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How to Make Extra Money From Home Legitimately


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How to earn extra money on the side working from home? Nine out of ten people search for the same thing. Each person wants to earn extra income on a continuous basis. You may also be nodding in yes!

We live in a time where earning extra money has become a trend. In fact, it has become a need. Some of us are earning so high, but some less.

Earning extra money on the side is very easy and when god has gifted you unique quality, so why not use that gift as your paycheck?

If you are looking for the best ways to earn money from home, then let's start learning the 12 best ways to earn extra money.

1. Create E-Commerce Store

One of the best options for making legitimate money from home is creating your own eCommerce website. If you trade with goods that can also be sold online, then you should start selling it online.

2. Start Editing Videos

Editing videos and earning money from home is also a wonderful job. There are many online websites that provide editing work. To start this as a side income source, you need a good Internet connection and a super-fast system. Ready? Go for it!

3. Take Online Surveys

Have you ever thought that you can make money by taking online surveys? Yes, you can easily earn money from home taking an online survey. There are many reputed companies that provide online survey services. You can give your opinion and make money from it.

4. Teach English Online

English is no longer a language but a status. If you have deep command over it, you can make it your full-time or side income source.

There are several platforms on which you can connect with your students and teach them online or you can offer private tuition at your home.

5. Sell Your Pictures

If photography is your passion and you always try to capture something interesting, then you can sell your photos and earn money. There are many online websites such as Fotolia, Shutterstock, iStock, 500Pixel, and Etsy that accept your work and give you an amount as commission.

You can build your photography passion as a source of income. To get everything started you need a good camera and an eagerness to click beyond expectation.

6. Become Website Tester

Testing a website is basically the process before deploying a website on a live server in which a tester verifies a website's bugs, internal functionality, mobile responsiveness, security method, usability, browser compatibility, page speed, and performance.

It is extremely important to go through the testing process after developing a website. Many multinational IT companies employ such employees full-time or part-time.

7. Sell Online Courses

In a few months, you may see a boom in virtual learning. Taking classes online has become an essential part of life. Every student has to attend their classes online due to pandemic or times demand.

So, if you are good at some subjects, then start building your courses such as digital marketing, web development, writing courses, and many more. The best thing about selling courses online is that you do not need to schedule live classes but you can record in your living room and publish them.

8. Start Data Entry Job

Good at typing? Start a data entry job by sitting on your couch. Go through some online portals that provide a data entry job and sign in to get started. You can earn as much value as you provide to your customers.

One of the easiest way to earn online is doing data entry work as you do not need any special training for this.

9. Start Calligraphy

If you have a great skill to write very creatively with your pen, start it to earn extra money from home.

10. Create an App

If you are an app developer and work for a large organization. Then why don't you create your own mobile application? In your spare time, create your own mobile app for Android or iOS and earn money by third-party ads and selling to clients.

11. Become Translator

If you are good in two native languages then start translating and earn extra money from home. To get projects, find online customers, or contact publishing houses. In the initial phase, start with one small project, and after completing it go for another.

12. Start Coding

If you have knowledge of computer programming languages then start coding and make extra income from home. Coding is also an in-demand skill through which you can earn a lot of money.

Create your profile with the online portal and take an entrance exam of your skills. Start hunting for clients online and work for them.


If you are doing one of them, please let me know your personal experience so that readers can also be able to learn from your personal experiences.

I would love to see your response on a positive note!

Thanks for reading!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Kalpana Iyer from India on September 25, 2020:

A lot of interesting options here. Do you know any legit online survey sites in India or any site that makes payment to people in India? I did look into that a long time ago but found very few options.

Amit Masih (author) from Jaipur, India on September 22, 2020:

Yeah! Thank you very much :)

Shibangi Das from Paradeep, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on September 22, 2020:

Wow, I didn't knew this. Thanks for sharing!

Amit Masih (author) from Jaipur, India on September 21, 2020:

Good question, buddy! I will say both. If I am good at something and can earn money from it, then I will definitely.

Let's say you are a calligrapher, so you can manage tuition at home or you can start your own business. Let me make it clear to you, suppose, I am a calligrapher and I have two options to go; the first is, my friends, family, colleagues, and the local area - I will talk to them and tell them that I can write very beautifully which they can present as a gift to anyone they love. The other option is, I can go to the craft store where all kinds of crafts are sold, I can ask them if they are hiring a calligraphist.

On top of that, there are online portals for such work. There are lots of ways to earn money from home in 2020. You just need to be a little over-smart compared to others.

I hope that you are with me. Kindly let me know, if yes!

Shibangi Das from Paradeep, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on September 19, 2020:

Well done, Amit! this was a great article and provided much value. In this ongoing phase of the pandemic as well as digitalization, there are so many opportunities out there and one needn't worry about being jobless or financial problems. Though I had one doubt about the calligraphy. Can we earn doing calligraphy or by teaching it.

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