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Free Money: Honeygain Review

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Busy bees making you money while you sleep!

Busy bees making you money while you sleep!

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a way to earn passive income by selling your excess internet bandwidth. In this information age there are people out there (or rather companies) who are always hungry for more internet traffic capacity. Honeygain is an app which connects you with those people and allows you to earn passive income at almost no effort of your own.

Honeygain takes the form of an inconspicuous little app which lives in your tray or in the background of your mobile device. It is represented by a little yellow bee which can be clicked in order to access the app's features and settings. Most of the time you will have no idea it is even there, perhaps for days and weeks at a time.

If this appeals to you, having a little virtual honeypot that fills slowly, drop by drop, without you even being aware of it, until one day it tops up and surprises you with a nice $$ present, then read on!

I give you: the bee, honeybee

I give you: the bee, honeybee

Is it really free and how much can I earn?

Yes it is and it depends. But let us first see how Honeygain gathers its sweet, sweet juice:

By selling your excess bandwidth: this is the app's primary task and way of earning money. It will use a small portion of your bandwidth (they say max 10% of current throughput and you can set monthly limits if you have a limited plan) and lease it out to their clients who can make then make some use of it. The company claims that this bandwidth is used mostly for network research, best-price search services and so on, and I have no reason to believe otherwise. A lot of people much more tech-savvy than I am have obsessively analyzed what goes through the app while it is in use, and they haven't found anything more nefarious than indications that it might get occasionally utilized for some kind of VPN traffic (you know, watching Netflix from a region not your own etc).

Lucky Pot: You may open your Honeygain app on any of your active devices and receive a random bonus prize in the 10-100 CR range (that's 1-10 US cents). You can do this once a day.

Content Delivery: This is a new feature not available in all countries and you have to actively opt-in. For a limited time each day Honeygain will use much more bandwidth than normal (this may noticeably slow down your connection). In exchange you will earn at a set rate which may amount to +10 to +25% of your normal earnings, as reported by users.

Referrals: When someone registers via your referral link, you will receive a permanent bonus to the amount of 10% of that person's income. The person you invited will get a $5 starting bonus right to their account, so if you chose to give Honeygain a try, be sure to use my referral link in the Setting up section!

Each 10 MB of sold traffic will earn you 1 Credit (C), 10 Credits is one US cent and so 1000 Credits (or 10 GB of traffic) will earn you one US dollar. This might not seem much, but consider that it is a trickle that flows constantly, even when you sleep and it will accumulate over time - probably without you even noticing it (unless you are on a limited plan that is).

When your total income reaches $20 (20,000 Credits) a button will appear in your web dashboard offering you payout in either US dollars or Bitcoin. Daily income per device in your network may vary wildly from day to day and it is heavily dependent on your location. Generally, english-speaking countries pay better and richer countries do have an edge as well. In summary, average users report daily earnings in $0.10 - $1.50 range. Of course, power users with a lot of referrals and devices on different IPs may earn substantially more.

Honeygain pays out in Bitcoin too!

Honeygain pays out in Bitcoin too!

Setting up

Setting up Honeygain is simplicity itself... if you are using a Win or Mac PC. For Android devices the procedure is a bit more involved (iOS version is apparently still in the works).

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Simply visit the referral link and follow instructions. Of course, you may go directly to their site and register on your own, but then you lose a nice $5 welcome bonus to your account (five smackaroos! woohooo!!) So, just click on that ref link and say thank you, teriyaki - for the free bucks and for informing me about this wonderful way of making even more free money.

Once you register with your email and create a password you will be able to download their installation app. Follow the simple instructions and a little bee will nestle snugly in the corner tray, ready to quietly get to work of earning you all that sweet honey.

For mobile devices, Android only at the moment, the procedure is a bit more involved since Google Play, out of some principle or the other, does not allow it in their store. Just go to Honeygain site (again, following the above handy link) and click on Get Android app. An .apk installation file will download and you will have to install it and give permissions manually. Once you first run it, you may decide whether to permit it running on battery power and so on. In my experience the app uses so little battery power and cpu that it is negligible (some users who took the pains to test it reported about 1-3% decrease in battery life, although I cannot say I noticed any). If you are in the habit of leaving your mobile data on at all times then there is no reason why you shouldn't let Honeygain run along as well.

Access the dashboard from your browser

Access the dashboard from your browser

Your Honeygain Network

Once you've set up your account and have your first Honeygain device up and running, the time has come to maximize your earning potential by hooking up as many new devices as possible.

You may now install the app, following the same procedure above, to as many different devices as you want. There is no limit in the number of devices you can have on the same account but you do have to be extra careful about one thing - you can have a maximum of two devices on a single IP/router.

This is very important because Honeygain is not really interested in your laptop or mobile phone. Just check resource usage on your device and you will see that the app barely touches the device's resources themselves. What it is interested in is your internet node, your IP, and that means either the router you use to connect to the internet or GSM module in your phone. Honeygain is very particular about this and the maximum number of devices allowed per IP is only two. This means that your home router may serve only two devices with Honeygain installed (say a desktop and a wifi connected laptop). As failure to comply with this limitation may result in termination of the account (and loss of all gains) I strongly advise you to be careful about this - for example, if you switch your Honeygain-enabled mobile phone to wifi when at home, don't install it on more than one extra home device!

But this limitation is not as harsh as it may seem in the first place. As mentioned, Honeygain is interested primarily in your IP and adding more devices to the same router is not really increasing your sold bandwidth by much. The only reason why you would have more than one device on the same IP is to avoid downtimes, for example if you turn off your desktop at night, your wifi-connected mobile will pick up the slack while you sleep.

Your network can have unlimited number of devices (but only 2 per IP)

Your network can have unlimited number of devices (but only 2 per IP)


Is Honeygain the right way to earn passive income for you?

Well, you have to decide this for yourself. I've been using it for some time already and I can't say that I've experienced any problems with it... and I find it strangely comforting that there is something out there slowly earning me pennies while I sleep.

In order to help you decide, I've complied a handy pro and con list, based on my experience and research so far:

+ It does what it says on the tin
+ Truly hands-free earning
+ Imperceptibly small tax on resources
+ User-friendly and well designed interface
+ Additional earning opportunities
+ Enough payout options, good record

- The company behind it isn't very well known
- Your IP reputation may take a small hit, if that is important to you
- It isn't open-source, we don't know what might be hiding in the app (but that is the case with a vast majority of apps in general)
- Earnings may vary over time, depending on bandwidth demand
- The first $20 required for payout may take some time to accumulate

So, if you still think that Honeygain might be a nice little earner for you then don't delay - click on the above referral link and claim your first $5 (woohoo!) to your account. See ya there!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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