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Make Money by Online Tutoring

Muhammad Rafiq is a freelance writer, blogger, and translator with a master's degree in English literature from the University of Malakand.

How to Make Money with Online Tutoring?

How to Make Money with Online Tutoring?

Online Tutoring

There are numerous approaches to profit over web, yet the one I am going to let you know is an exceptionally interesting and lucrative one. It is “Making Money with Online Tutoring. If you hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD’s degree, then it is pretty possible that you can accumulate a reasonable amount of money by delivering online lectures from the comfort of your home. I am not kidding. It’s a crystal clear fact. There are many web sites, which hire professional and experienced teachers to impart their knowledge to others via internet and from the comfort of their homes.The pay mostly depends upon the level of students and the subjects you are teaching. If you are going to teach University students, it is pretty much possible that you will get higher pay.

How to Make Money with Online Tutoring?

How to Make Money with Online Tutoring?


There are a few prerequisites which need to be fulfilled before applying for online tutoring. It is mandatory that the tutor ought to be profoundly learned in his subject. He should have the requisite qualification and teaching experience as prescribed in the job description. Moreover, the online tutor is required to deliver his lecture in a noise free environment. He is required to ensure that he knows a lot about the technology he is using during the lecture. Usually the following audio-visual aids are needed for online tutoring:

  • Broadband Internet
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Web Cam
  • Proper Lighting
  • Noise Free Environment
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply


According to Guest Sandhya Larsen, “In my view, an effective online teacher requires students to participate in discussion board topics and small group projects. This replicates the sense of involvement you get in a face-to-face class and is much more motivational. Also, it's imperative for the online course materials to be well-organized and easy to navigate. Finally, the online teacher must be readily accessible to students by phone and/or e-mail - preferably phone, in case there are urgent questions or problems that need to addressed.” As an online tutor, it is mandatory that teaching and learning activity is taking place in a pleasant way. One thing that is very important is preparation of teaching plan before going to deliver your lecture online. You should use audio-visual aids to explain your topic. Accent also plays an important role in delivering your lecture. Your accent should be pleasant and clear. There should be no ambiguity in your lecture. According to, responsibilities of an online tutor are summed up below:

  • Understand the learner's needs and goals
  • Prepare a his own learning plan with the help of available resources and tools
  • Provide quality online coaching to all learners utilizing all the instruments and your aptitudes and learning
  • Having comprehensive knowledge about the strategies and the set of principles of the organization
  • Take part in the training and development sessions organized by the company
  • Read and reply to all correspondence from the organization
  • Be accessible at the concurred times for sessions and inform the company beforehand if there is any change in availability
How to Make Money With Online Tutoring

How to Make Money With Online Tutoring

How to Find Out Online Tutoring Jobs

There are many websites, which hire experienced and veteran tutors to teach their students online. Google the phrase “Online Tutoring Jobs” in the search bar and you will come across numerous online tutoring jobs sites. Following are the websites, which can help you to get online tutoring jobs:


Tutor.Com is exceptionally popular among online tutors and teachers. It is an excellent site for teachers/tutors to find out a desired online tutoring job. It provides a lot of tutoring jobs to experienced teachers. To be qualified for online tutoring, you need to have the required qualification and experience in the subject you are going to teach. Every tutor has to pass the subject test along with a writing sample. Once you have completed all the tests, you will be given a mock session with another online tutor. Tutor.Com also carries out background check of their tutors. Thereafter, the applicant becomes a Tutor.Com Tutor. Tutor.Com usually gives preference to those applicants, who can tutor Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Finance, Statistics, Accounting and College Statistics. It is a best place for tutors to start tutoring. Click here to register with this site.

How to Make Money with Online Tutoring?

How to Make Money with Online Tutoring?



TutorVista.Com is considered one of the best among online tutoring jobs sites. A tutor can find lots of online tutoring jobs over here. To be eligible for working with the TutorVista, a tutor is required to hold Postgraduate Degree in any subject, some experience, 3 to 4 hours spare time and broadband connection. If you want to grab this opportunity, then why wait? Just drop your CV at of the TutorVista! The TutorVista management will scrutinize you CV and if they are impressed with your experience and qualification, they will take the process further and will get in touch with you soon. So enjoy online tutoring!

How to Make Money Online With Tutoring?

How to Make Money Online With Tutoring?

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WizIQ.Com is a wonderful site for tutors and teachers. It is using ultramodern technology to arrange online classes. Apart from audio-visual chatting, the tutor and student can also chat with each other. There is a white board, where the teacher can write and draw anything to show it to the students. If you want to apply for a position as a tutor at this company, send a cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile, and contact information to The WizIQ HR department will reach you soon, if they are impressed with your qualification and experience. Then hurry up and drop an email instantly at the above-mentioned email.

How to Make Money Online With Tutoring

How to Make Money Online With Tutoring


BuddySchool.Com is a leading website in the field of online tutoring. It has lots of opportunities for tutors and teachers. An important feature of this website is that the tutor fixes his own rates per hour and promotes himself via different means. He has to give publicity to his classes to increase his rank. There are no eligibility conditions to become a tutor and work with this company. It is just a sort of platform for the tutors and students. The tutor has to register himself at this site, create his profile, showcase his experience and knowledge to the students and get responses from the students. It is just like Odesk or Elance. The difference is that here only teachers and students are available. So, what are you waiting for? Get hurry and start registration just now! Click here to register.

How to Make Money with Online Tutoring?

How to Make Money with Online Tutoring?


The most important advantage of online tutoring is that it is a part time job. You can tutor your student from the comfort of your home in your leisure time. You not only earn money, but also enjoy it with a cup of tea at your home. You don’t have to search the web or go through the pages of various books to teach your student online. You only have to utilize your existing learning and guide the student to learn what is difficult to learn. If you tutor well, then it is pretty much sure that your students will go on increasing and you will earn some extra amount. So keep enjoying happy tutoring!

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