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How to Make Money Writing: Earn Passive Income from Blog

Arc is a self-help author/speaker and AI thinker currently working as IT Manager in a tech company. He also make apps as a side hustle.


Writing online or also known as blogging had been my side hustle for almost a decade now. To be clear I never excel in writing until now and It’s not my passion as well. But I keep on doing it anyway because writing refines my thoughts, making me a better communicator and learner. These are just the mentioned benefits. If you try to search all the good things writing can do to your brain, you’ll see a lot of scientifically researched based facts.

But let’s be true to our intentions here. Regardless on how I promote the mental benefits of writing, most of you that is reading this right now are more interested in making passive money from it. Don’t worry this is not a clickbait and the title itself is what this article is all about.

Before we proceed, just wanted to make a disclaimer here to set your expectations. Yes, I’m earning a passive income from writing for years now. No, I didn’t become rich from doing it and I still have a full time job. I’m not the passionate successful writer who become rich for doing it. I’m just an average determined person who earns the consolation price for attempting multiple times, and learning from mistakes along the way. And I’m hoping that one day you will also share what you personally learned if your blog becomes a money making machine.

Going back to the you wanted to become a blogger (the one who writes blog) to earn passive income.

How bloggers earn passive income?

The most common way bloggers earn passive income is by placing ads in their web page. The way ads pay you varies depending on the ad company’s policy. But for beginners sake, think of it this way. The more readers you have, the better passive income you get.

Bloggers can also earn via affiliate marketing. A product is placed on their web page and the blogger earns commission when a reader buys the product.

What I mentioned are the basics but there are still more ways to earn online like selling own digital product or making the site exclusive for members who pays monthly subscription. But since you’re just starting, it’s better to stick with ads first and learn along the way what’s best for you.

And don’t forget the most important thing here. You should write something first. Just like any other career, starting is hard especially when you don’t have an idea. So allow me to guide you with these simple step by step process.

Step 1: What are you passionate about?

You know the experience when talking about the things that you love. You feel the limitless energy flowing into your body that you don’t notice how the time flies. That’s because you’re passionate about it.

My point, writing a good blog is not easy. Especially for most of us who are not initially interested in doing it. That’s why you need to consider first what you’re passionate about. So that you’re already one step ahead with exerting ideas in a minimal effort. This way, things will become easier in dealing with writer’s block experience (loss of ideas).

List down all the things that you’re passionate about. But don’t initially settle on a single topic. Here’s the reason why.

Step 2: Research the market

The primary reason why you’re reading this right now is because you wanted to earn passive income. If you don’t consider the market, you’ll end up not earning a single penny from what you’re doing.

For starters you can use google trends to check what people is interested about. Then consider how many competitors you have that is writing the same topic. If there are numerous bloggers that already have an established name in the industry, you need to narrow down your topic, or choose something else. That’s why I mentioned earlier that we shouldn’t settle on a single topic at first. Chances are, that topic you’re passionate about may not provide you with any earnings due to low ratio of bloggers and readers.

I’m not saying that you should give up writing on what you’re really passionate about. My point is, you’re just starting and you need to familiarize yourself on how things work first. Along the way, you’ll find the best way on how to earn from what you’re passionate about.

In my own experience, I tried numerous topics that I’m passionate about. Out of the top 3 topics that I mostly write (self-help, technology, video games), videos games is the one that let’s me earn passive income continuously. But I didn’t write every single thing about video games. Because that didn’t grant me any readers at all. I narrow it down to few games that I already mastered and created a build guides for it.

After you narrow down and decided what topics you’re going to write. It’s time to choose the blogging platform that you’re going to use.

Photo by: Andrew Neel @ unsplash.com

Photo by: Andrew Neel @ unsplash.com

Step 3: Find a blogging platform

Basically, you have 2 choices. Either you host your own blogging website or sign-up with revenue-sharing website.

Hosting you own blogging site let’s you earn 100% of the revenue from ads but you’ll be dealing with a lot of non blogging work loads from maintaining the site to making it appear first page on google. So don’t take this path if just wanted to write a blog.

Since you’re just starting, I suggest that you sign-up for a revenue sharing website first. I recommend hubpages, medium, or infobarrel. These sites will take care of the rest so that you can just focus on writing your blog. Of course you won’t earn 100% revenue from this, but it will save you from a lot of work loads. This sites will also do their best to make your page compete with first page of google.

Photo by: Tyler Nix @ unsplash.com

Photo by: Tyler Nix @ unsplash.com

Step 4: Keep on doing it

Unless you’re naturally genius who can write just one blog that attracts millions of viewer. You can’t make any passive income from a single article only. You need to continuously write something. Sorry to disappoint you but blogging is not an easy get rich quickly scheme. I’m telling you, if it is, I’m already rich right now and I won’t be needing my regular job and other ventures. But it doesn’t work that way. You need to exert a lot of effort while learning along the way in order to transform your blogging pages into a money making machine.


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