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Making Money Watching TV: Viggle Tricks and Tips 2


What Is Viggle?


Viggle is a smartphone app available on both the iPhone and Android. Essentially, it allows users to "check in" to TV shows, watch ads from the handheld device, and play games for points, which can then be redeemed for prizes like gift cards and electronics. For more information on Viggle basics click here.


The Online Viggle Community

I know I got in on the Viggle craze much later than it's inception, so naturally I figured there should be a community of experienced Vigglers sharing tips and tricks online. Several attempts at researching through key word shots in the dark returned little help. Then, thanks to Hubpages and a few very keen commenters, I got plugged in.

Yes, experienced Vigglers do exist.

And, as I expected, they are out there spending the better part of what I can only assume are their very lonely and very bored lives maxing out their Viggle points on a daily basis, then sharing how they do it. This week, I joined them, lonely and bored as I am, raising four children and working part time from home. (Hah.)

If you also wish to become part of this community, both Slick Deals and Facebook have groups dedicated to Viggle. If you want to bypass the Viggle Support Forums and simply the best advice for maximizing Viggle points, read on...

How To Max Out Your Viggle Points

Instead of re-directing you through a series of links to the endless (and somewhat redundant) wiki's, discussion boards, forums, and online groups devoted to Viggle-mania, I thought I'd simply boil down the best tricks and tips I've gleaned for, again, spending the least time making the most points.

Some tips are repeats from my previous post, but because I will elaborate on them, I think it is necessary to include them. As with anything else you read on the Internet, feel free to do any or all of the following at the risk of wasting your own time. You can earn up to 12,000 points a day. Apparently this is the max. Further, apparently there are those who reach it regularly. Perhaps you wish to set a new goal for yourself.

  1. Link your Viggle account to your Direct TV account. Due to a partnership with Direct TV, Viggle now offers HUGE BONUSES for Direct TV subscribers. If you have Direct TV, you simply need to go to your Viggle Settings and add your account info (which includes the email address and password associated with your DTV account).
  2. Viggle During Prime Time. Check in to the longest featured shows with the highest multiplied points bonus (usually this is 6X but sometimes 10X and 15X) and stay checked in for the entire show. Your watch minutes are multiplied to give you watch points and bonus points.
  3. Check in to featured shows after they've aired. Viggle will credit bonus points for any featured show up to 5 days after it originally airs. This means you can check in to any and all featured shows you have DVR'ed, you find re-playing at another time, or from clips you find online (try YouTube or the website of the channel on which it aired) and still receive watch minutes and bonus points.
  4. Play The Games. When you can check in to a show or sporting event and participate along with "Viggle Live" or "Viggle Football" you can often score between 100 and 11,000 bonus points, depending on how well you do. However, the real bonus during these live games are the ads that pop up while you play. Even if you know absolutely nothing about TV trivia or football, you are likely to catch sometimes several pop-up ads within the game and score big points for nothing.
  5. Check in to long shows even if you don't plan to watch them. The Olympics was a huge opportunity for points a few summers ago, and you can imagine why. You could check in on one of the dozens of channels airing games all day long and essentially be earning points from 10am until 8pm, even if you weren't actually sitting in front of your TV that entire time. Most often, this amounts to something like 400pts. I've noticed similar benefits on the weekends with long sporting events or afternoons featuring things like the X-Games, and first thing in the morning with news shows like Today or Good Morning America. Most often, I nap on Sunday afternoons. Now, my phone is earning points for me while I sleep.
  6. Viggle on multiple devices simultaneously. You are allowed to have up to four accounts per household as long as you do not have more than one account per email address. A great way to increase points is to check-in on two devices at the same time. Think about it. You are essentially doubling your points. This is also a great reason not to get rid of an old phone once you've upgraded to a newer version.
  7. Contact Viggle When You Experience Problems. The company has responded to three emails of problems with the app (unexpected logging me out, not crediting bonus points correctly, not working for "Viggle Live," etc.) by crediting me random amounts of bonus points. So far, the customer service is great. I'm trying to balance my complaint notes with praise notes. They can be reached via email, Facebook, and Twitter. I personally go the email route as it seems the most "professional" and most likely to be taken seriously. Rants on their Facebook wall are abundant during high check in times (when problems are most likely to happen) and joining the noise doesn't seem to be effective.
  8. Check In To Music. You can get 100 points per song and up to 20 songs a day. This is a 2000 point bonus that could take as little as 15 minutes.
  9. Purchase iTunes Music Through Viggle: Viggle now offers 1000 points for purchasing a song that you have previously checked in to on Viggle.
  10. Watch videos on Wet Paint: This is easiest to do from your computer, not your phone. Go to www.wetpaint.com. Log in through Facebook (the same account linked to your Viggle account). Watch videos on the website for 50 points each. You can rematch the same video over and over or click through different videos to earn up to 10K points a day. You can also access Wet Paint videos through the Viggle app, just scroll through until you find a link under a featured show.

Viggle Changes


EDIT: As of 2013, several Viggle changes have made points more difficult to get. The above advice is still current, but maxing out daily points on Viggle has become almost impossible to do as a result of the changes. To read more about these changes, read my latest Viggle hub here.

What is the Viggle Offer Wall?

Like many other websites and apps (Facebook, Cashcrate, Swagbucks), Viggle has at last given in to the "click an offer" craze. You can find the "Viggle Offer Wall" in the same place you find pop up ads, by tapping a featured show on the "What's On" tab.

Some offers, like "watch the video for 15pts" are truly free. You click the link and you are redirected to a video in your smartphone web browser. I have personally found these videos to take too much time to be worth it. Not only must you watch the video, but you must perform the appropriate series of clicks after the video is over to ensure that Viggle credits your points. Even when you've paid careful attention to hit "next" the required number of times, often those 15pts do not manage to credit.

Other offers come with a price. Order flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS, buy a deal from Groupon, or get approved for a new credit card through the links available and score a few points.

My thoughts? The points offered on the offer wall are not worth your time or effort. Unlike simply checking in to television you are already watching, the Offer Wall is a referral advertisement that will never benefit the consumer as much as it does the advertiser. If you already use (or plan to use) any of the services or products associated with the offer wall, sure, go ahead and go through Viggle for a kick back. But if you've ever used any other cash-back referral websites, you will realize that Viggle's payout is truly very low.

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Sr on August 17, 2018:

Its not working on India Airtel Network

keyona on February 10, 2015:


clairewait (author) from North Carolina on July 23, 2013:

I'll be honest, the payout on the offer wall (for me) isn't worth the time nor the hassle. You have to figure, again, how much you are making and decide if it is worth $1.00 to go through with applying for a credit card you don't want, or subscribe to some service you then need to cancel a month later to avoid charges. I avoid it, personally. You are right that Direct TV is the only way to go at this point. Final word of personal caution: Viggle's reputation in the last year or so as a company has been less than stellar. I personally refuse to "save up" points. I buy the lowest priced gift cards the minute I get 10,000pts. I'm always in fear that one day the company will spontaneously combust and then those saving up points will be screwed. Not to mention that the higher value gift cards also come at a higher point per dollar. I'm all for maximizing my payout because in the end, $5 savings in a drugstore (for example) could be $5 cash I put toward something I need from Best Buy. It's all a matter of global perspective, I guess.

Chuck on July 23, 2013:

Been using Viggle since about February. Then my wife started using it. Now we have 2 devices trying to max out the Viggle points every day. We have each gotten 2 Lowe's cards. used them to by a new weed eater. Saved $100. We already each have enough to get another card. But we are saving the points until we need something. We may end up going the Best Buy route. May use some points for Travelocity at vacation time.

Youtube is a great source of sound clips to get into those movies. Seems like every Thursday night now there is a +1000 bonus for renting a movie on demand. Of course, there is almost always a clip of it on youtube. Sometimes we've been able to get in with a trailer.

Have you ever used the wall offers? I was wondering how long it might take those points to post. There is a RewardTV one that looks promising. 600 points for playing a trivia game based on what you watched on TV last night. Did that 3 days in a row, but not showing any points.

Moneys on June 02, 2013:

Giggle raised the price of points on kindle hd which is GARBAGE!! I was almost able to purchase it so now I'll have to wait another six months!!!!! Bs bs bs bs!!!!!!!!!!

beverly on May 09, 2013:

sign me up to earn points

Claire on April 26, 2013:

Even with all these tips, it takes forever and the customer service is the worst. I have a life, so the few points I get are pretty much worthless unless I keep it up for a few years... At which pint all the rewards I want will probably be changed anyway.

Kia on November 22, 2012:

I feel sorry for you if you are so desperate for money that you have to cheat to get a couple of extra dollars.

Jim on September 07, 2012:

I just wantched a John Elway Dove commercial and got a 1000 points from it. My wife even watched it on youtube and got the 1000 points, so it looks like some commercials even give you bonus points for checking into them.

redwards01 from Bermuda on August 03, 2012:

I love viggle! I have been using it for about 3 months and I almost have enough points to get an iTunes gift card (18000). All I do is check into the shows that I watch regularly and watch the prime time shows as you mentioned above. One of the ways I earn the most points is thought the Viggle quiz (can't remember the exact name) where you answer questions to do with popular TV shows. You get points whether you're right or wrong. Also, right now during the olympics they have an interactive Viggle live that asks you questions when things happen on TV, this earns much more than the other quiz so its good to take advantage of it now. Thanks ClaireWait for publishing a great hub, voted up.