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Four Effective Ways to Make Online Passive Income

This is Kiwi. Passionate writer who loves to write about different topics and likes to share and help others with simple tips.


We all are dealing with life struggles and looking forward to developing our financial

status. For that reason, I am providing you with four ways to make a side hustle and

earn a passive income in your spare time.

First, if you are a writer and feel passionate about writing some content on the

internet, this is your opportunity to start your passion and earn some dollars.

You can write articles on some paying platforms, such as :

  • This is a network for writers who love to publish useful

articles to help others and to earn a modest passive income over time.


Another online money-making way is to be a freelancer.

Freelance is becoming common and widespread nowadays. It is about being

independent self-worked presented by worldwide companies.

Freelancing platforms work as the following :

  1. First, you sign up as a freelancer for free.
  2. You choose the field of work in which you are skilled or interested.
  3. Once you get hired, you discuss with your customer the work and its delivery time as well as the price of your service.


Next, let’s talk about Print On Demand (POD) and how you gain lots of money from it.

Print on demand is an online business based on printing artworks or designs on

merchandise, like T-Shirts, Mugs, Pillows, etc, shipping it internationally and

getting paid.

It is from your own house and without investing any money.

All you need to do is producing unique and original pieces of art, making a store

on a POD platform, start uploading your artworks on given products and publish


When customers find your products and like them, they will order them.

Then, your printing partner will print and ship the ordered product, and you get paid.


Finally, I would like to discuss Blogging as a different way of making money online.

It is based on writing original content on your website. You create a site using

one of the famous free blogging platforms. Then, you fill it with your posts, articles,

and photos associated with a particular niche that you have chosen before.

When you can monetize your blog, you can earn money by doing the

following steps :

  1. Add a banner to display ads on your site.
  2. Use affiliate links in your posts.
  3. Write some sponsored content.
  4. Sell digital products on the blog.


I hope I have helped you in making money without investing any money.

© 2021 Kiwi Berry

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