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Evictions Across America

Thousands are facing eviction notices when the rent Moratorium is lifted. Will this country allow families to take to the streets or help.


Millions of Americans across the United States are facing eviction for non-payment of rent because of COVID-19. During the pandemic, millions were out of work, which left thousands of Americans struggling.

In September, the CDC issued a temporary order to stop eviction because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most tenants who are facing evictions are being evicted from their homes because of a failure to pay rent.

Low-income families would be affected the most. There are programs to assist renters who are not able to pay their rent but have to be applied for, some might need help filling out forms. Millions of Americans are facing affection, office buildings were closed, the only connection to these programs was phones and computers. Everyone is not accessible to a computer. What will happen to those who can't find assistance?

When the Moratorium is lifted across America, courthouses will be packed with those who didn't find help and are there ceasing mercury from the judge. Some will have a legitimate reason they couldn't find help and others won't. . Many will be granted eviction notices, giving them a certain amount of days to vacate properties.

landlords will raise their rent to the maximum percentage allowed, low-income families who live from paycheck to paycheck will be the ones who will suffer the most. When the Moratorium is lifted, many will lose their homes, with no place to go. Some mothers and their children will be placed in crowded shelters, in unsafe conditions. Tenants in low-income housing who receives monthly benefits have no excuse for being behind on their rent and should suffer the consequences. Hardworking families who have lost their jobs have every right to expect the government to step in and offer them, assistant.

Long-time rentals will be able to make deals with their landlords to pay what they owe if the landlord is willing. Many will go to families and friends for help.

With thousands facing eviction, Afghans who came to the United States are immediately being helped. Afghans(refugees) will get assistance from the United States and will be placed in homes across the U.S. The Pentagon will allow some to live on army bases throughout the United States. An additional $5million has been authorized by President Joe Biden to assist Refugees.

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It's time for the United States, the leader of the free world, to stop trying to be the caretaker for every other nation and take care of their own country. A 20- year war consisted of a fallen Régine and thousands of Afghans coming to the United States.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on September 18, 2021:

Charity begins at home. Thousands in the United States are facing eviction when the Moratorium is lifted. Thousands of Afghans will be placed in homes paid for the by the United States. Some dollars might come from the taxes we paid. Nothing is wrong with helping others, but your country should always be first.

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on September 11, 2021:

Millions across this country is facing eviction because of Covid-19. Stimulus checks were spent out to families to give back to the economy. Most low-income families has not paid rent in a year, the checks helped but was not enough to take care of a year of rent . I do agree that some people did everything else but use that money to help with rent, utilities bill and other thing they needed. Americans Who lived in Afghanistan and some Afghans came to the United States to start a new life. Will the U.S. sat them up in housing, while millions are facing evictions.

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