubs is that these comments remain for life and can be read by other people, opening the potential for more traffic by people you don't know to your hubs.

9. Spend Quality Time at the Community/Forum Section

The community section is where hubbers interact and build relationships. You can ask questions on areas or things you're unclear about and also offer insightful replies to the problems posed by other hubber.

Since frequenting this section, I have seen such tremendous growth in the traffic to my hubs. However, you want to be careful here and not spam as this is the fasted way to get on the bad side of hubbers. Proffer solutions only when you have them or better yet, stick to light topics and chit-chat that are fun.

10. Make Use of the Status Update Button

The status button works the same way a Facebook status update does; when you update yours, everyone who follows you sees it and this puts you in their minds.

You want to publish new hubs, head over to other hubs to read and engage, after which you can update your status.

11. Share Your Hubs

Sharing your hubs on social media is another great way to get constant traffic and there are tons of places you can share.

A few places you should look into include:

- Facebook Pages
- Facebook status
- Personal Facebook Group
- Shared Facebook Groups
- Reddit
- Instagram
- Pinterest
- Email List
- WhatsApp Status
- WhatsApp Groups

However, while these platforms are great for driving targeted traffic, you want to stick to 2 or 3 so you don't stretch yourself thin promoting.

Personally, I make use of shared Facebook groups, Pinterest and WhatsApp status with Pinterest being the best traffic source for me.

There are so many tips and tricks to make money writing on hubpages, however, while these work every single time, it might be a bit difficult getting started. However, you soon will get the hang of it and will see your traffic explode tremendously.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Farrah Young


Liliane Najm from Toronto, Canada on June 26, 2020:

Good article. I took your advice on adding links to my own articles. Thanks.


Riffat Junaid from Pakistan on June 23, 2020:

Your article is very helpful for new people like me. Thanks for sharing it.

Farrah Young (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on May 26, 2020:

Yea, passive income is a great way to earn money. I currently earn from Amazon KDP and not many things beat continually earning money from an effort done ages ago.

Philip Agutu from Mombasa Island on May 24, 2020:

Thanks for the tips. I believe making money in HP calls for hardwork and a lot of patience. The idea of a passive income sounds good and I am determined to write more hubs.

Marisa Writes on May 24, 2020:

I know you're a relatively new Hubber and I'd just like to add a few tips which you might like to incorporate in this Hub (you may want to use the information then deny this comment so it doesn't show up on the Hub, that's fine with me).

We never refer to Hubs as "posts". They are long, information-rich articles. The recommended minimum length is 800 words. Many Hubbers write shorter articles but on the whole, they are not making money.

99% of readers read the niche sites like a magazine - they never even notice who wrote the articles. They click around by following the "related" and "popular" links instead. In general, the only people who ever click through to your profile are other Hubbers. This is why it's not so important to stick to a niche.

If you have developed a good niche that you are knowledgeable about, you should create a proper blog or website about it instead. Then you can write a handful, but only a handful, of articles on HubPages with a link to your blog. Then you can use HubPages as a place to write articles that don't belong in your niche, which most of us usually feel like doing.

Liz Westwood from UK on May 24, 2020:

Having written quite a few hubs and engaged actively in the HP community for over 2 years now, I have read your article with great interest. All the more so because I am still struggling to make that elusive first payout.

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