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How I Made $300,000.00 in 13 Months - MAKE MONEY Part 1


I’ve decided to tell my story of how my husband and I—average, middle class people—made $300,000 in 13 months during 2005 and 2006.  In reality, with our almost silent partner, we made our little company over $600,000; our share was half.  Looking back, it was something many people would never have attempted and most wouldn’t even think possible; it was the ride of a lifetime. 

 I know that by posting this online, I am sure to get skeptics who won’t believe a word of it, and that’s okay.  I’ve read how others have made quick money and I’ve been very skeptical so I understand.  During those 13 months, we couldn’t tell anyone exactly what we were doing because we didn’t want others to parrot us.  Now, all these years later, I’ve decided it’s time to tell all the details.

It all started when my husband woke up in the wee hours one morning in 2005 and felt like he heard God tell him to ask Him for a “witty invention.” Okay…he thought. So, he rose from bed and began praying, asking God to give him an idea—a witty idea that would generate income for our family. I’m sure at first my husband wasn’t completely sure if that was really God speaking to his heart or if it was just his imagination. At any rate, life went on, the hustle and bustle of each busy day taking up our time and energy.

Around that time, I was organizing our bills and records at our kitchen table. I picked up a monthly bill--$28 Property Owner's Association dues for a vacant land lot we owned in a nearby gated community. I asked my husband if we really needed this lot. We never went to “the village” so what was the point of owning this land? We should sell it, I resolved.

So, my husband called a realtor and asked him what the land was worth.  That’s when things began to get exciting.  The realtor informed my husband that something exciting was happening with vacant land lots in the village; they were being bought by several out-of-state buyers.  Our lot that wasn’t worth more than a couple hundred dollars could now be sold for $4000-$6000.  Wow!  So, we asked the realtor to find us a buyer and in no time we had $5000 in hand for our lot.

That’s when the witty idea began to take shape in my husband’s imagination.

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He brought home the local newspaper, filled with nervous excitement and a huge smile on his face. “Honey, look at all these foreclosure listings for land in Hot Springs Village! We could buy these land lots and then immediately sell them!” Being the one who never takes risks, I was skeptical and afraid of losing money. “I’ve already talked with my boss and he’s interested in fronting the money to do this.”

The next thing I knew, my husband and I were at a foreclosure auction land sale held at the county courthouse. We were like giddy kids doing something sneaky, scoping out the place, taking it all in, trying to learn something we could use to make money.  

Standing in a hallway of Garland County Courthouse in Hot Springs, Arkansas, we watched a dozen people make bids for $200, $700, $350—all on land similar to the lot we just sold for $5000.

Let me interject that Hot Springs Village is a huge resort—the largest in the US. It’s 16 miles driving from one end to the other and 6 miles wide, with many vacant land lots. There was no end to how many lots could be bought and sold.

We left the courthouse, determined to quickly learn how to find land that was about to be foreclosed on in Hot Springs Village....


Hot Springs Village Resort


Lori J Latimer from Central Oregon on August 27, 2010:

Very Wise! Thank you for sharing his innovation, and congratulations on your business success.

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