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Genuine Tips for Making your Presence Effective on Upwork

PS works as a full-stack developer, specialized in e-commerce and mobile app development.

Upwork Home Page

Upwork Home Page

Upwork, earlier called as oDesk, is an international freelancing platform where clients can find suitable business and individual professionals for themselves to accomplish a project or a task and that to be under negotiable rates.

Working for the last 10+ years, oDesk and Elance got merged into Upwork in 2013. Since then, many jobs have been posted there, it is estimated that every day more than thousand genuine jobs are posted on Upwork.

There are many successful stories of Upwork. No doubt that most of the people are earning $100 per day on this site. In fact, most of the people have made Upwork as their sole medium of earning. Here are some points that will help you to attract clients and improve your earning rate.


(90% completed profile is good, but making your profile 100% complete is not at all tough)

A. Main Section

  1. First, add a photo of yours. Putting up a professional photo is not mandatory, but recommended. Try to use a photo in which you are smiling a little and looking professional as well.
  2. Write an eye-catching small introduction of yours. In this section, it is recommended to write the work you are best at. For example, "7 years' experience in Web Development", "PhD in Law and Management" and so on. Talk about your highest achievement. Adding the years of experience in your area of expertise is a great plus.
  3. Choose the appropriate rate. Upwork has categorized freelancers into three experience levels, Entry, Intermediate and Expert. If you have just started using Upwork, selecting a rate of $6 per hour is a good start. If you are at entry level, but have great experience, then choose a higher rate.
  4. Clients who want entry level freelancers give priority to those with the lowest bid rate.
  5. You can increase your rate after the accomplishment of your first task. This is a better and recommended option rather than putting up a high rate in the beginning when you are at entry level.
  6. For intermediate and expert level freelancers, bid rate higher than $10 or $15 per hour is absolutely fine.
  7. Next, select the skills you are good at. You can add no more than 10 skills. This section plays an important part in categorizing you for different jobs by Upwork.
  8. Next is a video section. The client would surely like to watch your speaking and professional etiquette. For which, video is a good option. Adding a video in which you are demonstrating your skills or giving a presentation will surely impress the client.
  9. Do not forget to write a good description in the Overview. Discuss every skill and achievement of yours and tell viewers why you should be hired.
  10. Most of the clients also select freelancers on their availability basis. There are three options in Availability, more than 30 hrs. /week, less than 30 hrs. /work and as needed, open to offers.
  11. It is no strict thought that if you have chosen More Than 30 hrs. /work, then only a client will hire you. Some clients also prefer part time freelancers.
  12. Add Language to your profile, which is a must. Clients on Upwork are from around the world and there are some individuals and companies who prefer freelancers with the knowledge of more than one language.

Some Profile Examples

1. IT Freelancer

Profile Example #1

Profile Example #1

2. Writing Freelancer

Profile Example #2

Profile Example #2

3. Sales and Marketing Freelancer

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Profile Example #3

Profile Example #3

B. Portfolio

Portfolio refers to the sample of your previous work that you have successfully accomplished. Add image, skills, URL (if any) related to the portfolio and save it. It plays an effective part in the decision making of clients. Since, both of you are far away and the Internet is the mere communication. So, adding your sample work to the Portfolio gives your work impression to the client. More than 90% of the freelancers are hired on the basis of their Portfolio.

Upwork Portfolio

Upwork Portfolio

C. Certifications

If you are a certified individual, then do add the certification to your profile. Since, a certified professional sounds more promising; Upwork has taken strict measures to ensure that none of the freelancers add fake certifications to their profile.

D. Tests

(Upwork doesn't conduct Tests anymore)

Completing Upwork Tests with a high score is a good way of proving your proficiency in your areas of expertise. Upwork conducts thousands of tests related to all the job categories. Some of the tests are also based on general and basic skills. For example, tests related to English and Upwork are common and everyone must try them.

Upwork Tests

Upwork Tests

Filters' options on Upwork

Filters' options on Upwork


  • When you click on Find Jobs on Upwork, it will land you to a page "My Job Feed", where Upwork shows you already filtered jobs.
  • If you wish to search for all the jobs. Click on the search icon near the search box, without typing anything in the search box.
  • It will direct you to all the freelance jobs posted on Upwork disregard of your experience level and job category.
  • You can then, filter the jobs using the options available in the left side menu.
  • Click on the job that you think is the most relevant for you. Read the description carefully and also check if client's payment is verified.
  • Applying for jobs, whose payment is not verified, do not make much difference if they finally hire you. But they do make a difference in ensuring us that whether the client is trustworthy or not.
  • Price varies for each job. Some offer money according to your hourly rate, while some have their fixed price. Well, fixed price ensures that you will surely be paid this much amount of money, no more or lesser than that.
  • If you are satisfied with the job description and you are confident in completing it on time, then send the proposal for the same.
  • If you are applying for a job that is not related to your profile, then Upwork will show a message, saying that you do not meet all the requirements. The same message is also displayed to the client when your proposal is sent.
  • This reduces your chances of getting hired for that job. So, it is better to select only the profile-relevant jobs.


  • Write tailor-made content.
  • Prove to the clients about your seriousness for the job.
  • Give a brilliant and true representation of your skills and strength.
  • Do not forget to mention the reasons that why you are the best resource that they should hire.
  • For complete details, check out the video below by John Morris.
  • Also, if you wish to know more about the method for writing an outstanding cover letter, then do read Stand Out Cover Letters: How to Write Winning Cover Letters That Get You Hired by Mark Baker.


  • Once you are hired, follow the clients' rule strictly.
  • Be in contact with them and maintain a strong communication and relation. This will increase for chances of getting hired the next time as well.
  • If due to some reasons, you are unable to complete the task on time, then do not panic. Send an e-mail or a message, immediately to the client writing about the reasons for the delay (make sure the reasons are solid and technical) and how much extra time you will need to complete it.
  • Do not take any job lightly because the clients give you rating after the job completion, which affect your future possibilities of getting hired by other clients.


Amy from East Coast on February 08, 2018:

Thank for writing this article. I was always curious about Upwork. You wrote a beautiful hub that made everything simple and easy to follow. I will defineitly use it as guide. Thanks!

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