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How to Be Stuck in an Economic Rut and Survive

I am a single parent with very limited resources. I am surviving with kids at home. It isn't easy, but it can be done.


Need to survive when you have literally nothing? Do you have limited resources? I'm a single parent surviving frugally and resourcefully. If I can do it, you can too!

Most of us get in a bind from time to time. In my case, most of the time. I have learned many tips, tricks and side gigs to help survive. By implementing most or all of these, you can relieve some of the financial strain.

1. I Uber

Uber is a great way to earn money in your own vehicle. You set your own hours as well. If you are careful with picking peak times, you can average a nice income. I work early rush hour a lot because it is busy. I make more money in less time. Also, late evening is generally busier. Weekends...Wow! The income possibilities are up to you.

2. I Take Online Surveys

I am chronically ill so some days I don't feel like going out. However, even feeling bad, I must make money or gift cards to use to purchase needed items. Survey Junkie is a great one I use. Quick Thoughts is an app that pays in Amazon dollars. I cash that one out often. Inbox dollars is great as well as Swagbucks. Neilson panel also has an app and pays well. Many survey sites pay in gift cards or PayPal. Even sitting at home in the bed, I still average 10–20 dollars a day. That can be food money or bill money. All of these income sources do wonders if executed together.

3. I eBay

eBay can be done mostly from home. You can start with nothing more than cleaning your house and getting rid of unwanted items. Sell them and make money. Keep part of the money and take the rest to yard sales and thrift stores to buy cheap items to resell for more. Electronics and clothes sell really well. I have been eBaying for years. It is free to start and easy.

4. I Use Receipt Apps

I use apps that take pictures of all receipts and give me points to cash out for PayPal and giftcards. Receiptpal, Receipt Hog, Fetch Rewards, Ibotta, Checkout 51, Coin Out, SavingsStar and Coupons apps can all be used simultaneously. I cash several out a week. These are free and easy as well. The PayPal money can go towards bills and food. Gift cards for other things...or sell gift card codes on eBay for cash.

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5. I Coupon

I use coupons of all types. Look for sales and match them up. Some things can be gotten free or near free. I don't buy Sunday papers though. I have found that printing them from multiple computers is more cost-effective in my situation. Broke and surviving is my current situation.

6. I Work on My Credit

it is hard to survive without some credit. Mine has gotten way out of hand. My score is lousy. I have delinquent accounts and charge offs. I had little to no credit until recently. Being in the financial bind I'm in, I am having to get more resourceful. I don't have the money to just wipe out bad and old debt. I did not have a high enough credit score for nice cards and loans to raise it either.

So, I applied for a couple of small credit cards. My first was secured (Open Sky). It required a hundred dollar security deposit. I saved that up for from all of my side gigs. This started raising my credit scores even though I hadn't paid off anything. I have started calling to bargain with creditors. I save money from side gigs for this. Most creditors will not only settle for near half, but remove from credit completely just to get payment resolved. You have to call them and ask for this. I started with paying lower amount debts first. I still have several to go. Every one debt that you can get removed, your credit scores will rise.

My credit scores are rising. My score started at 438. So, if I can do this, you can as well. I also qualified for a small car title loan. World Finance reports this to credit. This looks great on credit.

Horizon Gold is also a good credit raiser. This has a $24.95 a month fee but is worth it. Don't actually use the card, because your credit score will rise with lower credit utilization. Call a couple months later and ask for a limit increase.

I have raised my score a hundred points so far. These are just a few helpful tips and tricks I have found to start simplifying my life. This is surviving folks!

These are some painless, easy steps to surviving until you catch up and surpass. I am still in these early stages. I will get out of the bind. Stay positive and you can too.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Betty Mayes

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