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Earn Extra Money by Disassembling Products and Selling the Parts

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After a long, hard day at work I came home to see the exterior glass of the over-the-range microwave door shattered. Shards of the glass lay across my smooth top range. I remember feeling a sense of disbelief as my eyes surveyed the damage.

“I don’t understand how it happened,” said my adult son as he tried to convince me that he shut the microwave door with care. I recall that in the next sentence he blamed one of my cats for jumping up on the countertop and startling him.

Instead of relaxing and getting dinner, I went to work trying to figure out how I was going to fix the microwave. I needed to mitigate the cost of the repair as much as possible. I called upon my friend Google. I found many results for replacement parts or a replacement door for the model of the microwave.

Appliance parts websites include soup to nuts schematics for a variety of models. I tallied the difference between a new glass door with the fittings versus an assembled door. The total investment was under one-hundred-fifty dollars. I was able to self-install so I saved on the labor. As I worked on the project, I thought about the sum of all the parts on the dealer schematic and I saw dollar signs.

I completed the project. Then I got out my screwdriver and started to disassemble the damaged microwave door. I removed the handle but could get no further with a screwdriver. I sold the handle on EBay for forty dollars plus shipping.



Fifty to sixty-thousand dollars per annum is a good sum for most people. Used vehicle parts is a lucrative market. A single transaction can net hundreds of dollars. Revolutionparts.com is a dealer-centric intermediary that helps maximize revenue by expanding markets.

"Even things like door handles, interior trim, body panels, and seats can fetch a high price, but it all depends on the make and model of car you’re parting out," says William Lipovsky in the article The Guide to Parting Out a Car or Truck for Profit for the online blog First Quarter Finance.

Harrisguide.com had the forethought to provide a tutorial for selling used vehicle parts. "Salvage yards are a modern-day operation; as such many have websites where you can see what cars they plan to put out and the ones they currently have available," is wise advice for newbies.

Selling used vehicle parts is limitless. Consider the options for commercial and semi-trucks, motor coaches, and recreational vehicles.

Take time to work through the initial kinks and the time investment to become the king or queen of an empire. Make sure you account for the space you will need to store product.



Reselling parts from a damaged microwave door is an end-of-life example. The door handle will give new life to a similar microwave. The leftover material can go to a metal recycler for cash or to the dump for further recycling. Note that some of the material will be unsellable plastic or other.

Used appliance parts are easy to price. There are many online resources for retail pricing. Check the condition and begin a with fifteen to twenty percent reduction off retail. Then factor the shipping.

Sample resources for parting out used appliances include Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and sites like Mercari and LetGo. Most people do not want to take the time to disassemble an appliance to sell the working parts. Remember that everything is negotiable. You might score a free delivery to you.

When you decide to go full-time as a reseller, think about establishing relationships with dealers. Keep an accurate inventory and send them a weekly update. Be keen about deleting parts that you sell ad hoc online.



Selling used personal computer and laptop parts will likely need the most research. The variety of parts and brands seems endless. Not to mention off-market and obscure brands.

The core components of a computer include

  • motherboard
  • CPU/processor
  • memory or RAM
  • hard drive
  • power supply
  • video, sound, and network card

A decent set of computer tools will cost about thirty dollars and this is a must have. Stripping the parts is tedious work. If you decide to get into the industry, I recommend an assembly line or production mindset.

Pay attention to the types of storage options for the smaller parts and fasteners. As your business grows, you will need a stellar inventory system. Label the parts in lots for your growing enterprise.

EBay is the top recommended site to sell used computer parts. There is often a disparity in pricing for same or similar parts in equal condition. Local venues like Craigslist work best for low demand components that net less revenue.

Kingston Technology offers a YouTube video titled How to Sell Old PC Parts. Mentioned are trade-in sites that have fixed pricing. You will get paid as soon as they receive the item. This option saves the haggling of an auction and expedites payment to you.


Learning how to recoup money on previous financial investments or hunting parts to resell is worth the thought. Make a game out of thinking outside the box to find opportunities. Invite your family to play along and have a celebration with the some of the revenue.

Create an inventory system with up-to-date pricing. Make sure a part functions before selling and then shipping. Taking a return will affect the bottom line. Stay motivated and keep things interesting.

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