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How to Earn Money With Beer Money Forum

As a member of beer money forum, I would like to share with you how you can make money too.


This is one of the best money making forums you could join. It was first launched in 2016 and later integrated the rewarding system in 2017. I have witnessed the forum grow since I first joined it in 2017 and all I can say is that this is the most legit forum you will ever come across on the Internet.

Not only do you earn from this forum, the members get to share other many ways they make money online and so you can multitask and have different sources of income. Did you notice the name of the forum again? You can't get the beer without the money, right? Today I want to share with you some of the ways you can earn money with beer money forum.


Beer Surveys

This is an external platform that is part of beer money forum. You can earn up to 10,000+ BMF points daily after you register and participate on beer Surveys. As the name suggests, you make money from completing surveys but there are also extra ways of making money here.

Offer walls.
Here you will find different offers to do and you get to choose the one you want and that you completely understand. The types of offer walls available are personaly, Agate, wannads, point click track, offer toro and adscend. Don't be overwhelmed once you get to the offer walls page, just take your time and visit each offer and start doing the ones you are interested in.

Tasks are very simple and easy to do. Take note on the warning on this page. If your submitted tasks get rejected by the advertiser, it could lead to your account getting banned forever. But don't be scared. Just take your time and read the instructions on each tasks before you attempt doing.

Invite friends.
Just like beer money forum, beer surveys has its own referral program and tools to help you gain more referrals. You can earn commission from your direct referrals. This makes it easy to grow your funds as quickly as possible.


Another way to earn on beer money forum is through the referrals program. You currently earn one dollar per every friend you invite. You only qualify for the reward after your referral becomes a valid referral. This means that your friend needs to have a minimum of 100 quality posts on the forum.

There is also the referral advertising commission you will get for each sale made by the people you invited. You need to apply for this program once you meet this criteria.


The threads and posts you make on beer money forum also earns you BMF points. When you start a new topic that is of desirable length and with content, you get 200 BMF points. Every reply you will make on different posts will earn you 20 BMF points. The minimum you can write per hour is 5 posts and 10 threads. This means you can write 15 times in every hour.

You also get 500 BMF points for every unsolicited private message that you report. This shows you how much the BMF admin cares for you.

Redeem Codes

This Easter Monday, we as the members of BMF got to redeem a code for 100 BMF points for free. These are free rewards we get frequently on beer money forum and it always depends on what we are celebrating on the forum. It could be a holiday, or a milestone reached or anything you least expected.

Market Place

There is a market section on beer money forum. Here, members sell, buy and do offers that other members have created in exchange for BMF points. There are also micro jobs and micro tasks created by members, which when you complete, you receive BMF points as payment.

You also get BMF points for watching and subscribing to videos posted on the market place.


The BMF currency is BMF points. 1000 BMF points is equivalent to $1. The minimum amount you will need to withdraw is two dollars. Payments are made on 25th of every month.

I remember few years ago we used to withdraw our earnings any time we wanted. This means you could even withdraw every day and the minimum was just $1. But I prefer the current way because you will save on withdrawal costs depending on the payment platform you choose.

There are different payment methods on beer money forum including payeer, PayPal, perfect money, skrill and Bitcoin. All these methods have different withdrawal limits and so you might need to checkout on these after you join the forum.

Payment proof



I would have gone on and on but it will be better you find out more yourself after joining the forum. Don't you like good surprises? You will get to participate on more wonderful ways of earning that you can easily find on the Announcement section and market place.

If you think all I've written here is all there is then you are mistaken. I look forward to meeting you on the forums. I would have told you to grab a beer and start making money but those of you like me who don't drink beer will need to grab popcorns, milk or tea and let's start making money. Cheers.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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