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Why Invest In Bitcoin

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Jason is a full time crypto investor and has been actively seeking to learn more and how to help others get started investing.



The cryptocurrency market has gained significant traction in the last few years, and more and more people are beginning to invest into it. Since its creation in 2008, Bitcoin has continued to remain one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. Even though we can find abundance of information on the web, it can be hard to find clear and concise information about how and where to even invest into Bitcoin. In this article, I will breakdown a few of the trading platforms I use for investing into Bitcoin and will include some links on how to get started.

Why Invest?

A few questions that is often asked is why invest into Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency for that matter, and is it a scam. I would like to point out first before investing into anything, make sure you do your research first and only invest what you are comfortable affording. This goes for any investment, not just cryptocurrency. Why invest into Bitcoin? Bitcoin has established itself as the "poster boy" of the crypto world, and is one of the earliest ones to be made. Since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has continued to reach all time highs on numerous occasions in the last 13 years, and has developed a reputation for becoming the digital version of gold. It has acted as a hedge against inflation, because when inflation is a concern, Bitcoin and the crypto market in general, typically surges when this happens. While acting against inflation, it also is acting as a coin with long-term growth. Is it a scam? For many years Bitcoin was considered a scam, or something associated with the dark web. In recent years, mainstream media, financial institutions, and even some countries have began to adopt cryptocurrency as a form of currency or payment. Additionally, many well known entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, have been major advocates for Bitcoin, from owning some themselves, investing their businesses into it, and even accepting it as a form of payment. While Bitcoin potentially has a huge future still ahead, it has become more widely accepted as a form of currency and shows promise to continue on that trend in the future.

How Can I Invest Into Bitcoin?

Now that we know more about bitcoin, you might be asking how to even invest into it. Many platforms exist, but a few in particular are very user-friendly, and you can start investing in only a few minutes, Detailed below, I will list some of the platforms you can invest into Bitcoin and a link to each one on how to get started.



Coinbase remains one of the most popular trading platforms to date, and is a simple and easy platform to begin trading Bitcoin, or many other cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has been described as the Robinhood for crypto. One of the points I like about Coinbase is the ease and smoothness of transactions. You can buy any crypto within the exchange in just a few clicks in as few of steps as possible. Another point I like is the fact you do not have to use a credit or debit card. Avoid buying cryptocurrency with any credit or debit card if possible. Many credit card companies do not even allow customers to use a card for crypto transactions because of the high potential for fraud and theft. Additionally, using a credit card generates high fees for the transaction, for the few companies that allow it, and will eat away at your purchase. Linking a bank account is one of the safest ways to buy crypto will little to no fees involved in the transaction. I will include a link to Coinbase for you to get started below.


Voyager is another well established platform to buy and sell Bitcoin on. This platform is geared more for those with mobile devices, and you can watch in real-time the price of each crypto coin. Like Coinbase, this platform is user friendly and relative ease in signing up. Additionally, no credit card or debit card is required. One of the fun aspects about Voyager is you can watch the price of Bitcoin in real-time on the app, tracking it every second. Again, if having a crypto exchange on your phone is preferable over a desktop, Voyager is a great platform to have. Below, I will include a link on how to sign up for Voyager.

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Final Thoughts

Bitcoin can be purchased on any platform you choose, but between Coinbase and Voyager, they are the more mainstream and user friendly exchanges to use with an easy startup. Each has developed a positive reputation and continues to grow. Good luck on your endeavors investing into crypto, and hope you found this article to be helpful. Below are the links to each platform to get started.



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