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Extreme Frugal Grocery Shopping and Stocking Up

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A thrifty, frugal woman who likes to save money in every aspect of life



Extreme Frugality Saves me Hundreds on Groceries

I save hundreds of dollars on groceries by stocking up and then shopping sales and store brands and using just store coupons. I like it simple.

I keep a two-month supply of food of all types, from staples to stores of canned and frozen items. I have a medium-sized chest freezer, which helps a lot.

First I spent extra money growing my food stores to a two-month supply. Now I only buy sale items at a huge discount. I also shop at Costco and buy large quantities of foods like meat for much cheaper.

Buying in Bulk

I like to buy in bulk to some extent. This saves a lot of money in the long term. Today I bought 10 cans of soup for .99 cents each, as per a sale at my usual store. The cans are usually twice that.

I also bought large bulk packages of pork loin, stew beef, and pork chops at Costco. I just divided them up at home and froze the packages.

I didn't stick around and buy impulse items. I just went straight for the sales, paid and left.

I go to multiple stores, and I shop weekly according to the timing of the new weekly flyers. I just pick up the sale items.

I menu plan from what I have at home. I only plan meals from what I have on hand.

If I am out of something, it goes on the list and I buy it when it is on sale. If I run out of bread, I make some from scratch. The only exceptions are dairy products and produce. But I plan well and hardly ever run out.

I have recently purchased dry milk so even that won't be a problem anymore.

I buy cheese on sale and freeze it grated or sliced when possible.

Store Brands

Whenever possible I buy store brands. They are almost always cheaper, and sometimes by a lot. They are usually just fine. I shop at Kroger and Safeway mostly. There isn't much difference, if any, in quality.

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I do tend to shop at Kroger more often, as I have a gas discount there. But that won't stop me from going anywhere for a sale. Sometimes I am just buying one or two items at a time that is on sale.

I have to shop at multiple stores to get enough food for the month. I am shopping every week, at multiple stores, but I like shopping and so it doesn't bother me.

I shop for food even at the Dollar Tree and other local small variety stores that sell food. You can find good deals if you look around.

It's Not Hard

I have to stay very organized to manage this, but it's really not hard if you keep running inventories and rotations. I just write everything down and keep track of everything.

I want to start including farmer's markets for cheap produce, but I will have to wait for summer.

I also plan to start growing at least a portion of my vegetables. I already have some fruit trees and bushes in the yard. Pears, blueberries, strawberries, small apples, and blackberries. I admit this is a bit of an advantage.

I plan to start by growing some herbs in my kitchen, then expand to some other vegetables in the yard, and in pots. I have been saving some seeds from store-bought vegetables. I have no idea what will grow if anything. But it will be a fun challenge to try.


My diet isn't organic and probably not perfectly healthy. But I don't really care. If I could afford that kind of stuff, I would buy it. I eat what is cheap. I have a varied diet, so I am sure I am getting my macro and micronutrients for the most part.

I eat as healthy as I can. I don't worry about it too much.

Extreme frugal shopping isn't for everyone. But if you don't have a lot of money, it is something to consider. I typically spend about $250 per month for four people. Total. So I must be doing something right.

I cook much of my food from scratch. Not all of it of course. If I see cans or boxes of food for cheap and I like it, I usually buy it and later incorporate it into my meal plan.

I buy cheaper vegetables, but I don't think that means they aren't as healthy. I buy whole oatmeal, plain, and other whole-grain foods. I know how to cook. I guess some of my diet is healthy and some is not. I don't make a big deal out of it.

Maybe you should give it a try. You might like the look of your wallet when you come home.

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