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Funeral and Burial Insurance

Learn About Funeral and Burial Insurance

What is funeral and burial insurance and how does it work?

Funeral Insurance provides money to pay for your final expenses may be considered funeral and burial insurance.

When you pass away there will be costs associated with providing for your final expenses.

Among the final expenses related to your funeral and burial may be your casket, headstone, memorial service, bruail, funeral, and fees related to these expenses.

In addition, you may have estate taxes and outstanding debt.

Many people choose to purchase funeral and burial insurance plans to provide the money needed for their family to take care of their funeral and any final expenses.

Why leave your family with a financial burden when they will be grieving your loss?

How much funeral insurance can I buy?

Funeral insurance can help by providing the insurance you need. Funeral insurance provides from $5,000-$30,000 of simplified life insurance with no medical exam required. The application process is quick and easy, and you may be able to apply online and begin your coverage the same day.

The proceeds from your funeral insurance are usually paid to your beneficiary free from federal income tax.

Funeral Insurance provide money for final expenses including burial expenses, funeral fees, probate, legal fees, casket and tombstones.

What does a burial and funeral cost?

The National Funeral Directors Association indicates the average cost of a funeral exceeds $6,700 not including medical and legal expenses.

Funeral and Burial Insurance offers you the chance to provide funds to pay for your burial and funeral, and make sure your family is not in financial debt when you pass away.

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