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How to Make Money During the Holidays: Simple Ways to Generate More Income

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The Dollar Just Doesn't Stretch As Far As It Used to...

The holiday season is right around the corner, and many might be feeling a greater amount of financial pressure coming into it. Between COVID-19, inflation, and a lack of access to high-quality employment opportunities, the reality is that many of us are pinching pennies. But while saving is certainly one approach to take, it might not leave you with enough room to get all the gifts that you're looking forward to showering relatives with. The solution? Looking instead for opportunities to make some money has the potential to help you bring in that extra cash you need for the holidays.

If you're coming up short in the financial department and need some extra support this holiday season, let's walk through a few money-making ideas to help you hit those income goals.

Photo by Alexander Mils on

Photo by Alexander Mils on

Before We Dive in...

There are a ton of articles out there that will make it seem as though bringing in hundreds of dollars within a month or less is an easy achievement. The reality? While you can start generating income quickly, many of the money-making opportunities present online are not going to help you bring in that kind of income.

This is due to the fact that the most lucrative earning opportunities are professional in nature. From consulting to graphic design, you have to have these skill sets and prior experience to land higher-paying opportunities. You might also be required to have certain software or tech to satisfy client or employer needs.

I'm stating this at the beginning of the article because this guide is not meant to be a "get rich quick" miracle piece. Rather, these are realistic and relatively easy ways to bring in some extra cash. We're going to focus primarily on opportunities that are easy to take advantage of, require little skill, and can be done during your free time.

With all that out of the way, let's take a look at how to make money during the holidays!

1. Sign up for Survey Platforms

Surveys are arguably the best way to generate income. Not only is there an abundance of platforms to sign up for, but many of these platforms will offer a sign-up bonus to help you get started. You can generally redeem your cash or points via PayPal, gift cards, or even by check (in some cases). Additionally, many survey platforms will offer other opportunities to earn as well, whether that means playing games, watching videos, or even opening emails. Looking to get started with some high-quality survey platforms? Try well-known survey sites like Survey Junkie!

2. Test Websites for Cash

Website testing tends to bring in a little more cash than surveys. This is because these platforms connect you with opportunities where companies pay you to record your voice, your face (sometimes), and your screen as you complete tasks and navigate their website while giving feedback. Generally, you can make around $10 for a 20-minute session on your computer or your phone/tablet. As with survey platforms, there are a ton of website testing services to sign up with. You can get started with a platform like UserTesting to learn more about how it works.

3. Review Music From Various Artists

Are you someone who likes to listen to music? Are you detail-oriented and interested in providing feedback to new artists? If so, there are ways to get paid for this. One platform worth checking out is Slice the Pie. This platform will pay you to offer feedback, and they even offer survey opportunities and other bonuses to help you reach your cash-out threshold. The only thing to be wary of is the type of feedback you give. If your reviews are too similar across the board, they might end up revoking your access and making it so that you can't continue to work with them.

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4. Consider Transcribing Audio for Cash

Transcription is difficult work, and it's important to know that upfront. Many sites will pay you for the audio hour, which is an hour of audio that might take you longer to transcribe. However, if you can type fast, listen carefully, and follow directions closely, there are a lot of basic, entry-level opportunities that you could take advantage of. Put simply, transcription services hire you as a freelance contractor to convert audio to written scripts. While you may benefit from specific industry tech, you don't need it. Just make sure to do your research and find platforms that are easy to get into and compensate you fairly for your hard work.

5. Put Your Writing Skills to Work at Content Mills

Writing for the web isn't as difficult as it sounds. As long as you're a decent writer and can follow directions, there's work out there for you. While many platforms are designed for freelancers looking to connect with clients, one opportunity that's more accessible is content mills. Content mills are essentially job boards or marketplaces where you pick up jobs on your own schedule to complete. The pay can be relatively low for these assignments, but the convenience can make up for this (especially if you're just looking into how to make money during the holidays). Some content mills can be scammy, so it's best to stick with more established mills like Textbroker for work.

6. Sell Your Unwanted Items

Need to make some extra space in your home and make some extra money this holiday season? Now might be the time to sell any unwanted items. If you have lightly used products or unused products that you never found a use for, these can be highly valued during the holiday season as others might be looking to save money on gifts for their loved ones. If you have items that you're not looking to part with but still want to make money from, you could consider renting out these items to others as well. From OfferUp to Facebook Marketplace to eBay, there are a ton of platforms to connect you to buyers looking for the stuff you no longer want.

7. Check Out Cash Back Programs

Now, this isn't exactly a money-making strategy, but it can help you bring in some extra cash that you can use towards presents. Cash back programs essentially return a percentage of your purchase to you rather than simply subtracting it from the initial purchase price. This can help you earn some of your own money back that you can then use towards presents for the holidays. Platforms like Rakuten can start helping you find stores you might be shopping at for gifts or other day-to-day essentials.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on

Photo by Brooke Cagle on

Tips for Making Money Online Safely

When people are desperate for cash, it can be easy to fall for scams or sign up for platforms that are not interested in supporting you. This is why it's important to protect yourself while you're online (or in person). To ensure you're only signing up for platforms that are safe if you're interested in how to make money during the holidays, here are a few tips that you can use in your research.

  1. Always vet any website you plan on signing up for. Look for individual reviews, review websites, and other platforms to see what people have to say about it and whether or not it's legitimate.
  2. NEVER pay money to join a platform. This is a major red flag and likely means that you're going to pay them money but never make money from your hard work.
  3. Don't spend more time than is worth it for you. While survey money is easy, for example, you don't want to spend an hour trying to make $0.25.
  4. If you plan on meeting someone for a gig or to sell something, always tell someone you know and do so in a space that is safe. This is to keep you protected!

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