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Field Works at Seven Eleven March 27,2022 Sunday

Canvass petition for the homeless and Marijuana legalize law for 18 up your vote count.

Welcome Affton Missouri

wanted to help the homeless with needs of water and food and one day find them a job no different than mine. To get a shelter open for them in the time of trouble.

On the across the street of Bayless and Welcome Sign Affton by Dairy Queen no support for my homeless petition and Kendricks's meat market I was told to get out the way of the door, and the parking lot. I returned back to Seven Eleven immediate. On Bayless Street it was a Taco Bell and Pizza and Wings, and this Goodwill and next door was a China Wok that had bad symbols of Buddhas in the window that said closed on Sunday. To across that street took a while a lot of traffic that day. I had a thought seated on a hill within my lunch break i thought about got not welcome to Affton area with a welcome sign, so it was the Kendricks truck near me and across the street the Kendricks meat market and was told no for the parking lot to get a homeless petition sign and yelled not to block the door and leave! I immediate exit out parking lot and left to go back to Seven eleven and on my next shift I had to get another break before pickup. I had a hotdog and oatmeal cookie and fountain small sprite drink, and when done eating this white van car drove up and had to move out the way while driver back up car. I got only 6 signatures for homeless petition and 4 for Marijuana. Since age 18 I lived in Maplewood Missouri passing up the Antique Mall and onetime was told to get off that property. A man blew up his house that live across the side street from us.

This house we lived on Folk Ave was haunted, Onetime I had almost died and heat stroke that tried to get me a day when answering the front door and lost mine words to say and felt lost mine mind being at the house. I was ambulance to the hospital in 2012, and my sister got sick too. Mr. Lane died rental guy owner for money. One day the house got so scary drove away on my way to a place.

Drove with mine driver permit, so same at Malden Lane Ferguson area. While at Affton I felt almost I was nearing to get fired from my job of doing petitions

At Malden Lane i had mine 27 Birthday Celebrated with Talent showcase like America's Talent.

Padlock of the building

We must solve the voter rights for sign a petition for the homeless and let people have a safe home to stay at and be in good hands and keep environment clean. we fight against toxin waste to kill crops and farmland people to breathe great air and stop the secondhand smoking. vote for social distance to continue, Wear mask out in the public fields and street corners. Everyday people hold up the signs help me and never get the help from the people passing them up in cars and to just hand a bottle of water to them makes them feel cared about and love and not needy. Hand out money only if not buying cigars or drugs like $1 $2 $4 whatever you can afford.

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See a need so great give them bus fare money and a ride if trusted. Take them out to eat like family if exempted from criminal record and cigars and drugs or stealing.

We must get the padlock off the building now! It hurts me to see the needy and homeless laying out on the streets w/o a blanket or sleeping bag and only with a donut to eat I would give them some food at an eatery if have enough money to do so. A burger from Burger King or combo box of Chicken from Churches and give them shopping money $10 max. I want the homeless to be highly educated and can read and type on computer and babysit kids sometime and love to learn something in college online Coursera and about the subject of law and policy making skilled and experience to sell your items and to donate and learn how to speak Infront of people and an audience. Skills learn how to cook and food travel across the globe and rate scale of food you taste 1-10 under 6 bad food and 7 OK 8 good

9 great 10 perfect rate scale food taste. You must try many eateries in Missouri your other states and countries,

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