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Hidden Shopping Tactics Resulting In Major Savings

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Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Dynamic Pricing

A perfect loophole in the midst of their strategy, and use it as an advantage to get the ideal deal no matter what offers they have put up. A savvy shopper always has ways to clap back in order to nab the best deals from any online retailer. And if you aren’t one of those savvy shoppers, then boy, you’ve come to the right post!

Today we are going to be talking about some hidden shopping tactics that can result in significant savings for you. So, without further this introduction, let's jump right into the topic that piqued your interest!

Retailers use a ton of unprecedented strategies to chock up more sales during special events such as Christmas or Black Friday. But! There is one approach that they seem to utilize every day, and that approach is none other than the strategy of Dynamic Pricing. Now, for those of you that don’t know what dynamic pricing is, allow me to explain. Dynamic pricing is a method that online retailers use to offer different pricing to different consumers based on their interests, recent searches, and of course the high demand for a product.

Now, since cookies are available on each website you visit, retailers can quickly get access to your searching data. They specifically regulate prices in a way that they know would make you click that “BUY” button which results in you paying over the cost of that product sometimes. Now the real question is, how can you avoid this trap of dynamic pricing? Well, there are many different ways that you can use to avoid dynamic pricing. Not getting into all of them, let's talk about the basics that do the job in a few simple steps.

The first step to avoiding dynamic pricing is to erase your browser’s cookies. This way, each time you visit the website to shop for something, they wouldn’t be able to recognize your prior cache cookie data, hence no price change for you.

  • The second step is to merely log-out of your account which will make them not have an account to access your data from. This way, they wouldn’t be able to read into the things you’d show the most interest in which will end up messing with the algorithm set-up to generate dynamic pricing.
  • The third and the most common step is to just use the browser on incognito mode while shopping. This won’t risk having your cookies, caches or IP being captured by retail websites.

Don’t Check Out So Soon

An online retailer would do anything to get its product sold! Another great tactic at your disposal can be called the ‘coupon trick’. After brief research at, they came up with this solution that gets consumers discounts on not all but most online retail stores.

  • To make this trick work, you just need to do two things.
  • Sign in to your existing account on the retail store.
  • Add to cart the item you want to purchase, and just leave it there.

At, they concluded that most retailers get anxious when a user simply adds the product to the cart and don’t check out. This makes them send a feedback email to ask about your experience. In that feedback email, you receive an exclusive discount code that provides you with a wallet-friendly deal. This trick isn’t a sure-fire thing but it did work on most of the big brand websites like JC Penny, Bed Bath & Beyond, American Apparel, Macy’s, and several more. Though the pro to this trick is that you get an exclusive code to use, there is also a con to it as well. The con is that you’d have to leave the products in the cart at least for a week for this trick to work, and even after a week, there’s no saying that you’ll wound up getting that discount as you would have hoped.

Alternative To The Coupon Trick

When it comes to shopping, most of us aren’t patient enough to wait a week for the coupon trick to work. Like I said above, it is a pretty savvy method to save that not a lot of people know about, alongside which it isn’t the most surefire method as well. Well lucky for you guys, the coupon trick has an alternative and it isn’t a hidden shopping tactic!

It’s still a pretty fantastic venture for you to head on to, and that venture is none other than your very own coupon sites. Since the coupon business booms all over the world, it generates more sales than one can imagine. Some coupon sites tend to give the best deals on all of your favorite brands every day of the month. Here is a list consisting few of the coupon sites you can frequently visit to when the coupon trick seems to be taking too long or backfires.

  • Top Vouchers Code (Explicit for UK shoppers)
  • Cuponsim (For those that love plenty of discounts all over Asia)
  • Retail Me Not (Works internationally but has fewer deals in Asia, and Middle Eastern Countries)
  • Group on (Works Internationally so you are bound to find the best deals in here)
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Maintain A Social Presence On Retailer’s Accounts

You might wonder what good will it do to maintain a presence on a retailer’s social media page! Well, the answer to that question is quite simple. By keeping up a presence on social media platforms, most of the time you drop under the radar of page moderators or admins. And, they sometimes like to reward you with some additional discounts on some of the items on their retail sites. Because of your undevoted love for them, if you are getting this sort of special treatment just by maintaining a presence, it kind of sounds like a pretty good deal!

Price Drop Refunds

The last tactic I would like to mention here is the price drop refunds. Most people don’t know about this, but there is a way to get some amount of cashback on your item if you purchased it at a higher price. To better explain this, here’s an example.

Imagine you head online, and a gaming console or a smart TV catches your eye. It costs about $400, and you make the purchase instantly without a second thought. But the next day, the same gaming console or a smart TV end up at the price of $200. Now that’s 50% cut-off on the amount you purchased the television on, it would seem pretty unfair to you at that point, right? Well, there is a way to rectify this situation. If you send an email to the retail store telling about how the price instantly dropped to 50%, they would surely offer you a solution. Most of the time, that solution can be a minor cashback from your purchase and sometimes it can also be a mind-boggling deal created exclusively for you.

In both scenarios, you’re at the win here but remember that not all retail stores are so generous enough to rectify the situation so quickly. Some might give you empty promises only to waste your time but albeit, you should still try to get the best deal, and a simple email to them wouldn’t hurt. If they answered, it's great. If not, you can always call it your bad luck!

Newsletters Are Your Friend

Disregarding newsletter signups are quite common among all of us. I mean, even if it were me, I wouldn’t want to wake up to a bunch of spam newsletters in my email account. But, if there is one thing I learned over the years of online shopping, it is that not all newsletter experiences are useless. By signing up with some brands, they promise to only send you the essential items in a newsletter. Now, these Essential items can be anything; they can be the perfect discount code offer you wanted or an exclusive coupon code that results in cashback opportunities. They can even contain new products that just went live at the retail store. You can get all of this, and so much more by simply signing up for a newsletter from your favorite retailer online.

Here are a few examples of retail stores that provide great offers when you sign up for their newsletter program.

  • All Saints: 15% off your first order
  • Nike UK: Sign up for emails to get exclusive news and offers
  • Iconic Lights: Sign up for 10% off*
  • Big Bathroom Shop: Sign up To Get 10% Off
  • Laptops Direct: Sign Up To Get 10% Off

Get An Extension For Expired Coupons

The aforementioned coupon codes newsletter from your favorite brands come and go daily. Sometimes, the flow of codes in your email is so much that you forget to utilize some of them or try to save them for a rainy day in hopes to get a massive cut-off. But like food items that satisfy your hunger, coupon codes that meet your need for savings also have an expiry date. That coupon you saved for a rainy day will end up expiring, and most people don’t know this, but there is a way for you to get an extension on them.

Since companies are more than happy when you purchase products from their retail stores, they tend to give out a brief extension to those who call and ask. Now, this isn’t a never-failing method to get your coupon extended to save big on a product you want. Nevertheless, it’s still a fantastic way to get the code reinstated to shop at low costs when your mind is made up.

Multiple Codes Could Work Too

Most of the retail store brands only put out a decent offer like 20% savings on some products, prompting you to utilize only the current offer. But, even when they do that, some savvy shoppers will find another offer that’s better and exclusive. Now, using multiple coupon codes for purchasing a product is usually frowned upon since it tends to make retail stores go into a loss. Because of numerous coupon code usage, some of the retail stores have even put up particular algorithms to avoid a problem like this.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still try! Almost 30% of the time when you visit a website, you’re bound to find a way in which you can utilize multiple codes for more significant savings.

For Example: Imagine your head down to the Nike online store. Now on-site, they are offering you a 15% discount on some items, but you did your research and wound up finding another 20% discount on the products available at Nike’s online store. What you have to do is, first utilize the 20% discount code to see if it works. When the price drops on the product, use the additional 15% discount already present on the website. Check whether the code applies after the 20% cut-off, if there is a chance that both the discount codes are working, then click on the product to purchase it instantly because bugs like this don’t happen just casually.

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