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Exploring the Visa Black Card

Donna Feldman cleans up well in black

Donna Feldman cleans up well in black

With all the hype and almost explosive advertising going around these days, some of you may be hard-pressed to understand the essence of the Visa Black Card.

This rings true, especially given the strange juxtaposition of the credit card giant’s luxuriously pristine commercials and the fact that people who can barely qualify for a Chase Freedom card are getting applications in the mail.

Make no mistake; getting an application is a far cry from being accepted for this high-end charge card.

Although the Visa Black card marketing campaign does seem to have lost a bit of steam in recent years, many people still claim to be receiving the smooth, crisp black application forms telling them they qualify. Or, in the parlance of credit card companies everywhere, "pre-qualify."

Even if you do happen to gain admittance into its hallowed black halls, think carefully before undertaking what should be a liberating experience, but could very well become a financial burden (there’s a $495 annual fee to go along with the Visa Black Card).

It’s easy to gauge your likely success with this aspect of the charge card; at just $42 monthly, if you have a car note that’s only around $250 – insurance included – then skip this one; you’ll regret sooner rather than later if you don’t. But if $42 sounds like dinner for one, then by all means take advantage of the world of opportunity that the Visa Black can offer you.


The Heft of the Black Visa Card

The first thing you will probably notice about the black card is the heft and feel; its patent-pending carbon form is the 6th element all the way through, making it nearly impervious to the normal wear and tear of plastic credit cards.

This is by design, of course; what good is a luxury card that doesn’t make a “plink” sound when you slam it down on a boutique counter-top? It’s one of the features people have reported liking the most; the Visa Black just feels like a high-end card, which is sometimes half the battle.

Visa is also one of the most widely-accepted credit cards in the world, which is sure to come in handy when you're using the Visa Black to take advantage of the airport lounge benefits it confers in different countries. At last count, the exclusive card gives access to over a hundred high-end lounges in multiple places abroad, and countless within the States.

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I know from experience - my partner has a black card - the extra-special attention that service-providers afford you when you take a card like this one out of your wallet and lay it down. She's even had strangers comment on it!

"Honey it's just for an article I'm writing"

"Honey it's just for an article I'm writing"


Hallmarks of the Visa Black: Prestige and Travel Perks

As for more practical, tangible benefits: with the Visa Blackcard, you can access numerous airport lounges reserved for very important persons (a group of which you’ve suddenly become a paying member).

These lounges exist in many countries across the Earth – so you don’t have to find yourself in Turkey, for example, without the envious exclusive access for which you’re paying the annual fee. Additionally, you have an all night and all day concierge service on call for your special needs, in any country.

If for any reason you hesitate on making balance transfers to your new Visa Black, never fear; the annual percentage rate is 0% for the first half year after you’ve been cleared for acceptance into the black card family. So, for 6 months, you won't be charged an APR - which can come in handy for large balance transfers and people who like to carry a balance for a few months until it's convenient to pay it off the accrued debt.

The other perks are competitive with similar cards for the well-off; most of which go by Platinum card with the issuing bank. But none of them have the hugely successful marketing engine of the Visa Black Card behind them, which has been shown to make a difference in how much the card is worth insofar as perception. And you know what they say – perception is reality.

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Thomas lehmann on April 10, 2015:

Time is money... I have all my time... to win !

StuartJ from Christchurch, New Zealand on April 13, 2014:

An interesting and useful Hub. As someone who has had a card of this nature come back and cause as much trouble as it was useful, I am aware the warnings are very pertinent.

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