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Great Content Review: Making Money One Content Mill at a Time

Can you make money writing at Great Content?

Can you make money writing at Great Content?

Great Content is a content mill based in Europe. It pays in pounds and asks for British spelling, unless otherwise stated in the client instructions. It’s a content mill that I’ve been with for about a year now and found it useful for topping up my income now and then. However, is it any good for writers and should you use it on a regular basis.

The Trap of the Content Mills

Before I get into my Great Content review, I want to make it clear that I don’t advocate making a living writing at content mills. I don’t think it’s possible considering the low pay. However, I do think they’re okay for some writers.

Personally, I use them to top up my income. While I have my private clients and have other sites that I write at, content mills like Great Content are there as backups and I prefer to keep them there. No matter what others say to me, I am happy with the rates and the fact that they pay when they say they will.

I don’t put all my eggs into one basket though. That is something I recommend others avoid doing, too.

Now, into the Great Content review.

Is there even any work available right now?

Is there even any work available right now?

Is There Work Available?

It’s dried up a little, except through direct orders lately. However, it comes and goes. Just a few months ago, there was plenty of work on the board. It really does depend on the rating you’re on though. As a 4+ rating, I see a fair bit of work come through. Many clients are willing to pay at the 4 and 4+ rate because they know they will get the quality they need. Some are even willing to pay for higher rates.

Ratings start at 2 and go all the way up to 6+. The higher the rating you are, the more you’ll be paid.

How Much Are Writers Paid?

This highly depends on the rating. I can’t find anything that breaks down all the ratings on the site, but I do know that as a 4, I see a rate of one pence per word (£0.01 per word). Most of the orders I fulfil are either that or 4+.

You can accept or decline the orders. I tend not to do anything less than the 4 rating because I’m not willing to work for anything less. The only times I do is if I’m very close to the payment threshold and I want the money within a few days or if the work is extremely easy to do.

It is possible to set a direct rate, so clients can order straight through you. This is a rate that you’re happy to accept, but most writers will have it set to around £0.02 per word. You can change it as often as you like through your profile page.

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Does Great Content Pay?

One of the most important aspects of the Great Content review is determining whether the company pays. I can tell you that I have been paid every time I’ve requested it. The site says that it handles payments twice a month, but I’ve usually seen the money come through within days of asking to be paid. I don’t know whether that’s because I time it right or whether I can just ask for payment twice a month. I don’t think I’ve ever reached the threshold more than twice a month (more out of choice than ability).

It is possible to get paid through PayPal or Skrill. There are charges for both. You can either accept a 2-5% fee for PayPal or 1-2% fee for Skirll, depending on your country of origin. I’ve tried both but due to the fee to withdraw from Skirll, I’ve found that PayPal is better. The fee is actually offset from your next payout. So you will see the full amount you earn come through to your PayPal or Skrill account.

Your account is then in the negative to start with, but one article will usually cover that. If you decide you don’t want to work for the company again, you don’t need to and will never be asked to write something to cover that payment fee.

How difficult is it to make money writing at Great Content?

How difficult is it to make money writing at Great Content?

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How Difficult Is It to Work with Great Content?

I’ve only once has a problem with getting an article accepted. It was completely my fault because I didn’t read the instructions in full.

There have been time revision requests have come through by the client, and the articles have always been accepted the second time. I’ve never had an issue with the customer support or members of Great Content staff. The team reply to emails very quickly, and answer questions well.

The website is also extremely user-friendly in my opinion. As soon as you log in, you will see if there are articles available. You can then check the details of everything and decide whether you want to take the work or not. From there, you have until the deadline stated on the article to complete it. This deadline is set by the client.

Watch out because the timings are in central Europe time, so usually an hour ahead of British time. I’ve been caught out on this once when I started.

If the article is sent back due to duplicate content, you have two hours to revise the text. If it is sent back for another reason, you have a day. This is a working day. Weekends and bank holidays are not counted. Clients have three days to decide if they like the article—again, working days.

The Review System

You can ask for your account to be reviewed. I did when I found that clients were consistently marking me higher than expected for quality.

With each text you write, the clients have the chance to review you. While you can’t see exactly what clients are marked you, you can see an average breakdown. They look at quality, communication and grammar among other aspects. They can mark you as expected, lower or higher than expected or substantially lower or higher than expected.

If you’re constantly marked higher than expected, it is worth asking for your account to be reviewed. It means that you’re doing well, right? I found that and was bumped from 4 to 4+. Of course, it could work the other way around.

What about you?

Will You Join Great Content?

Is this a content mill that sounds right for you? It’s worth taking a look around if you’re looking for a site that will offer you somewhere to write for some quick cash. Content mills aren’t for all though. At the moment though (as of September 2014) there is little work on the site. This happens with all content mills (and even private clients) though, so the work could come back at any time. The good news is that when large orders come through, you will get an email from the Great Content team.


Robin Goodfellow from United States on February 01, 2018:

Thank you. It's nice to see other articles here about writing.

Glen Rix from UK on August 10, 2016:

Thanks for this interesting information. I'm planning to do a little research to determine whether or not content mills are worth the time involved writing for them.

R D Hayes from Oklahoma City on April 08, 2016:

Most sites no longer pay enough to make a living. This is why it is important to have multiple streams of income to "top off" your income with. I'm based in the US, so writing for them isn't possible for me.

CMHypno from Other Side of the Sun on September 09, 2014:

Interesting information and I will go and take a look. Another potential basket to put some writing eggs in!

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