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3 Simple Strategies to Help Manage Social Media Accounts


So, you've started a business or other entrepreneurial endeavor and have decided to utilize social media platforms to showcase your brand. You may have even decided to become a brand ambassador for existing products or services and incorporate social media to help reach consumers.

Whatever your reason, undoubtedly, having a social media account is essential to building an online presence for you and your brand. Being able to reach and influence audiences from various parts of the world is a definite advantage of social media.

Social media channels and blogs are powerful resources for helping marketers analyze their audience and communicate with them. It's not always so glamourous, and managing social media can be a daunting task, especially when there are multiple mediums. In this article, I will discuss three strategies to help you manage your social media accounts more effectively.

What Are Some Advantages of Social Media?

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Opens channels for networking with people from all over the world
  • It's free advertisement for your brand
  • Helps generate targeted traffic

3 Simple Strategies To Help Manage Your Social Media Accounts More Effectively

Keep reading to learn how you can effectively manage your social media accounts.


1. Be Authentic

Social media can be perceived as an idealistic or fantasy world in which people live perfect lives. When reality contradicts what's being presented to the world, it can diminish creditability. Creating a social media strategy based on authenticity, can help create real connections with viewers. It also demonstrates transparency while improving your brand's image. In turn, this can reinforce the value of your brand.

Posts that are filled with contrived content can diminish a brand's image. Audiences are more likely to disconnect from brands who project inauthenticity. Remember to keep it authentic.

Authenticity plays a key role in building trust. Social media is not only a way to create brand awareness, with authentic content, it can also strengthen the the relationship between you and your audience. It’s vital to be authentic- even if what's being presented it not so glamourous. Build a good rapport by being transparent.

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2. Track Your Progress

A valuable resource that can help analyze and improve your social media strategy is Google Analytics. If you're new to marketing, you may be unfamiliar with this term. Google Analytics is an analytics tool used to track website performance and collect visitor engagement. It can help determine the various sources of user traffic. It can also gauge the success of marketing activities and campaigns and track goals.

Google Analytics can also analyze patterns and trends in user engagement and obtain other visitor information such as basic demographics. Google Analytics has a Frequency and Recency section that will monitor audience engagement. By looking at the data provided by Google Analytics, you can easily identify problems and issues that can prevent you from successfully engaging with your audience.


3. Be Consistent

You may be wondering why consistency is important for your social media accounts. Whether you're posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or other social media outlet, consistency is important for your brand's identity. You may be posting content once a day or every few days, regardless of the frequency, consistency is an important social media posting strategy.

Things to consider:

Are you posting too much or too little? Over posting can be perceived as spam. When you're first starting out, you may want to get your product or service out to the public and reach as many people as you possibly can, so you go into promotion post overload. The problem with that is you run the risk of being perceived as a spammer- even if it's not intentional. You may even be unknowingly repeating posts, which would not be conducive for your business. Try not to overwhelm your audience with massive amounts of content in a short period of time. An important concept to keep in mind is quality over quantity.

On the flip side of the coin, you may be posting too little content or promotions. If you're consistently inactive on your social media accounts, especially if you're trying to promote your business, why would visitors return? There wouldn't be anything to keep them engaged to stick around.

It's also important to know that your content, tone, and voice should portray the message you want your audience to receive. Your content, tone, and voice can help communicate your brand's mission, purpose and values.

In this article, you have learned three simple strategies to help manage your social media accounts. Hopefully, you found this article helpful and if so, share it with others or feel free to leave a comment below.


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