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Who Doesn't Love FREE Stuff?!


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Why Would Companies Give Away Stuff For Free?

Yes! Every day, brands offer free stuff because they want you to try their products.

Free samples are a big business these days and they're popular for many reasons. They allow you to try your favorite brands and new brands without spending any money. They're great for travel, gift baskets, college students or anyone on a tight budget!

You can go directly to company websites to see if they are offering anything free, but there's a better way. Freebie sites will round up all the latest freebies on the web for you, so you can find them all in one place!


How To Get Swarms Of Samples Every Day

  • Open a free email account just for your freebies. Naturally, you may also start to see email advertisements from some brands in your mailbox and you'll want to keep this out of your main email account. Some offers may send confirmation emails that you need to confirm in order to get your samples. This is so the companies can keep track of who has received a sample from them already, as there may be limits on the number of requests allowed.
  • You can get a free account at AOL or Yahoo.
  • Dedicating just 10 or 20 minutes every few days to forage for freebies will keep the packages flowing and you'll be getting free stuff almost daily!
  • Subscribe to freebie newsletters. These sites update their freebies every day and will send you the newest offers as they come in.
  • Save time by using auto-fill to complete your request forms. It is easy and free to use. It comes with the Google toolbar.
  • Check other places for freebies like Walmart,com and Ebay Extras.

6 Steps To Avoid Freebie Scams

  1. The only personal information you need to share in order to receive free stuff is your address.
  2. A legitimate company will NEVER ask for your social security number
  3. You should also never be asked to pay a 'fee' or 'shipping charge' or provide a credit card number.
  4. You may want to skip offers that ask for your phone number, too, or just enter a fake number so you don't get sales calls.
  5. There should be absolutely no strings attached. Occasionally, I will accept an offer where I have to pay a minimal shipping charge (I recently paid $1 for a pound of coffee), but more often than not, I skip these offers.
  6. You may be required to "Like" a brand's Facebook page. This is okay, but know that you will see their ads on your page. You can always delete them once you get your freebie.

Try It Before You Buy It!


5 Popular Freebie Sites

See here for some great free stuff in categories such as household, health, beauty and fragrance, food, pets, baby stuff, cosmetics, coupons, magazine subscriptions, crafts and school supplies, office supplies and more...

freebies.org - Also read their articles on Freebie tips and tricks as well as their Complete Guide to Freebie Hunting for some great information!

hunt4freebies.com - Along with all the other free stuff, this site offers coupons that you can have mailed to you for those that don't have a printer.

GoFreebies.com - this site offers free recipes, contests, downloads and more as well as the normal categories.

TotallyFreeStuff.com- Here you will find a long list of topics to choose from-lots of free web-related stuff like downloads, screensavers, ringtones, printable stuff, books and more.

SweetFreeStuff.com - Their categories include: money, digital, coupons, giveaways and sweepstakes.



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