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The Road to Wealth and Abundance

Seeking to change the world through thought and action, the Modern Nihilist focuses on what matters in this life for his happiness.

Introducing Abundance Into the Equation

You have been told that a gap separates the rich from the poor. That this gap is virtually insurmountable unless more is taken from the rich and given to the poor. We are also told that the rich are only so at the expense of the poor. And that the gap between the rich and the poor only grows wider and wider.

You hear these things and you begin to see that there is someone out there who is responsible for our unmet needs, dreams, and desires. Some say that while saving and working hard was all that it took to make it a few generations ago, this will not suffice in our day and age.

And you may feel the pressure of concrete concerns such as inflation decimating your savings. Even the possibility of the government suddenly deciding that your hard-earned funds would be better put to use in the service of society than in your power doesn't seem so far-fetched any longer.

Although conventional wisdom and a healthy dose of financial common sense genuinely help many people understand better, pick up healthy money habits and attain a measure of inner peace, there is something missing here.

And you may ask yourself, is this all true? Is there no other option but to blindly accept my lot in life without putting up any resistance?

You see yourself in this situation where those who have less are separated by a wide chasm from those who have more. A situation in which all hope for a better future has been lost.

But the truth is that while the professions that offer financial security go hand in hand with the progress of technology, the focus of those who build and maintain wealth have remained unchanged since time immemorial.

Those who have more, those who are wealthy, believe and know that out there is a universe of abundance for the taking. And you only have to keep that in mind as you push through obstacles again and again to become wealthy yourself.

Transform Your Life

The Incredible Power of Focus

Your actions and desires will follow the focus of your conscious mind. Make abundance the flame of hope toward which you move, and you will make sure it comes into your life.

Urgent: Why Do People Get Stuck

People in the middle class tend to make fear their focus. Fear of the bills, fear of life, fear of not having something.

Contrary to conventional thought, many people belonging to the middle class have a lot more than they like to admit. The problem is usually that they have been trained not to feel like it. They have been told that to be rich is to be able to spend money carelessly on anything and everything that crosses their minds.

And so, after they get their hands on something new that they thought would make them happy, they quickly realize they need something more to feel good.

The middle class is always running after something, trying to make ends meet, no matter how much money they have. The middle class habitually digs itself into a hole and then manages just well enough to stay afloat. They live in perpetual fear of not having enough.

They become prisoners of anxiety, in a prison of their own making. A permanent state of worry ensues that causes life-crippling or even life-threatening illnesses. And so they hate the rich even as they wish they were rich themselves.

But, how can you become what you despise? How can you get more of what you want if you spend your life running away from what you fear?

Dispell Fears, Seek Abundance

You can only become what you focus on, let that be wealth and happiness. Seek and walk the path that brings abundance and enjoy every single thing you have and experience now.

How To Be Wealthy

Those who have succeeded in maintaining wealth generation after generation share certain commonalities. You can gear your thoughts, feelings, and actions to seek them so that you live your dream of affluence in the flesh.

First of these is the generation of passive income that exceeds expenses: financial independence. And you may not feel it in your heart that this is realistic for you, but in reality, anyone who creates lasting value to many people can do this.

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While you may not think that you have the ability to do so, all you need to do is ask what people really want and address that need. Allow a system to deliver that product for you, so that you do not need to constantly attend to it.

Keep doing this until your financial needs are all covered by the income produced and you will have achieved financial independence. This is the freedom to do anything you want with your time and energy.

You can imagine yourself exploring all the beautiful places of the world, the sand of beaches massaging the soles of your feet, the smell of French pastry flooding your senses, and much, much more.

The second of these commonalities is to always aim for a better life. Doing so will allow you to relax, breathe in deep, close your eyes, and sense from a place of peace inside yourself that everything is great and is only going to get better.

This is a question of quality, not quantity. If you will aim for better things over and above just more things, you will find comfort and security, you will see that your loved ones are taken care of. Even as you embrace them, you will hear the joy in their voices. And that will be the greatest treasure in your life.

The Rich and the Middle-Class








Wealthy Together

Being wealthy means being able to give the best to those around you.

Being wealthy means being able to give the best to those around you.

Rich or Wealthy?

Rich just means having more money that can be gone at any moment. But Wealth means freedom and a better life. It is infinitely better.

Being Successful

Those who are wealthy are not necessarily the richest at any given point in time. They are those who have calculated and achieved the required levels of investment necessary to live without trading time for money (financial slavery), and instead focus on creative ways to improve themselves and their conditions.

The wealthy are those who, furthermore, see possessions and influence as a fluctuating commodity that can be continually fine-tuned for an indefinite amount of time and with ever-higher rates of return.

How is the threshold crossed? How does one go about dismissing fear? How does one create higher goals that do more than kill time?

You will answer each of these questions as you discover your own unique path and ability to create value. And as you set foot on the greener grass, that sensation elicits a wave that rises through your legs and fills your body with a tingling sensation. You will then know you have made it.

The New You

Live a Wonderful Life

The way through this hurdle is to consider possibilities rather than constraints —and to follow them with decisive action. It is only through taking action on possibilities that they translate into a new reality.

To make this possible, it is necessary to ask how rather than why. One gives you a plan, the other questions a subjective desire. The power of how is that it leads you to figure out how you can get what you want.

Learning to change the frame of reference in which you see things gives you access to a plethora of different courses of action, each with a unique destination.

Once an affluent member of the middle class realizes that financial independence can give him freedom and that therefrom judicious investment can increase his passive income and so his quality of life, he instantly sets himself one step away from becoming wealthy.

The aim and point of existence then becomes its enjoying and acquiring the means to enjoy it even further, to experience more of it, and so to give more of oneself to the world.

The Secret: Save & Invest

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