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How To Get A Provident Loan - Apply For A Provident Personal Credit Loan

If you are wondering how to get a Provident loan then this article will provide you with the answer. Provident Personal Credit offer small cash loans to people who are struggling to borrow money from anywhere else. As a short term answer to money problems applying for a Provident loan is a good solution. Provident Personal Credit are a well established company that provide customers with an invaluable service.

Although Provi loans do have quite a high interest rate, sometimes they are the only alternative. But if you are thinking about getting a loan from Provident you may be wondering how exactly you go about doing it. How does the process work? What details will you need to provide? Do you need a good credit rating and other similar questions. So now let’s have a look at how to apply for a Provident loan.


How To Get A Provident Loan - The First Step


As you would no doubt assume, the first step to getting a Provident loan is applying for one. There are a few ways of doing this. Occasionally you may get a visit from a representative of provident, they sometimes do cold calling and this is one way you can get in contact with them. Another way is if you have any friends or family who use Provident, just ask them to mention to their agent that you would like some details on applying for a loan. The easiest way of applying for a Provident loan is to do so online. You can visit the Provident Personal Credit website here. The instructions for applying for a loan are easy to follow.

Another way to apply for a Provident loan is to ring up your local office. Most of the larger towns and cities will have Provident offices and you can find the phone number in the phone book, by calling directory enquiries or simply looking online. This is the best way to apply for a loan as you can actually talk to a real person and make arrangements that way which is far better than doing it online.

How Does It Work?


So when you have applied for a loan, what next? Well you will be asked when a good time for someone to call at your house would be. So arrange an initial meeting and then someone will call. Due to certain government legislation a Provident agent can not call at your door and give you the money there and then. You first of all have to sign a request to call, then the agent can return 24 hours later and complete the paper work with you and give you the money. On the initial visit you can ask the agent any questions you may have and get a few more details about the loan and how much it will cost you.

When the agent returns for their second visit, this is when you can get your money. The agent will fill in a few forms with all your details on. You will be asked about your employment status, living arrangements, income, marital status and a few other things. The questions are all easy to answer and as long as you answer honestly you will have no problems. You will also need to provide proof of identity and address. To do this you can use one of the following, driving licence, passport, EU ID card, benefit book, council tax, bank statement, utility bill or another government document. You also need to provide your national insurance number.

You don’t need to worry about credit history. Provident Personal Credit are not interested in your loan history, as long as you have enough income to make the loan repayments then they are happy with that. They will base the amount they give you on your available income and you will only be given a small loan between £50 and £500 to start off with. If you make the repayments on this then you will have the option of taking out further loans with the company.


Then What Happens?

When you have gone through all the paper work with the agent you will be asked to sign a few documents. Feel free to read through the terms and conditions and make sure you are aware of the charges and repayments that you are agreeing to. If you are unsure of anything at all make sure you ask the agent before signing anything. Once you have signed the contract there is an initial cooling off period, but even so it’s better not to sign something you don’t fully understand.

When you have finished this process you will be given your money. The agent will arrange a day and time when it is best to collect the repayments from you. Usually payments are made on a weekly basis but if you would rather pay fortnightly or even monthly this can often be arranged. The agent will most likely offer to call on either a Friday or a Monday evening, which ever is the more convenient for your needs.

When you make your first payment the following week you will also receive a payment book. This is a way of monitoring your payments and it is also proof that you are making the payments. Although Provident Personal Credit is generally a very good reliable company, there can be odd agents who will act unscrupulously. If you don’t have a payment book there is nothing to stop them pocketing the money and never passing it on to Provident. So it’s very important to make sure your Provident agent marks you payment each week in your book. If for any reason you lose your book or don’t have it one week, always ask for a receipt from the agent.

Provident Personal Credit are a well respected company that has been offering small cash loans for many years. If you are struggling to find a loan from somewhere then chances are Provident will be perfect for your needs. The repayments are often very high, but they do provide a good friendly service and as long as you make regular repayments you should have no problems with them. Applying for a Provident loan is quick and easy. If you follow this simple guide then you should have no problems applying for a Provident loan.


Beatrice on September 10, 2014:

I. Need some loan

Andrew Orrell (author) from UK on December 10, 2011:

You only need something that would prove your age if you are under 21 and applying for a Provident loan. A passport or driving liscence or some other official document would also be fine.

jade on December 09, 2011:

Do you 100% need a birth certificate as I don't have one?

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