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Earning Passive Income With Cryptocurrency

I have a strong passion for cryptocurrency and investments. I have over 3 years worth of experience in it. I am not a financial advisor.

Passive Income Using Cryptocurrency Is Possible!

The good news is that, yes, passive income is indeed possible using cryptocurrency. Naturally, you would have to be using the right platform in order to be able to maximise your income.

I’ll be discussing 3 of such platforms which I am personally using to rake in some passive income.

Illustration showing a man who is satisfied with his income

Illustration showing a man who is satisfied with his income


3. Blockfi

BlockFi is one reliable platform which you can use to earn passive income. It is a rather simple to use platform where all you have to do is to deposit crypto into the platform. Once it has been deposited, you will just to wait for the passive income to come in.

Income will be paid out in the original coin which was deposited. Example, you deposit bitcoin, you will receive payouts in bitcoin. Kinda straightforward. One key advantage, Blockfi offers is that, it does not lock you up when you deposit and earn using the platform.

One disadvantage of using Blockfi is that it does not support many coins. You will be able to preview how much you have earned through the app. Payout is on a monthly basis.

Here is the list of coins that are supported.

Blockfi Supported Cryptocurrency and APY



















2. Celsius Network

Another popular choice right now is the Celsius Network. This platform is similar to Blockfi in the sense that they do offer rewards without having you to lock in your tokens. This means you are able to freely withdraw your coins whenever you feel like it.

Unlike Blockfi, Celsius Network offers a wider range of cryptocurrencies which you can deposit. I won’t go through the entire list, but most of the popular cryptocurrencies are supported. In terms of rates, they are pretty attractive too.

For example, Bitcoin will yield 4.74% APY and Ethereum 5.05% APY.

Instead of earning in the same currency as the deposit, you are also able to earn in CEL, which is the native currency for Celsius.

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Yes, my number one platform is none other than I’ve been using this platform for almost 3 years now. I believed in this company way before the first batch of cards were released.

There are few ways to earn passive income through

1. Staking

The first method involves staking. Depending on the tier which you signed up, you will earn different amount of rewards on a weekly basis. The rewards can easily stack up and give you some nice returns. I consider this one of my highest rewards programme for crypto.

2. Earn

Similar to the rest of the platforms, you can earn rewards by simply holding the coins in your account. There are 3 different earn programmes in the platform.

  • Flexible
  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months

As the name suggests, flexible does not tie you down. You are able to freely remove your coins from the earn product as and when you feel like it. Of course, the downside to using the flexible programme is the lower APY rates. The 3-month lock-up offers the best rates, but at the risk of not being able to withdraw your coins when the price for that coin hits a level you are comfortable to sell.

3. Supercharger

Another product which they have is the Supercharger. You put in CRO into the supercharger programme during the charging period. After the charging period, you will be rewarded with the token you were charging for. For instance, for this month, the token we are charging for is the NEAR token.

At the end of the charging period, you will receive your allocation, which you will have to approve or reject. Once approved, it will pay out daily until you receive all the allocated tokens. Once done, I will normally sell off these tokens for profit.

4. Exchange Staking

Another product you can stake your CRO is in their exchange. Staking it on their exchange will earn you 10% APY, which will be paid out on a daily basis. If you have some spare CRO, I will highly recommend staking the coins here for some good rewards. Of course, staking here will have a 180-day lock-up period.

5. Main net Staking

This is a new product which will be released on the 25th March 2021. As will be launching their main net, they will require some staking in order to maintain their network. Based on the latest announcement, staking here will yield 20% APY, which is by far one of the best products to stake on.

Previously, staking here was not open to Singaporean, but we will see how it goes with the next few announcements.

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