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How To Make Money Begging Effectively

Begging Effectively

Hands of a Beggar

Hands of a Beggar

When we speak about begging, people tend to think, homeless, jobless, drug addict or sometimes even handicapped in some way, but did you know that corporations and non-profit organizations are some of the most prolific beggars? You see, people are quite peculiar about who they give their money, when I say peculiar I mean, they look at various attributes associated with that individual who is soliciting or they look at the organization that is soliciting funds. If they like or gain an appreciation for your purpose, you are sure to either be cashing in at the coffee shop or better yet, at the bank.

Individual Beggars

Times seems to be so hard these days as people who were yesterday mowing their beautiful posh green lawns are today mowing the cold sidewalks of the city, begging and trying to do whatever comes their way to make a buck or two. Some are lucky to have a little talent and you can see them doing some sort of street performance, either playing some musical instrument, singing, dancing, flexing their body joints and so on. Street performers are not really considered beggars as they are actually trading some entertainment for cash. Lets focus on the talentless, hopeless individual who does beg everyday to eat a warm meal and see how we can learn to make money begging effectively.

Be Polite

Be Polite


Even though you are begging and think you have it tough, the average Joe you sometimes see walking by may have it even harder. Even though he may not be begging, he still may not know where the next dollar is coming from, he may be up to his neck in debt and a bit angry and miserable about his situation and the last thing that he wants is someone to approach him soliciting his hard earned money. With all that in mind, you have to practice how you approach people if you are a mobile beggar. A mobile beggar is a beggar who does not sit in one spot and begs, instead the person walks about and approaches different individuals along the way. When you approach an individual, be polite as possible, always give a rich bright smile even if the worms are eating out your stomach walls. Practice old British politeness and make use of words such as please, pardon me, grateful. Even if you are turned away by the person and not given a penny, thank the person for their time and wish them all the best. You can never tell, they may just make a U turn and have a change of heart and give you some cash, or maybe someone overheard you begging and being so kind and decided to give you some cash just for your courtesy and kind words.




Not because you are begging means that you should look and smell like a burned Chucky doll. Let me tell you a little fact, most people who see raggedy people begging think that they may have been on drugs, crack cocaine or meth and is only soliciting money to fulfill their addictive desires, and by thinking so, will not give you their money. If you are a street dweller, go to the shelter and get some new threads, try getting your hair clipped up and comb, degrease all those dirt marks off your face and go get a cup of coffee. Keep on looking bright in your face and conscious when you approach someone and is soliciting funds, get rid of the crack head look.

Location Counts

As an individual beggar, you should always map out your location and examine the type of people in your begging surroundings. Take a synopsis of how many people you think are actually working, this is simple, it may be the same faces that pass you daily everyday. Analyze them and poll their happiness. People with happier faces more than likely are people with less stress and probably getting more pay. Look around for any form of competition. Begging is actually like a product, example; a man buys a pack of cigar around the corner store, when he reaches your store he will just walk by as he has already made his purchase. This is the same principle with begging, you cannot beg around the corner from another street beggar, the money you may have received will be significantly less as your competition will cut into those begging profits.

The Mobile Beggar

Sometimes it is better to move from one spot to another, that way you can peddle your begging techniques to fresh and new faces. Don't just move from the left corner to the next block, get out deep in kilometers and establish new business there. After all, new faces are equivalent to new revenue.

Make Yourself Useful

Always rush to help, if you see someone fall, a rubbish is being dumped be quick to run and lend a helping hand. Even make a makeshift broom and ensure that where ever you are begging is always clean and tidy. try to kiss a little ass and make friends with as much police officers as possible, get them to know you, say hi to them when they stop and offer any form of assistance. Take your career seriously and you will definitely make some good cash. Remember to always try to build your network and reputation as a clean, helpful and kind beggar.

Corporate Beggars

Corporate Beggars

Corporate Begging

My friend, never look down on a beggar as companies that we all love and think so highly of practice a lot of what i like to call "Corporate Begging". Corporate begging is when a company tries to solicit "donations" from individuals and other corporates entities for some event or cause. When companies are seeking your money, they never use the word beg, that would put the company in a very low light as the word beg is tied to a stigma. they use the word soliciting funds or donations. Take a look at the Advertisement below:

..................................Compared To.....................................

The only difference between the two advertisement is the fact that one says donation and the other says begging, but we all know that they are saying the same thing. Corporate begging as been around for ages and many companies have received some real hefty "donations" from some real powerful people, after all, how would it look to be soliciting funds from a billionaire who gives the organization fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) That would not look good on his image nor business as people love to speculate and speculation does a lot to financial business such as the stock market.

Over the years, many corporations had hit rock bottom, look at the recent banking crisis in America, which saw the United states Government actually pumping money into banks in order for them not to tumble over. This was actually the banks running dry and actually did not have the physical money to match the logical earnings on wire or paper. So they begged for help, which in fact they begged for some entity to give them money and that entity was the United states Government. The only difference with these corporate beggars and those individual on the streets is the amount they beg and who has a vested interest in these begging corporations to stay afloat.

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There are many corporations who are actually sinking into the pit of brokenness and need money to stay afloat. They cannot run to the banks as the banks know their status and by policy will prefer to liquidate their asset and recover any amounts owed than to refinance a dieing business. So these corporations go out to the public and beg. They are quite effective as they hire some serious marketing begging team to go out and solicit these funds. Here are some strategies they can use to beg effectively.

Save a pet Charity

  • Get a cute pet, give it a beautiful name and attach an eye watering story to that pet. Blast this information to all the pet owners in the united states and watch the dollars come piling in.

The Go Green Foundation

  • Establish another arm to the business and come up with some great paper idea about helping the earth and changing a product to go green and seek donations to make this dream a reality and again watch the dollars pile up. Ensure that you always target the right group of people who are very interested in the subject at hand.
internet donations

internet donations

Internet Begging

Begging as evolved from just sitting at the corner holding out your hands and hope for the good heart of someone to allow them to drop a few pennies. People now take to the internet to beg or solicit funding for personal use or projects. The new form of internet begging is now crowd funding. Here is how to crowd fund effectively.

Find a crowd funding website such as Kickstarter or Indego. Create your begging or donation profile by stating what the funds will be used for and you will need to set a reasonable monetary target. The period of soliciting funds runs for at most 6 weeks. Once you have received donations to your crowd funding account, it will be transferred to your PayPal or any other form of payment you are capable of receiving. Once your profile is created, you must promote your web-link on social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook. some people make thousands soliciting funds over the internet.

Begging till the end

Begging has been around from the beginning and so shall it be in the end. Unless the Earth transforms into some sort of paradise, you will always have people falling on hard times and end up doing what they know to eat. You will always have corporations begging money from the public or other individuals. Don't lose out on this million dollar begging industry, start begging today!


Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on January 13, 2017:

@saheed. What help?

armistead on December 02, 2016:

I can understand it's a scam when someone asks me to send them a money order.

Why is it a scam if someone sends me one? What happens that I don't know about?

Keisha Hunter from Kingston, Jamaica on November 17, 2014:

Lol I see you're a comedian of sorts! Quite entertaining.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on November 16, 2014:

im still shaking my head.. although I heard of a site called fund me.. I guess it is a form of begging.. wow thanks for the share my friend

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